OpenTTD AI API  20240716-master-g891e53c72e
script_types.hpp File Reference


typedef uint BridgeID
 The ID of a bridge type.
typedef uint8_t CargoID
 The ID of a cargo.
typedef uint16_t EngineID
 The ID of an engine.
typedef uint16_t GoalID
 The ID of a goal.
typedef uint16_t GroupID
 The ID of a group.
typedef uint16_t IndustryID
 The ID of an industry.
typedef uint8_t IndustryType
 The ID of an industry-type.
typedef int64_t Money
 Money, stored in a 32bit/64bit safe way. For scripts money is always in pounds.
typedef uint16_t ObjectType
 The ID of an object-type.
typedef uint16_t SignID
 The ID of a sign.
typedef uint16_t StationID
 The ID of a station.
typedef uint32_t StringID
 The ID of a string.
typedef uint16_t SubsidyID
 The ID of a subsidy.
typedef uint16_t StoryPageID
 The ID of a story page.
typedef uint16_t StoryPageElementID
 The ID of a story page element.
typedef uint32_t TileIndex
 The ID of a map location.
typedef uint16_t TownID
 The ID of a town.
typedef uint32_t VehicleID
 The ID of a vehicle.
typedef uint ScriptErrorType
 The types of errors inside the script framework. More...

Detailed Description

Defines all the types of the game, like IDs of various objects.

Typedef Documentation

◆ ScriptErrorType

typedef uint ScriptErrorType

The types of errors inside the script framework.

Possible value are defined inside each API class in an ErrorMessages enum.