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43 };
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75 };
Widgets of the VehicleViewWindow class.
Header with question about the cargo to carry.
Show details of this vehicle.
Sort order.
Clone this vehicle.
Manage vehicles dropdown list.
Sort by dropdown list.
Show carried cargo per part of the train.
Caption of window.
Start or stop this vehicle, and show information about the current state.
Rename this vehicle.
Widgets of the VehicleDetailsWindow class.
Horizontal scrollbar or the vehicle display.
Show the orders of this vehicle.
List of the vehicles.
Display with a representation of the vehicle to refit.
Widgets of the VehicleListWindow class.
Turn this vehicle around.
Scrollbar for the refit options.
Widgets of the RefitWindow class.
Options to refit to.
Viewport widget.
Selection widget between &#39;goto depot&#39;, and &#39;clone vehicle&#39; buttons.
Decrease the servicing interval.
Force this vehicle to pass a signal at danger.
Selection widget for the horizontal scrollbar.
Scrollbar for the list.
Increase the servicing interval.
Start all button.
Show all parts of the train with their description.
Details for non-trains.
Selection widget between &#39;refit&#39; and &#39;turn around&#39; buttons.
Open the refit window.
Center the main view on this vehicle.
Available vehicles.
List of details for trains.
Panel with generic details.
Caption of window.
Order this vehicle to go to the depot.
Information about the servicing interval.
Show the capacity and carried cargo amounts aggregated per cargo of the train.
Scrollbar for train details.
Caption of window.
Show the capacity of all train parts.
Information about the currently selected refit option.
Perform the refit.
Dropdown to select default/days/percent service interval.
Caption of window.
Selection to hide the buttons.
Stop all button.