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tunnelbridge.h File Reference

Header file for things common for tunnels and bridges. More...

#include "map_func.h"

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void MarkBridgeDirty (TileIndex begin, TileIndex end, DiagDirection direction, uint bridge_height)
 Mark bridge tiles dirty. More...
void MarkBridgeDirty (TileIndex tile)
 Mark bridge tiles dirty. More...
static uint GetTunnelBridgeLength (TileIndex begin, TileIndex end)
 Calculates the length of a tunnel or a bridge (without end tiles) More...


TileIndex _build_tunnel_endtile
 The end of a tunnel; as hidden return from the tunnel build command for GUI purposes.

Detailed Description

Header file for things common for tunnels and bridges.

Definition in file tunnelbridge.h.

Function Documentation

◆ GetTunnelBridgeLength()

static uint GetTunnelBridgeLength ( TileIndex  begin,
TileIndex  end 

Calculates the length of a tunnel or a bridge (without end tiles)

beginThe begin of the tunnel or bridge.
endThe end of the tunnel or bridge.
length of bridge/tunnel middle

Definition at line 26 of file tunnelbridge.h.

References _build_tunnel_endtile, abs(), TileX(), and TileY().

Referenced by CmdConvertRail(), DrawBridgeMiddle(), DrawRailCatenaryOnBridge(), CFollowTrackT< Ttr_type_, VehicleType, T90deg_turns_allowed_, Tmask_reserved_tracks >::FollowTileExit(), GetRailTrackBitsUniversal(), RemoveRoad(), and ShowBuildBridgeWindow().

◆ MarkBridgeDirty() [1/2]

void MarkBridgeDirty ( TileIndex  begin,
TileIndex  end,
DiagDirection  direction,
uint  bridge_height 

Mark bridge tiles dirty.

Note: The bridge does not need to exist, everything is passed via parameters.

beginStart tile.
endEnd tile.
directionDirection from begin to end.
bridge_heightBridge height level.

Definition at line 64 of file tunnelbridge_cmd.cpp.

References MarkTileDirtyByTile(), TileHeight(), and TileOffsByDiagDir().

Referenced by ClearPathReservation(), CmdConvertRail(), and MarkBridgeDirty().

◆ MarkBridgeDirty() [2/2]

void MarkBridgeDirty ( TileIndex  tile)

Mark bridge tiles dirty.

tileBridge head.

Definition at line 77 of file tunnelbridge_cmd.cpp.

References GetBridgeHeight(), GetOtherTunnelBridgeEnd(), GetTunnelBridgeDirection(), and MarkBridgeDirty().