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1 /* $Id: tcp_content.h 25597 2013-07-13 09:26:11Z rubidium $ */
3 /*
4  * This file is part of OpenTTD.
5  * OpenTTD is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2.
6  * OpenTTD is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
7  * See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with OpenTTD. If not, see <>.
8  */
17 #include "os_abstraction.h"
18 #include "tcp.h"
19 #include "packet.h"
20 #include "../../debug.h"
38 };
50 };
53 enum ContentID {
55 };
58 struct ContentInfo {
60  enum State {
67  };
71  uint32 filesize;
72  char filename[48];
73  char name[32];
74  char version[16];
75  char url[96];
76  char description[512];
77  uint32 unique_id;
78  byte md5sum[16];
81  uint8 tag_count;
82  char (*tags)[32];
84  bool upgrade;
86  ContentInfo();
87  ~ContentInfo();
89  void TransferFrom(ContentInfo *other);
91  size_t Size() const;
92  bool IsSelected() const;
93  bool IsValid() const;
94 #ifndef OPENTTD_MSU
95  const char *GetTextfile(TextfileType type) const;
96 #endif /* OPENTTD_MSU */
97 };
101 protected:
103  virtual void Close();
105  bool ReceiveInvalidPacket(PacketContentType type);
114  virtual bool Receive_CLIENT_INFO_LIST(Packet *p);
123  virtual bool Receive_CLIENT_INFO_ID(Packet *p);
137  virtual bool Receive_CLIENT_INFO_EXTID(Packet *p);
152  virtual bool Receive_CLIENT_INFO_EXTID_MD5(Packet *p);
170  virtual bool Receive_SERVER_INFO(Packet *p);
179  virtual bool Receive_CLIENT_CONTENT(Packet *p);
191  virtual bool Receive_SERVER_CONTENT(Packet *p);
193  bool HandlePacket(Packet *p);
194 public:
200  NetworkContentSocketHandler(SOCKET s = INVALID_SOCKET, const NetworkAddress &address = NetworkAddress()) :
202  client_addr(address)
203  {
204  }
207  virtual ~NetworkContentSocketHandler() { this->Close(); }
209  bool ReceivePackets();
210 };
212 #ifndef OPENTTD_MSU
214 #endif /* OPENTTD_MSU */
216 #endif /* ENABLE_NETWORK */
Helper to mark the end of the types.
Definition: tcp_content.h:37
The content consists of base graphics.
Definition: tcp_content.h:27
bool IsSelected() const
Is the state either selected or autoselected?
Definition: tcp_content.cpp:77
char filename[48]
Filename (for the .tar.gz; only valid on download)
Definition: tcp_content.h:72
uint32 unique_id
Unique ID; either GRF ID or shortname.
Definition: tcp_content.h:77
Internal entity of a packet.
Definition: packet.h:44
Queries the content server for information about a list of external IDs.
Definition: tcp_content.h:44
Network stuff has many things that needs to be included and/or implemented by default.
The state the content can be in.
Definition: tcp_content.h:60
The different kinds of subdirectories OpenTTD uses.
Definition: fileio_type.h:110
Base socket handler for all Content TCP sockets.
Definition: tcp_content.h:100
uint32 filesize
Size of the file.
Definition: tcp_content.h:71
The content consists of a scenario.
Definition: tcp_content.h:31
Base socket handler for all TCP sockets.
Definition: tcp.h:31
uint8 dependency_count
Number of dependencies.
Definition: tcp_content.h:79
char(* tags)[32]
Malloced array of tags (strings)
Definition: tcp_content.h:82
Wrapper for (un)resolved network addresses; there&#39;s no reason to transform a numeric IP to a string a...
Definition: address.h:31
ContentID * dependencies
Malloced array of dependencies (unique server side ids)
Definition: tcp_content.h:80
The content has been selected as dependency.
Definition: tcp_content.h:63
virtual ~NetworkContentSocketHandler()
On destructing of this class, the socket needs to be closed.
Definition: tcp_content.h:207
Unique identifier for the content.
Definition: tcp_content.h:53
The content has not been selected.
Definition: tcp_content.h:61
Queries the content server for information about a list of internal IDs.
Definition: tcp_content.h:43
The content does not exist in the content system.
Definition: tcp_content.h:65
char name[32]
Name of the content.
Definition: tcp_content.h:73
The content consists of a game script.
Definition: tcp_content.h:35
The content&#39;s invalid.
Definition: tcp_content.h:66
uint8 tag_count
Number of tags.
Definition: tcp_content.h:81
char version[16]
Version of the content.
Definition: tcp_content.h:74
Subdirectory GetContentInfoSubDir(ContentType type)
Helper to get the subdirectory a ContentInfo is located in.
Reply of content server with information about content.
Definition: tcp_content.h:46
size_t Size() const
Get the size of the data as send over the network.
Definition: tcp_content.cpp:61
The content is already at the client side.
Definition: tcp_content.h:64
ContentID id
Unique (server side) ID for the content.
Definition: tcp_content.h:70
Clear everything in the struct.
Definition: tcp_content.cpp:30
State state
Whether the content info is selected (for download)
Definition: tcp_content.h:83
void TransferFrom(ContentInfo *other)
Copy data from other ContentInfo and take ownership of allocated stuff.
Definition: tcp_content.cpp:46
Additional text files accompanying Tar archives.
Definition: textfile_type.h:16
Queries the content server for a list of info of a given content type.
Definition: tcp_content.h:42
byte md5sum[16]
The MD5 checksum.
Definition: tcp_content.h:78
The content consists of a GS library.
Definition: tcp_content.h:36
The content consists of a NewGRF.
Definition: tcp_content.h:28
The values in the enum are important; they are used as database &#39;keys&#39;.
Definition: tcp_content.h:25
Enum with all types of TCP content packets.
Definition: tcp_content.h:41
NetworkAddress client_addr
The address we&#39;re connected to.
Definition: tcp_content.h:102
Queries the content server for information about a list of external IDs and MD5.
Definition: tcp_content.h:45
The content consists of an AI library.
Definition: tcp_content.h:30
Sentinel for invalid content.
Definition: tcp_content.h:54
Request a content file given an internal ID.
Definition: tcp_content.h:47
Free everything allocated.
Definition: tcp_content.cpp:36
The content consists of a heightmap.
Definition: tcp_content.h:32
The content consists of an AI.
Definition: tcp_content.h:29
const char * GetTextfile(TextfileType type) const
Search a textfile file next to this file in the content list.
ContentType type
Type of content.
Definition: tcp_content.h:69
bool upgrade
This item is an upgrade.
Definition: tcp_content.h:84
Helper to mark the begin of the types.
Definition: tcp_content.h:26
The content consists of base music.
Definition: tcp_content.h:34
Basic functions to create, fill and read packets.
The content has been manually selected.
Definition: tcp_content.h:62
NetworkContentSocketHandler(SOCKET s=INVALID_SOCKET, const NetworkAddress &address=NetworkAddress())
Create a new cs socket handler for a given cs.
Definition: tcp_content.h:200
Basic functions to receive and send TCP packets.
char url[96]
URL related to the content.
Definition: tcp_content.h:75
Must ALWAYS be on the end of this list!! (period)
Definition: tcp_content.h:49
char description[512]
Description of the content.
Definition: tcp_content.h:76
Container for all important information about a piece of content.
Definition: tcp_content.h:58
bool IsValid() const
Is the information from this content info valid?
Definition: tcp_content.cpp:94
Reply with the content of the given ID.
Definition: tcp_content.h:48
The content consists of base sounds.
Definition: tcp_content.h:33