Data Fields
VehicleSettings Struct Reference

Settings related to vehicles. More...

#include <settings_type.h>

Data Fields

uint8 max_train_length
 maximum length for trains
uint8 smoke_amount
 amount of smoke/sparks locomotives produce
uint8 train_acceleration_model
 realistic acceleration for trains
uint8 roadveh_acceleration_model
 realistic acceleration for road vehicles
uint8 train_slope_steepness
 Steepness of hills for trains when using realistic acceleration.
uint8 roadveh_slope_steepness
 Steepness of hills for road vehicles when using realistic acceleration.
bool wagon_speed_limits
 enable wagon speed limits
bool disable_elrails
 when true, the elrails are disabled
UnitID max_trains
 max trains in game per company
UnitID max_roadveh
 max trucks in game per company
UnitID max_aircraft
 max planes in game per company
UnitID max_ships
 max ships in game per company
uint8 plane_speed
 divisor for speed of aircraft
uint8 freight_trains
 value to multiply the weight of cargo by
bool dynamic_engines
 enable dynamic allocation of engine data
bool never_expire_vehicles
 never expire vehicles
byte extend_vehicle_life
 extend vehicle life by this many years
byte road_side
 the side of the road vehicles drive on
uint8 plane_crashes
 number of plane crashes, 0 = none, 1 = reduced, 2 = normal

Detailed Description

Settings related to vehicles.

Definition at line 446 of file settings_type.h.

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