Data Fields
TileDesc Struct Reference

Tile description for the 'land area information' tool. More...

#include <tile_cmd.h>

Data Fields

StringID str
 Description of the tile.
Owner owner [4]
 Name of the owner(s)
StringID owner_type [4]
 Type of each owner.
Date build_date
 Date of construction of tile contents.
StringID station_class
 Class of station.
StringID station_name
 Type of station within the class.
StringID airport_class
 Name of the airport class.
StringID airport_name
 Name of the airport.
StringID airport_tile_name
 Name of the airport tile.
const char * grf
 newGRF used for the tile contents
uint64 dparam [2]
 Parameters of the str string.
StringID railtype
 Type of rail on the tile.
uint16 rail_speed
 Speed limit of rail (bridges and track)
uint16 road_speed
 Speed limit of road (bridges)

Detailed Description

Tile description for the 'land area information' tool.

Definition at line 53 of file tile_cmd.h.

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