Data Fields
SettingDescBase Struct Reference

Properties of config file settings. More...

#include <settings_internal.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
 name of the setting. Used in configuration file and for console
const void * def
 default value given when none is present
SettingDescType cmd
 various flags for the variable
SettingGuiFlag flags
 handles how a setting would show up in the GUI (text/currency, etc.)
int32 min
 minimum values
uint32 max
 maximum values
int32 interval
 the interval to use between settings in the 'settings' window. If interval is '0' the interval is dynamically determined
const char * many
 ONE/MANY_OF_MANY: string of possible values for this type.
StringID str
 (translated) string with descriptive text; gui and console
StringID str_help
 (Translated) string with help text; gui only.
StringID str_val
 (Translated) first string describing the value.
 callback procedure for when the value is changed
 callback procedure when loading value mechanism fails
SettingCategory cat
 assigned categories of the setting

Detailed Description

Properties of config file settings.

Definition at line 94 of file settings_internal.h.

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