Data Fields
SaveLoad Struct Reference

SaveLoad type struct. More...

#include <saveload.h>

Data Fields

bool global
 should we load a global variable or a non-global one
SaveLoadType cmd
 the action to take with the saved/loaded type, All types need different action
VarType conv
 type of the variable to be saved, int
uint16 length
 (conditional) length of the variable (eg. arrays) (max array size is 65536 elements)
uint16 version_from
 save/load the variable starting from this savegame version
uint16 version_to
 save/load the variable until this savegame version
void * address
 address of variable OR offset of variable in the struct (max offset is 65536)
size_t size
 the sizeof size.

Detailed Description

SaveLoad type struct.

Do NOT use this directly but use the SLE_ macros defined just below!

Definition at line 208 of file saveload.h.

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