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ResolverObject Struct Reference

Interface for SpriteGroup-s to access the gamestate. More...

#include <newgrf_spritegroup.h>

Inheritance diagram for ResolverObject:
AirportResolverObject AirportTileResolverObject CanalResolverObject CargoResolverObject GenericResolverObject HouseResolverObject IndustriesResolverObject IndustryTileResolverObject ObjectResolverObject RailTypeResolverObject StationResolverObject TownResolverObject VehicleResolverObject

Public Member Functions

 ResolverObject (const GRFFile *grffile, CallbackID callback=CBID_NO_CALLBACK, uint32 callback_param1=0, uint32 callback_param2=0)
 Resolver constructor. More...
const SpriteGroupResolve ()
 Resolve SpriteGroup. More...
uint16 ResolveCallback ()
 Resolve callback. More...
virtual const SpriteGroupResolveReal (const RealSpriteGroup *group) const
 Get the real sprites of the grf. More...
virtual ScopeResolverGetScope (VarSpriteGroupScope scope=VSG_SCOPE_SELF, byte relative=0)
 Get a resolver for the scope. More...
uint32 GetRemainingTriggers () const
 Returns the waiting triggers that did not trigger any rerandomisation.
uint32 GetReseedSum () const
 Returns the OR-sum of all bits that need reseeding independent of the scope they were accessed with. More...
void ResetState ()
 Resets the dynamic state of the resolver object. More...

Data Fields

ScopeResolver default_scope
 Default implementation of the grf scope.
CallbackID callback
 Callback being resolved.
uint32 callback_param1
 First parameter (var 10) of the callback.
uint32 callback_param2
 Second parameter (var 18) of the callback.
uint32 last_value
 Result of most recent DeterministicSpriteGroup (including procedure calls)
uint32 waiting_triggers
 Waiting triggers to be used by any rerandomisation. (scope independent)
uint32 used_triggers
 Subset of cur_triggers, which actually triggered some rerandomisation. (scope independent)
uint32 reseed [VSG_END]
 Collects bits to rerandomise while triggering triggers.
const GRFFilegrffile
 GRFFile the resolved SpriteGroup belongs to.
const SpriteGrouproot_spritegroup
 Root SpriteGroup to use for resolving.

Detailed Description

Interface for SpriteGroup-s to access the gamestate.

Using this interface SpriteGroup-chains (action 1-2-3 chains) can be resolved, to get the results of callbacks, rerandomisations or normal sprite lookups.

Definition at line 310 of file newgrf_spritegroup.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ResolverObject()

ResolverObject::ResolverObject ( const GRFFile grffile,
CallbackID  callback = CBID_NO_CALLBACK,
uint32  callback_param1 = 0,
uint32  callback_param2 = 0 

Resolver constructor.

grffileNewGRF file associated with the object (or NULL if none).
callbackCallback code being resolved (default value is CBID_NO_CALLBACK).
callback_param1First parameter (var 10) of the callback (only used when callback is also set).
callback_param2Second parameter (var 18) of the callback (only used when callback is also set).

Definition at line 318 of file newgrf_spritegroup.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetReseedSum()

uint32 ResolverObject::GetReseedSum ( ) const

Returns the OR-sum of all bits that need reseeding independent of the scope they were accessed with.

OR-sum of the bits.

Definition at line 377 of file newgrf_spritegroup.h.

◆ GetScope()

ScopeResolver * ResolverObject::GetScope ( VarSpriteGroupScope  scope = VSG_SCOPE_SELF,
byte  relative = 0 

◆ ResetState()

void ResolverObject::ResetState ( )

Resets the dynamic state of the resolver object.

To be called before resolving an Action-1-2-3 chain.

Definition at line 390 of file newgrf_spritegroup.h.

◆ Resolve()

const SpriteGroup* ResolverObject::Resolve ( )

Resolve SpriteGroup.

Result spritegroup.

Definition at line 345 of file newgrf_spritegroup.h.

References SpriteGroup::Resolve().

◆ ResolveCallback()

uint16 ResolverObject::ResolveCallback ( )

Resolve callback.

Callback result.

Definition at line 354 of file newgrf_spritegroup.h.

References CALLBACK_FAILED, SpriteGroup::Resolve(), and VSG_SCOPE_SELF.

◆ ResolveReal()

const SpriteGroup * ResolverObject::ResolveReal ( const RealSpriteGroup group) const

Get the real sprites of the grf.

groupGroup to get.
The available sprite group.

Reimplemented in StationResolverObject, VehicleResolverObject, GenericResolverObject, AirportResolverObject, RailTypeResolverObject, CanalResolverObject, and CargoResolverObject.

Definition at line 131 of file newgrf_spritegroup.cpp.

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