Data Fields
PathfinderSettings Struct Reference

Settings related to all pathfinders. More...

#include <settings_type.h>

Data Fields

uint8 pathfinder_for_trains
 the pathfinder to use for trains
uint8 pathfinder_for_roadvehs
 the pathfinder to use for roadvehicles
uint8 pathfinder_for_ships
 the pathfinder to use for ships
bool new_pathfinding_all
 use the newest pathfinding algorithm for all
bool roadveh_queue
 buggy road vehicle queueing
bool forbid_90_deg
 forbid trains to make 90 deg turns
bool reverse_at_signals
 whether to reverse at signals at all
byte wait_oneway_signal
 waitingtime in days before a oneway signal
byte wait_twoway_signal
 waitingtime in days before a twoway signal
bool reserve_paths
 always reserve paths regardless of signal type.
byte wait_for_pbs_path
 how long to wait for a path reservation.
byte path_backoff_interval
 ticks between checks for a free path.
OPFSettings opf
 pathfinder settings for the old pathfinder
NPFSettings npf
 pathfinder settings for the new pathfinder
YAPFSettings yapf
 pathfinder settings for the yet another pathfinder

Detailed Description

Settings related to all pathfinders.

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