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HouseSpec Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

Money GetRemovalCost () const
 Get the cost for removing this house. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static HouseSpecGet (size_t house_id)

Data Fields

Year min_year
 introduction year of the house
Year max_year
 last year it can be built
byte population
 population (Zero on other tiles in multi tile house.)
byte removal_cost
 cost multiplier for removing it
StringID building_name
 building name
uint16 remove_rating_decrease
 rating decrease if removed
byte mail_generation
 mail generation multiplier (tile based, as the acceptances below)
byte cargo_acceptance [3]
 acceptance level for the cargo slots
CargoID accepts_cargo [3]
 3 input cargo slots
BuildingFlags building_flags
 some flags that describe the house (size, stadium etc...)
HouseZones building_availability
 where can it be built (climates, zones)
bool enabled
 the house is available to build (true by default, but can be disabled by newgrf)
GRFFileProps grf_prop
 Properties related the the grf file.
uint16 callback_mask
 Bitmask of house callbacks that have to be called.
byte random_colour [4]
 4 "random" colours
byte probability
 Relative probability of appearing (16 is the standard value)
HouseExtraFlags extra_flags
 some more flags
HouseClassID class_id
 defines the class this house has (not grf file based)
AnimationInfo animation
 information about the animation.
byte processing_time
 Periodic refresh multiplier.
byte minimum_life
 The minimum number of years this house will survive before the town rebuilds it.
uint32 watched_cargoes
 Cargo types watched for acceptance.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 98 of file house.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetRemovalCost()

Money HouseSpec::GetRemovalCost ( ) const

Get the cost for removing this house.

the cost (inflation corrected etc)

Definition at line 169 of file town_cmd.cpp.

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