Data Fields
GenWorldInfo Struct Reference

Properties of current genworld process. More...

#include <genworld.h>

Data Fields

bool abort
 Whether to abort the thread ASAP.
bool quit_thread
 Do we want to quit the active thread.
bool threaded
 Whether we run _GenerateWorld threaded.
GenWorldMode mode
 What mode are we making a world in.
CompanyID lc
 The local_company before generating.
uint size_x
 X-size of the map.
uint size_y
 Y-size of the map.
 Proc that is called when done (can be NULL)
 Proc that is called when aborting (can be NULL)
class ThreadObjectthread
 The thread we are in (can be NULL)

Detailed Description

Properties of current genworld process.

Definition at line 54 of file genworld.h.

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