Data Fields
GameSettings Struct Reference

All settings together for the game. More...

#include <settings_type.h>

Data Fields

DifficultySettings difficulty
 settings related to the difficulty
GameCreationSettings game_creation
 settings used during the creation of a game (map)
ConstructionSettings construction
 construction of things in-game
AISettings ai
 what may the AI do?
ScriptSettings script
 settings for scripts
class AIConfigai_config [MAX_COMPANIES]
 settings per company
class GameConfiggame_config
 settings for gamescript
PathfinderSettings pf
 settings for all pathfinders
OrderSettings order
 settings related to orders
VehicleSettings vehicle
 options for vehicles
EconomySettings economy
 settings to change the economy
LinkGraphSettings linkgraph
 settings for link graph calculations
StationSettings station
 settings related to station management
LocaleSettings locale
 settings related to used currency/unit system in the current game

Detailed Description

All settings together for the game.

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