Data Fields
GameCreationSettings Struct Reference

Settings related to the creation of games. More...

#include <settings_type.h>

Data Fields

uint32 generation_seed
 noise seed for world generation
Year starting_year
 starting date
uint8 map_x
 X size of map.
uint8 map_y
 Y size of map.
byte land_generator
 the landscape generator
byte oil_refinery_limit
 distance oil refineries allowed from map edge
byte snow_line_height
 the configured snow line height
byte tgen_smoothness
 how rough is the terrain from 0-3
byte tree_placer
 the tree placer algorithm
byte heightmap_rotation
 rotation director for the heightmap
byte se_flat_world_height
 land height a flat world gets in SE
byte town_name
 the town name generator used for town names
byte landscape
 the landscape we're currently in
byte water_borders
 bitset of the borders that are water
uint16 custom_town_number
 manually entered number of towns
byte variety
 variety level applied to TGP
byte custom_sea_level
 manually entered percentage of water in the map
byte min_river_length
 the minimum river length
byte river_route_random
 the amount of randomicity for the route finding
byte amount_of_rivers
 the amount of rivers

Detailed Description

Settings related to the creation of games.

Definition at line 275 of file settings_type.h.

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