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GUISettings Struct Reference

Settings related to the GUI and other stuff that is not saved in the savegame. More...

#include <settings_type.h>

Public Member Functions

bool UserIsAllowedToChangeNewGRFs () const
 Returns true when the user has sufficient privileges to edit newgrfs on a running game. More...

Data Fields

bool sg_full_load_any
 new full load calculation, any cargo must be full read from pre v93 savegames
bool lost_vehicle_warn
 if a vehicle can't find its destination, show a warning
uint8 order_review_system
 perform order reviews on vehicles
bool vehicle_income_warn
 if a vehicle isn't generating income, show a warning
bool show_finances
 show finances at end of year
bool sg_new_nonstop
 ttdpatch compatible nonstop handling read from pre v93 savegames
bool new_nonstop
 ttdpatch compatible nonstop handling
uint8 stop_location
 what is the default stop location of trains?
uint8 auto_scrolling
 scroll when moving mouse to the edge (see ViewportAutoscrolling)
byte errmsg_duration
 duration of error message
uint16 hover_delay_ms
 time required to activate a hover event, in milliseconds
bool link_terraform_toolbar
 display terraform toolbar when displaying rail, road, water and airport toolbars
uint8 smallmap_land_colour
 colour used for land and heightmap at the smallmap
bool reverse_scroll
 right-Click-Scrolling scrolls in the opposite direction
bool smooth_scroll
 smooth scroll viewports
bool measure_tooltip
 show a permanent tooltip when dragging tools
byte liveries
 options for displaying company liveries, 0=none, 1=self, 2=all
bool prefer_teamchat
 choose the chat message target with <ENTER>, true=all clients, false=your team
uint8 advanced_vehicle_list
 use the "advanced" vehicle list
uint8 loading_indicators
 show loading indicators
uint8 default_rail_type
 the default rail type for the rail GUI
uint8 toolbar_pos
 position of toolbars, 0=left, 1=center, 2=right
uint8 statusbar_pos
 position of statusbar, 0=left, 1=center, 2=right
uint8 window_snap_radius
 windows snap at each other if closer than this
uint8 window_soft_limit
 soft limit of maximum number of non-stickied non-vital windows (0 = no limit)
ZoomLevelByte zoom_min
 minimum zoom out level
ZoomLevelByte zoom_max
 maximum zoom out level
bool disable_unsuitable_building
 disable infrastructure building when no suitable vehicles are available
byte autosave
 how often should we do autosaves?
bool threaded_saves
 should we do threaded saves?
bool keep_all_autosave
 name the autosave in a different way
bool autosave_on_exit
 save an autosave when you quit the game, but do not ask "Do you really want to quit?"
uint8 date_format_in_default_names
 should the default savegame/screenshot name use long dates (31th Dec 2008), short dates (31-12-2008) or ISO dates (2008-12-31)
byte max_num_autosaves
 controls how many autosavegames are made before the game starts to overwrite (names them 0 to max_num_autosaves - 1)
bool population_in_label
 show the population of a town in his label?
uint8 right_mouse_btn_emulation
 should we emulate right mouse clicking?
uint8 scrollwheel_scrolling
 scrolling using the scroll wheel?
uint8 scrollwheel_multiplier
 how much 'wheel' per incoming event from the OS?
bool timetable_arrival_departure
 show arrivals and departures in vehicle timetables
bool left_mouse_btn_scrolling
 left mouse button scroll
bool right_mouse_wnd_close
 close window with right click
bool pause_on_newgame
 whether to start new games paused or not
bool enable_signal_gui
 show the signal GUI when the signal button is pressed
Year coloured_news_year
 when does newspaper become coloured?
bool timetable_in_ticks
 whether to show the timetable in ticks rather than days
bool quick_goto
 Allow quick access to 'goto button' in vehicle orders window.
bool auto_euro
 automatically switch to euro in 2002
byte drag_signals_density
 many signals density
bool drag_signals_fixed_distance
 keep fixed distance between signals when dragging
Year semaphore_build_before
 build semaphore signals automatically before this year
byte news_message_timeout
 how much longer than the news message "age" should we keep the message in the history
bool show_track_reservation
 highlight reserved tracks.
uint8 default_signal_type
 the signal type to build by default.
uint8 cycle_signal_types
 what signal types to cycle with the build signal tool.
byte station_numtracks
 the number of platforms to default on for rail stations
byte station_platlength
 the platform length, in tiles, for rail stations
bool station_dragdrop
 whether drag and drop is enabled for stations
bool station_show_coverage
 whether to highlight coverage area
bool persistent_buildingtools
 keep the building tools active after usage
bool expenses_layout
 layout of expenses window
uint32 last_newgrf_count
 the numbers of NewGRFs we found during the last scan
byte missing_strings_threshold
 the number of missing strings before showing the warning
uint8 graph_line_thickness
 the thickness of the lines in the various graph guis
uint8 osk_activation
 Mouse gesture to trigger the OSK.
uint16 console_backlog_timeout
 the minimum amount of time items should be in the console backlog before they will be removed in ~3 seconds granularity.
uint16 console_backlog_length
 the minimum amount of items in the console backlog before items will be removed.
uint8 station_gui_group_order
 the order of grouping cargo entries in the station gui
uint8 station_gui_sort_by
 sort cargo entries in the station gui by station name or amount
uint8 station_gui_sort_order
 the sort order of entries in the station gui - ascending or descending
uint16 network_chat_box_width_pct
 width of the chat box in percent
uint8 network_chat_box_height
 height of the chat box in lines
uint16 network_chat_timeout
 timeout of chat messages in seconds
uint8 developer
 print non-fatal warnings in console (>= 1), copy debug output to console (== 2)
bool show_date_in_logs
 whether to show dates in console logs
bool newgrf_developer_tools
 activate NewGRF developer tools and allow modifying NewGRFs in an existing game
bool ai_developer_tools
 activate AI developer tools
bool scenario_developer
 activate scenario developer: allow modifying NewGRFs in an existing game
uint8 settings_restriction_mode
 selected restriction mode in adv. settings GUI. More...
bool newgrf_show_old_versions
 whether to show old versions in the NewGRF list
uint8 newgrf_default_palette
 default palette to use for NewGRFs without action 14 palette information

Detailed Description

Settings related to the GUI and other stuff that is not saved in the savegame.

Definition at line 75 of file settings_type.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ UserIsAllowedToChangeNewGRFs()

bool GUISettings::UserIsAllowedToChangeNewGRFs ( ) const

Returns true when the user has sufficient privileges to edit newgrfs on a running game.

whether the user has sufficient privileges to edit newgrfs in an existing game

Definition at line 166 of file settings_type.h.

Field Documentation

◆ settings_restriction_mode

uint8 GUISettings::settings_restriction_mode

selected restriction mode in adv. settings GUI.

See also

Definition at line 158 of file settings_type.h.

Referenced by GameSettingsWindow::OnDropdownSelect().

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