Data Fields
EngineInfo Struct Reference

Information about a vehicle. More...

#include <engine_type.h>

Data Fields

Date base_intro
 Basic date of engine introduction (without random parts).
Year lifelength
 Lifetime of a single vehicle.
Year base_life
 Basic duration of engine availability (without random parts). 0xFF means infinite life.
byte decay_speed
byte load_amount
byte climates
 Climates supported by the engine.
CargoID cargo_type
uint32 refit_mask
byte refit_cost
byte misc_flags
 Miscellaneous flags. More...
byte callback_mask
 Bitmask of vehicle callbacks that have to be called.
int8 retire_early
 Number of years early to retire vehicle.
StringID string_id
 Default name of engine.
uint16 cargo_age_period
 Number of ticks before carried cargo is aged.

Detailed Description

Information about a vehicle.

See also

Definition at line 132 of file engine_type.h.

Field Documentation

◆ misc_flags

byte EngineInfo::misc_flags

Miscellaneous flags.

See also

Definition at line 142 of file engine_type.h.

Referenced by RefitWindow::BuildRefitList(), CmdBuildRoadVehicle(), RoadVehicleChangeInfo(), and ShipVehicleChangeInfo().

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