Data Fields
EconomySettings Struct Reference

Settings related to the economy. More...

#include <settings_type.h>

Data Fields

bool inflation
 disable inflation
bool bribe
 enable bribing the local authority
bool smooth_economy
 smooth economy
bool allow_shares
 allow the buying/selling of shares
uint8 feeder_payment_share
 percentage of leg payment to virtually pay in feeder systems
byte dist_local_authority
 distance for town local authority, default 20
bool exclusive_rights
 allow buying exclusive rights
bool fund_buildings
 allow funding new buildings
bool fund_roads
 allow funding local road reconstruction
bool give_money
 allow giving other companies money
bool mod_road_rebuild
 roadworks remove unnecessary RoadBits
bool multiple_industry_per_town
 allow many industries of the same type per town
uint8 town_growth_rate
 town growth rate
uint8 larger_towns
 the number of cities to build. These start off larger and grow twice as fast
uint8 initial_city_size
 multiplier for the initial size of the cities compared to towns
TownLayoutByte town_layout
 select town layout, More...
bool allow_town_roads
 towns are allowed to build roads (always allowed when generating world / in SE)
TownFoundingByte found_town
 town founding, More...
bool station_noise_level
 build new airports when the town noise level is still within accepted limits
uint16 town_noise_population [3]
 population to base decision on noise evaluation ( More...
bool allow_town_level_crossings
 towns are allowed to build level crossings
bool infrastructure_maintenance
 enable monthly maintenance fee for owner infrastructure

Detailed Description

Settings related to the economy.

Definition at line 469 of file settings_type.h.

Field Documentation

◆ found_town

TownFoundingByte EconomySettings::found_town

town founding,

See also

Definition at line 487 of file settings_type.h.

◆ town_layout

TownLayoutByte EconomySettings::town_layout

select town layout,

See also

Definition at line 485 of file settings_type.h.

◆ town_noise_population

uint16 EconomySettings::town_noise_population[3]

population to base decision on noise evaluation (

See also

Definition at line 489 of file settings_type.h.

Referenced by Town::MaxTownNoise().

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