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CursorVars Struct Reference

Collection of variables for cursor-display and -animation. More...

#include <gfx_type.h>

Public Member Functions

bool UpdateCursorPosition (int x, int y, bool queued_warp)
 Update cursor position on mouse movement. More...

Data Fields

Point pos
 logical mouse position
Point delta
 relative mouse movement in this tick
int wheel
 mouse wheel movement
bool fix_at
 mouse is moving, but cursor is not (used for scrolling)
int v_wheel
int h_wheel
PalSpriteID sprite_seq [16]
 current image of cursor
Point sprite_pos [16]
 relative position of individual sprites
uint sprite_count
 number of sprites to draw
Point total_offs
Point total_size
 union of sprite properties
Point draw_pos
Point draw_size
 position and size bounding-box for drawing
const AnimCursoranimate_list
 in case of animated cursor, list of frames
const AnimCursoranimate_cur
 in case of animated cursor, current frame
uint animate_timeout
 in case of animated cursor, number of ticks to show the current cursor
bool visible
 cursor is visible
bool dirty
 the rect occupied by the mouse is dirty (redraw)
bool in_window
 mouse inside this window, determines drawing logic
bool vehchain
 vehicle chain is dragged

Private Attributes

bool queued_warp
Point last_position

Detailed Description

Collection of variables for cursor-display and -animation.

Definition at line 117 of file gfx_type.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ UpdateCursorPosition()

bool CursorVars::UpdateCursorPosition ( int  x,
int  y,
bool  queued_warp 

Update cursor position on mouse movement.

xNew X position.
yNew Y position.
queuedTrue, if the OS queues mouse warps after pending mouse movement events. False, if the warp applies instantaneous.
true, if the OS cursor position should be warped back to this->pos.

Definition at line 1646 of file gfx.cpp.

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