Data Fields
BaseVehicle Struct Reference

Base vehicle class. More...

#include <vehicle_type.h>

Inheritance diagram for BaseVehicle:
Vehicle SpecializedVehicle< T, Type > SpecializedVehicle< Aircraft, VEH_AIRCRAFT > SpecializedVehicle< DisasterVehicle, VEH_DISASTER > SpecializedVehicle< EffectVehicle, VEH_EFFECT > SpecializedVehicle< RoadVehicle, Type > SpecializedVehicle< Ship, VEH_SHIP > SpecializedVehicle< Train, Type > GroundVehicle< T, Type > Aircraft DisasterVehicle EffectVehicle GroundVehicle< RoadVehicle, VEH_ROAD > Ship GroundVehicle< Train, VEH_TRAIN > RoadVehicle Train

Data Fields

VehicleTypeByte type
 Type of vehicle.

Detailed Description

Base vehicle class.

Definition at line 52 of file vehicle_type.h.

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