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statusbar_gui.cpp File Reference

The GUI for the bottom status bar. More...

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "date_func.h"
#include "gfx_func.h"
#include "news_func.h"
#include "company_func.h"
#include "string_func.h"
#include "strings_func.h"
#include "company_base.h"
#include "tilehighlight_func.h"
#include "news_gui.h"
#include "company_gui.h"
#include "window_gui.h"
#include "saveload/saveload.h"
#include "window_func.h"
#include "statusbar_gui.h"
#include "toolbar_gui.h"
#include "core/geometry_func.hpp"
#include "widgets/statusbar_widget.h"
#include "table/strings.h"
#include "table/sprites.h"
#include "safeguards.h"

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Data Structures

struct  StatusBarWindow


static bool DrawScrollingStatusText (const NewsItem *ni, int scroll_pos, int left, int right, int top, int bottom)
bool IsNewsTickerShown ()
 Checks whether the news ticker is currently being used.
void ShowStatusBar ()
 Show our status bar.


static const NWidgetPart _nested_main_status_widgets []
static WindowDesc _main_status_desc (WDP_MANUAL, NULL, 0, 0, WC_STATUS_BAR, WC_NONE, WDF_NO_FOCUS, _nested_main_status_widgets, lengthof(_nested_main_status_widgets))

Detailed Description

The GUI for the bottom status bar.

Definition in file statusbar_gui.cpp.

Variable Documentation

◆ _nested_main_status_widgets

const NWidgetPart _nested_main_status_widgets[]
Initial value:
= {
NWidget(WWT_PUSHBTN, COLOUR_GREY, WID_S_MIDDLE), SetMinimalSize(40, 12), SetDataTip(0x0, STR_STATUSBAR_TOOLTIP_SHOW_LAST_NEWS), SetResize(1, 0),
NWidget(WWT_PUSHBTN, COLOUR_GREY, WID_S_RIGHT), SetMinimalSize(140, 12),
static NWidgetPart SetResize(int16 dx, int16 dy)
Widget part function for setting the resize step.
Definition: widget_type.h:930
Middle part; current news or company name or *** SAVING *** or *** PAUSED ***.
Horizontal container.
Definition: widget_type.h:75
Left part of the statusbar; date is shown there.
Normal push-button (no toggle button) with custom drawing.
Definition: widget_type.h:103
Right part; bank balance.
static NWidgetPart SetDataTip(uint32 data, StringID tip)
Widget part function for setting the data and tooltip.
Definition: widget_type.h:1014
static NWidgetPart SetMinimalSize(int16 x, int16 y)
Widget part function for setting the minimal size.
Definition: widget_type.h:947
Simple depressed panel.
Definition: widget_type.h:50
static NWidgetPart NWidget(WidgetType tp, Colours col, int16 idx=-1)
Widget part function for starting a new 'real' widget.
Definition: widget_type.h:1114
static NWidgetPart EndContainer()
Widget part function for denoting the end of a container (horizontal, vertical, WWT_FRAME, WWT_INSET, or WWT_PANEL).
Definition: widget_type.h:999

Definition at line 238 of file statusbar_gui.cpp.