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1 /* $Id: smallmap_gui.h 27905 2017-08-31 06:48:55Z adf88 $ */
3 /*
4  * This file is part of OpenTTD.
5  * OpenTTD is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2.
6  * OpenTTD is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
7  * See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with OpenTTD. If not, see <>.
8  */
12 #ifndef SMALLMAP_GUI_H
13 #define SMALLMAP_GUI_H
15 #include "industry_type.h"
16 #include "company_base.h"
17 #include "window_gui.h"
18 #include "strings_func.h"
19 #include "blitter/factory.hpp"
23 /* set up the cargos to be displayed in the smallmap's route legend */
27 void ShowSmallMap();
28 void BuildLandLegend();
29 void BuildOwnerLegend();
33  uint8 colour;
35  IndustryType type;
36  uint8 height;
38  bool show_on_map;
39  bool end;
40  bool col_break;
41 };
44 class SmallMapWindow : public Window {
45 protected:
47  enum SmallMapType {
55  };
62  };
65  static bool show_towns;
66  static int max_heightlevel;
68  static const uint LEGEND_BLOB_WIDTH = 8;
69  static const uint INDUSTRY_MIN_NUMBER_OF_COLUMNS = 2;
70  static const uint FORCE_REFRESH_PERIOD = 0x1F;
71  static const uint BLINK_PERIOD = 0x0F;
75  uint column_width;
77  int32 scroll_x;
78  int32 scroll_y;
79  int32 subscroll;
80  int zoom;
82  uint8 refresh;
83  LinkGraphOverlay *overlay;
85  static void BreakIndustryChainLink();
86  Point SmallmapRemapCoords(int x, int y) const;
94  static inline void DrawVertMapIndicator(int x, int y, int y2)
95  {
96  GfxFillRect(x, y, x, y + 3, PC_VERY_LIGHT_YELLOW);
97  GfxFillRect(x, y2 - 3, x, y2, PC_VERY_LIGHT_YELLOW);
98  }
106  static inline void DrawHorizMapIndicator(int x, int x2, int y)
107  {
108  GfxFillRect(x, y, x + 3, y, PC_VERY_LIGHT_YELLOW);
109  GfxFillRect(x2 - 3, y, x2, y, PC_VERY_LIGHT_YELLOW);
110  }
116  inline uint GetMinLegendWidth() const
117  {
118  return WD_FRAMERECT_LEFT + this->min_number_of_columns * this->column_width;
119  }
125  inline uint GetNumberColumnsLegend(uint width) const
126  {
127  return width / this->column_width;
128  }
135  inline uint GetLegendHeight(uint num_columns) const
136  {
138  this->GetNumberRowsLegend(num_columns) * FONT_HEIGHT_SMALL;
139  }
146  inline uint32 GetOverlayCompanyMask() const
147  {
148  return Company::IsValidID(_local_company) ? 1U << _local_company : 0xffffffff;
149  }
151  void RebuildColourIndexIfNecessary();
152  uint GetNumberRowsLegend(uint columns) const;
153  void SelectLegendItem(int click_pos, LegendAndColour *legend, int end_legend_item, int begin_legend_item = 0);
154  void SwitchMapType(SmallMapType map_type);
155  void SetNewScroll(int sx, int sy, int sub);
157  void DrawMapIndicators() const;
158  void DrawSmallMapColumn(void *dst, uint xc, uint yc, int pitch, int reps, int start_pos, int end_pos, Blitter *blitter) const;
159  void DrawVehicles(const DrawPixelInfo *dpi, Blitter *blitter) const;
160  void DrawTowns(const DrawPixelInfo *dpi) const;
161  void DrawSmallMap(DrawPixelInfo *dpi) const;
163  Point RemapTile(int tile_x, int tile_y) const;
164  Point PixelToTile(int px, int py, int *sub, bool add_sub = true) const;
165  Point ComputeScroll(int tx, int ty, int x, int y, int *sub);
166  void SetZoomLevel(ZoomLevelChange change, const Point *zoom_pt);
167  void SetOverlayCargoMask();
168  void SetupWidgetData();
169  uint32 GetTileColours(const TileArea &ta) const;
171  int GetPositionOnLegend(Point pt);
173 public:
174  friend class NWidgetSmallmapDisplay;
176  SmallMapWindow(WindowDesc *desc, int window_number);
177  virtual ~SmallMapWindow();
179  void SmallMapCenterOnCurrentPos();
180  Point GetStationMiddle(const Station *st) const;
182  virtual void SetStringParameters(int widget) const;
183  virtual void OnInit();
184  virtual void OnPaint();
185  virtual void DrawWidget(const Rect &r, int widget) const;
186  virtual void OnClick(Point pt, int widget, int click_count);
187  virtual void OnInvalidateData(int data = 0, bool gui_scope = true);
188  virtual bool OnRightClick(Point pt, int widget);
189  virtual void OnMouseWheel(int wheel);
190  virtual void OnTick();
191  virtual void OnScroll(Point delta);
192  virtual void OnMouseOver(Point pt, int widget);
193 };
195 #endif /* SMALLMAP_GUI_H */
Functions related to OTTD&#39;s strings.
Definition of stuff that is very close to a company, like the company struct itself.
Data about how and where to blit pixels.
Definition: gfx_type.h:156
uint8 colour
Colour of the item on the map.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:33
Types related to the industry.
void GfxFillRect(int left, int top, int right, int bottom, int colour, FillRectMode mode)
Applies a certain FillRectMode-operation to a rectangle [left, right] x [top, bottom] on the screen...
Definition: gfx.cpp:112
int zoom
Zoom level. Bigger number means more zoom-out (further away).
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:80
High level window description.
Definition: window_gui.h:168
Initialize zoom level.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:59
uint column_width
Width of a column in the WID_SM_LEGEND widget.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:75
Offset at top to draw the frame rectangular area.
Definition: window_gui.h:64
static void DrawVertMapIndicator(int x, int y, int y2)
Draws vertical part of map indicator.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:94
uint GetNumberColumnsLegend(uint width) const
Return number of columns that can be displayed in width pixels.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:125
uint GetMinLegendWidth() const
Compute minimal required width of the legends.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:116
uint8 refresh
Refresh counter, zeroed every FORCE_REFRESH_PERIOD ticks.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:82
Available kinds of zoomlevel changes.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:58
Structure for holding relevant data for legends in small map.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:32
uint GetLegendHeight(uint num_columns) const
Compute height given a number of columns.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:135
uint8 height
Height in tiles. Only valid for height legend entries.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:36
How all blitters should look like.
Definition: base.hpp:30
bool show_on_map
For filtering industries, if true, industry is shown on the map in colour.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:38
Functions, definitions and such used only by the GUI.
CompanyByte _local_company
Company controlled by the human player at this client. Can also be COMPANY_SPECTATOR.
Definition: company_cmd.cpp:46
static void DrawHorizMapIndicator(int x, int x2, int y)
Draws horizontal part of map indicator.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:106
Declaration of linkgraph overlay GUI.
Data structure for an opened window.
Definition: window_gui.h:271
static SmallMapType map_type
Currently displayed legends.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:64
Types of legends in the WID_SM_LEGEND widget.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:47
bool end
This is the end of the list.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:39
IndustryType type
Type of industry. Only valid for industry entries.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:35
Height of characters in the small (FS_SMALL) font.
Definition: gfx_func.h:177
Class managing the smallmap window.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:44
void BuildLandLegend()
(Re)build the colour tables for the legends.
void ShowSmallMap()
Show the smallmap window.
void BuildOwnerLegend()
Completes the array for the owned property legend.
uint32 GetOverlayCompanyMask() const
Get a bitmask for company links to be displayed.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:146
uint min_number_of_columns
Minimal number of columns in legends.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:73
int32 scroll_x
Horizontal world coordinate of the base tile left of the top-left corner of the smallmap display...
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:77
CompanyID company
Company to display. Only valid for company entries of the owner legend.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:37
Represents the covered area of e.g.
Definition: tilearea_type.h:18
void BuildLinkStatsLegend()
Populate legend table for the link stat view.
Offset at bottom to draw the frame rectangular area.
Definition: window_gui.h:65
static bool show_towns
Display town names in the smallmap.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:65
int32 scroll_y
Vertical world coordinate of the base tile left of the top-left corner of the smallmap display...
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:78
uint32 StringID
Numeric value that represents a string, independent of the selected language.
Definition: strings_type.h:18
static int max_heightlevel
Currently used/cached maximum heightlevel.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:66
Types related to the smallmap widgets.
void BuildIndustriesLegend()
Fills an array for the industries legends.
Custom container class for displaying smallmap with a vertically resizing legend panel.
bool col_break
Perform a column break and go further at the next column.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:40
Coordinates of a point in 2D.
int32 subscroll
Number of pixels (0..3) between the right end of the base tile and the pixel at the top-left corner o...
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:79
static bool IsValidID(size_t index)
Tests whether given index can be used to get valid (non-NULL) Titem.
Definition: pool_type.hpp:235
StringID legend
String corresponding to the coloured item.
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:34
uint min_number_of_fixed_rows
Minimal number of rows in the legends for the fixed layouts only (all except #SMT_INDUSTRY).
Definition: smallmap_gui.h:74
Specification of a rectangle with absolute coordinates of all edges.
Enum for all companies/owners.
Definition: company_type.h:20
static const uint8 PC_VERY_LIGHT_YELLOW
Almost-white yellow palette colour.
Definition: gfx_func.h:222
Offset at left to draw the frame rectangular area.
Definition: window_gui.h:62
Station data structure.
Definition: station_base.h:446
Factory to &#39;query&#39; all available blitters.
Handles drawing of links into some window.
Definition: linkgraph_gui.h:38