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smallmap_gui.h File Reference

Smallmap GUI functions. More...

#include "industry_type.h"
#include "company_base.h"
#include "window_gui.h"
#include "strings_func.h"
#include "blitter/factory.hpp"
#include "linkgraph/linkgraph_gui.h"
#include "widgets/smallmap_widget.h"

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Data Structures

struct  LegendAndColour
 Structure for holding relevant data for legends in small map. More...
class  SmallMapWindow
 Class managing the smallmap window. More...


void BuildLinkStatsLegend ()
 Populate legend table for the link stat view.
void BuildIndustriesLegend ()
 Fills an array for the industries legends.
void ShowSmallMap ()
 Show the smallmap window.
void BuildLandLegend ()
 (Re)build the colour tables for the legends.
void BuildOwnerLegend ()
 Completes the array for the owned property legend.

Detailed Description

Smallmap GUI functions.

Definition in file smallmap_gui.h.