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ship_cmd.cpp File Reference

Handling of ships. More...

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "ship.h"
#include "landscape.h"
#include "timetable.h"
#include "news_func.h"
#include "company_func.h"
#include "pathfinder/npf/npf_func.h"
#include "depot_base.h"
#include "station_base.h"
#include "newgrf_engine.h"
#include "pathfinder/yapf/yapf.h"
#include "newgrf_sound.h"
#include "spritecache.h"
#include "strings_func.h"
#include "window_func.h"
#include "date_func.h"
#include "vehicle_func.h"
#include "sound_func.h"
#include "ai/ai.hpp"
#include "game/game.hpp"
#include "pathfinder/opf/opf_ship.h"
#include "engine_base.h"
#include "company_base.h"
#include "tunnelbridge_map.h"
#include "zoom_func.h"
#include "table/strings.h"
#include "safeguards.h"

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WaterClass GetEffectiveWaterClass (TileIndex tile)
 Determine the effective WaterClass for a ship travelling on a tile. More...
bool IsValidImageIndex< VEH_SHIP > (uint8 image_index)
static TrackBits GetTileShipTrackStatus (TileIndex tile)
static void GetShipIcon (EngineID engine, EngineImageType image_type, VehicleSpriteSeq *result)
void DrawShipEngine (int left, int right, int preferred_x, int y, EngineID engine, PaletteID pal, EngineImageType image_type)
void GetShipSpriteSize (EngineID engine, uint &width, uint &height, int &xoffs, int &yoffs, EngineImageType image_type)
 Get the size of the sprite of a ship sprite heading west (used for lists). More...
static const DepotFindClosestShipDepot (const Vehicle *v, uint max_distance)
static void CheckIfShipNeedsService (Vehicle *v)
static void PlayShipSound (const Vehicle *v)
static bool CheckShipLeaveDepot (Ship *v)
static bool ShipAccelerate (Vehicle *v)
static void ShipArrivesAt (const Vehicle *v, Station *st)
 Ship arrives at a dock. More...
static Track ChooseShipTrack (Ship *v, TileIndex tile, DiagDirection enterdir, TrackBits tracks)
 Runs the pathfinder to choose a track to continue along. More...
static TrackBits GetAvailShipTracks (TileIndex tile, DiagDirection dir)
static void ShipController (Ship *v)
CommandCost CmdBuildShip (TileIndex tile, DoCommandFlag flags, const Engine *e, uint16 data, Vehicle **ret)
 Build a ship. More...


static const uint16 _ship_sprites [] = {0x0E5D, 0x0E55, 0x0E65, 0x0E6D}
static const byte _ship_subcoord [4][6][3]

Detailed Description

Handling of ships.

Definition in file ship_cmd.cpp.

Function Documentation

◆ ChooseShipTrack()

static Track ChooseShipTrack ( Ship v,
TileIndex  tile,
DiagDirection  enterdir,
TrackBits  tracks 

Runs the pathfinder to choose a track to continue along.

vShip to navigate
tileTile, the ship is about to enter
enterdirDirection of entering
tracksAvailable track choices on tile
Track to choose, or INVALID_TRACK when to reverse.

Definition at line 439 of file ship_cmd.cpp.

Referenced by YapfShipChooseTrack().

◆ CmdBuildShip()

CommandCost CmdBuildShip ( TileIndex  tile,
DoCommandFlag  flags,
const Engine e,
uint16  data,
Vehicle **  ret 

Build a ship.

tiletile of the depot where ship is built.
flagstype of operation.
ethe engine to build.
ret[out]the vehicle that has been built.
the cost of this operation or an error.

Definition at line 653 of file ship_cmd.cpp.

References DC_EXEC, and GetShipDepotNorthTile().

◆ GetEffectiveWaterClass()

WaterClass GetEffectiveWaterClass ( TileIndex  tile)

Determine the effective WaterClass for a ship travelling on a tile.

tileTile of interest
the waterclass to be used by the ship.

Definition at line 47 of file ship_cmd.cpp.

References GetWaterClass(), HasTileWaterClass(), IsTileType(), and MP_TUNNELBRIDGE.

◆ GetShipSpriteSize()

void GetShipSpriteSize ( EngineID  engine,
uint &  width,
uint &  height,
int &  xoffs,
int &  yoffs,
EngineImageType  image_type 

Get the size of the sprite of a ship sprite heading west (used for lists).

engineThe engine to get the sprite from.
[out]widthThe width of the sprite.
[out]heightThe height of the sprite.
[out]xoffsNumber of pixels to shift the sprite to the right.
[out]yoffsNumber of pixels to shift the sprite downwards.
image_typeContext the sprite is used in.

Definition at line 113 of file ship_cmd.cpp.

◆ ShipArrivesAt()

static void ShipArrivesAt ( const Vehicle v,
Station st 

Ship arrives at a dock.

If it is the first time, send out a news item.

vShip that arrived.
stStation being visited.

Definition at line 411 of file ship_cmd.cpp.

References _local_company, AddVehicleNewsItem(), HVOT_SHIP, Pool< Titem, Tindex, Tgrowth_step, Tmax_size, Tpool_type, Tcache, Tzero >::PoolItem< Tpool >::index, Game::NewEvent(), AI::NewEvent(), NT_ARRIVAL_COMPANY, NT_ARRIVAL_OTHER, Vehicle::owner, and SetDParam().