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1 /* $Id: settings_type.h 27825 2017-03-24 18:55:16Z peter1138 $ */
3 /*
4  * This file is part of OpenTTD.
5  * OpenTTD is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2.
6  * OpenTTD is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
7  * See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with OpenTTD. If not, see <>.
8  */
12 #ifndef SETTINGS_TYPE_H
13 #define SETTINGS_TYPE_H
15 #include "date_type.h"
16 #include "town_type.h"
17 #include "transport_type.h"
18 #include "network/core/config.h"
19 #include "company_type.h"
20 #include "cargotype.h"
22 #include "zoom_type.h"
23 #include "openttd.h"
28  SP_BEGIN = 0,
40 };
52 };
57  byte number_towns;
59  uint32 max_loan;
66  byte terrain_type;
68  bool economy;
70  bool disasters;
72 };
75 struct GUISettings {
82  bool new_nonstop;
83  uint8 stop_location;
86  uint16 hover_delay_ms;
92  byte liveries;
97  uint8 toolbar_pos;
98  uint8 statusbar_pos;
104  byte autosave;
121  bool quick_goto;
122  bool auto_euro;
151 #endif
153  uint8 developer;
167  {
168  return this->scenario_developer || this->newgrf_developer_tools;
169  }
170 };
174  bool news_ticker;
175  bool news_full;
176  bool new_year;
177  bool confirm;
178  bool click_beep;
179  bool disaster;
180  bool vehicle;
181  bool ambient;
182 };
186  byte playlist;
187  byte music_vol;
188  byte effect_vol;
189  byte custom_1[33];
190  byte custom_2[33];
191  bool playing;
192  bool shuffle;
193 };
197  byte currency;
199  byte units_power;
202  byte units_force;
207 };
210 struct NewsSettings {
213  uint8 accident;
214  uint8 company_info;
215  uint8 open;
216  uint8 close;
217  uint8 economy;
221  uint8 advice;
222  uint8 new_vehicles;
223  uint8 acceptance;
224  uint8 subsidies;
225  uint8 general;
226 };
231  uint16 sync_freq;
232  uint8 frame_freq;
237  uint16 max_init_time;
238  uint16 max_join_time;
241  uint16 max_lag_time;
243  uint16 server_port;
246  char server_name[NETWORK_NAME_LENGTH];
247  char server_password[NETWORK_PASSWORD_LENGTH];
248  char rcon_password[NETWORK_PASSWORD_LENGTH];
249  char admin_password[NETWORK_PASSWORD_LENGTH];
251  uint8 lan_internet;
252  char client_name[NETWORK_CLIENT_NAME_LENGTH];
253  char default_company_pass[NETWORK_PASSWORD_LENGTH];
254  char connect_to_ip[NETWORK_HOSTNAME_LENGTH];
255  char network_id[NETWORK_SERVER_ID_LENGTH];
261  uint8 max_clients;
265  uint8 server_lang;
266  bool reload_cfg;
267  char last_host[NETWORK_HOSTNAME_LENGTH];
268  uint16 last_port;
270 #else /* ENABLE_NETWORK */
271 #endif
272 };
278  uint8 map_x;
279  uint8 map_y;
284  byte tree_placer;
287  byte town_name;
288  byte landscape;
291  byte variety;
296 };
302  bool autoslope;
322 };
325 struct AISettings {
331 };
337 };
340 struct OPFSettings {
341  uint16 pf_maxlength;
342  byte pf_maxdepth;
343 };
346 struct NPFSettings {
371 };
374 struct YAPFSettings {
411 };
434 };
440  bool selectgoods;
443 };
448  uint8 smoke_amount;
459  uint8 plane_speed;
464  byte road_side;
466 };
470  bool inflation;
471  bool bribe;
478  bool fund_roads;
479  bool give_money;
483  uint8 larger_towns;
489  uint16 town_noise_population[3];
492 };
495  uint16 recalc_time;
501  uint8 accuracy;
502  uint8 demand_size;
506  inline DistributionType GetDistributionType(CargoID cargo) const {
507  if (IsCargoInClass(cargo, CC_PASSENGERS)) return this->distribution_pax;
508  if (IsCargoInClass(cargo, CC_MAIL)) return this->distribution_mail;
509  if (IsCargoInClass(cargo, CC_ARMOURED)) return this->distribution_armoured;
510  return this->distribution_default;
511  }
512 };
521 };
526  uint16 servint_trains;
529  uint16 servint_ships;
530 };
539 };
542 struct GameSettings {
548  class AIConfig *ai_config[MAX_COMPANIES];
557 };
567 };
586 {
587  return (_game_mode == GM_MENU) ? _settings_newgame : _settings_game;
588 }
590 #endif /* SETTINGS_TYPE_H */
AISettings ai
what may the AI do?
bool disable_elrails
when true, the elrails are disabled
The maximum length of a client&#39;s name, in bytes including &#39;\0&#39;.
Definition: config.h:49
bool measure_tooltip
show a permanent tooltip when dragging tools
Definition: settings_type.h:91
VehicleSettings vehicle
options for vehicles
uint32 tree_per_64k_frames
how many trees may, over a long period, be planted per 65536 frames?
uint16 custom_town_number
manually entered number of towns
bool server_admin_chat
allow private chat for the server to be distributed to the admin network
uint8 max_heightlevel
maximum allowed heightlevel
byte river_route_random
the amount of randomicity for the route finding
Default settings for vehicles.
uint8 newgrf_default_palette
default palette to use for NewGRFs without action 14 palette information
Settings related to the new pathfinder.
bool link_terraform_toolbar
display terraform toolbar when displaying rail, road, water and airport toolbars
Definition: settings_type.h:87
bool bribe
enable bribing the local authority
bool quick_goto
Allow quick access to &#39;goto button&#39; in vehicle orders window.
uint8 raw_industry_construction
type of (raw) industry construction (none, "normal", prospecting)
bool server_advertise
advertise the server to the masterserver
byte landscape
the landscape we&#39;re currently in
bool enable_signal_gui
show the signal GUI when the signal button is pressed
Normal amount of industries at game start.
Definition: settings_type.h:48
uint8 lan_internet
search on the LAN or internet for servers
ZoomLevelByte zoom_max
maximum zoom out level
Year coloured_news_year
when does newspaper become coloured?
uint32 rail_curve45_penalty
penalty for curve
bool keep_all_autosave
name the autosave in a different way
uint16 last_port
port of the last joined server
int32 rail_look_ahead_signal_p1
constant in polynomial penalty function
uint32 maximum_go_to_depot_penalty
What is the maximum penalty that may be endured for going to a depot.
byte land_generator
the landscape generator
uint32 rail_look_ahead_max_signals
max. number of signals taken into consideration in look-ahead load balancer
uint32 rail_firstred_exit_penalty
penalty for first red exit signal
All settings related to the network.
TownFoundingByte found_town
town founding,
EconomySettings economy
settings to change the economy
uint8 station_gui_group_order
the order of grouping cargo entries in the station gui
Types related to towns.
uint16 max_init_time
maximum amount of time, in game ticks, a client may take to initiate joining
byte pf_maxdepth
maximum recursion depth when searching for a train route for new pathfinder
bool expenses_layout
layout of expenses window
bool serviceathelipad
service helicopters at helipads automatically (no need to send to depot)
byte amount_of_rivers
the amount of rivers
All settings together for the game.
bool station_show_coverage
whether to highlight coverage area
uint8 developer
print non-fatal warnings in console (>= 1), copy debug output to console (== 2)
uint16 network_chat_box_width_pct
width of the chat box in percent
bool timetable_arrival_departure
show arrivals and departures in vehicle timetables
byte units_weight
unit system for weight
uint8 toolbar_pos
position of toolbars, 0=left, 1=center, 2=right
Definition: settings_type.h:97
uint8 window_snap_radius
windows snap at each other if closer than this
Definition: settings_type.h:99
uint8 default_rail_type
the default rail type for the rail GUI
Definition: settings_type.h:96
uint32 rail_lastred_exit_penalty
penalty for last red exit signal
uint8 smoke_amount
amount of smoke/sparks locomotives produce
uint16 hover_delay_ms
time required to activate a hover event, in milliseconds
Definition: settings_type.h:86
bool pause_on_newgame
whether to start new games paused or not
Number of industry density settings.
Definition: settings_type.h:51
Settings related to sound effects.
bool road_use_yapf
use YAPF for road
bool distant_join_stations
allow to join non-adjacent stations
Base types related to transport.
uint8 stop_location
what is the default stop location of trains?
Definition: settings_type.h:83
uint8 short_path_saturation
percentage up to which short paths are saturated before saturating most capacious paths ...
bool extra_dynamite
extra dynamite
uint8 autoclean_novehicles
remove companies with no vehicles after this many months
DistributionTypeByte distribution_mail
distribution type for mail
bool population_in_label
show the population of a town in his label?
byte drag_signals_density
many signals density
NPFSettings npf
pathfinder settings for the new pathfinder
byte tree_placer
the tree placer algorithm
Medium difficulty.
Definition: settings_type.h:30
bool lost_vehicle_warn
if a vehicle can&#39;t find its destination, show a warning
Definition: settings_type.h:77
MusicSettings music
settings related to music/sound
PathfinderSettings pf
settings for all pathfinders
uint32 npf_max_search_nodes
The maximum amount of search nodes a single NPF run should take.
No profile, special "custom" highscore.
Definition: settings_type.h:35
UnitID max_aircraft
max planes in game per company
byte station_spread
amount a station may spread
TownLayoutByte town_layout
select town layout,
byte vehicle_breakdowns
likelihood of vehicles breaking down
Definition: settings_type.h:63
bool never_expire_airports
never expire airports
bool disasters
are disasters enabled
Definition: settings_type.h:70
byte units_velocity
unit system for velocity
DifficultySettings difficulty
settings related to the difficulty
bool give_money
allow giving other companies money
bool ambient
Play ambient, industry and town sounds.
byte errmsg_duration
duration of error message
Definition: settings_type.h:85
bool new_year
Play sound on new year, summarising the performance during the last year.
byte subsidy_multiplier
amount of subsidy
Definition: settings_type.h:64
bool forbid_90_deg
forbid trains to make 90 deg turns
uint8 osk_activation
Mouse gesture to trigger the OSK.
uint16 commands_per_frame
how many commands may be sent each frame_freq frames?
Few industries at game start.
Definition: settings_type.h:47
uint32 rail_longer_platform_penalty
penalty for longer station platform than train
Settings related to the yet another pathfinder.
bool rail_firstred_twoway_eol
treat first red two-way signal as dead end
byte playlist
The playlist (number) to play.
Configuration options of the network stuff.
byte dist_local_authority
distance for town local authority, default 20
uint16 tree_frame_burst
how many trees may, over a short period, be planted?
uint8 graph_line_thickness
the thickness of the lines in the various graph guis
uint16 bytes_per_frame_burst
how many bytes may, over a short period, be received?
Settings related to the GUI and other stuff that is not saved in the savegame.
Definition: settings_type.h:75
uint32 npf_rail_firstred_penalty
the penalty for when the first signal is red (and it is not an exit or combo signal) ...
bool reload_cfg
reload the config file before restarting
bool autoslope
allow terraforming under things
bool playing
Whether music is playing.
bool persistent_buildingtools
keep the building tools active after usage
int32 Year
Type for the year, note: 0 based, i.e. starts at the year 0.
Definition: date_type.h:20
uint8 map_x
X size of map.
uint32 rail_crossing_penalty
penalty for level crossing
byte units_force
unit system for force
uint8 production_nobody
NewsDisplay of production changes of industries affecting no one.
uint32 last_newgrf_count
the numbers of NewGRFs we found during the last scan
bool allow_town_roads
towns are allowed to build roads (always allowed when generating world / in SE)
uint8 advanced_vehicle_list
use the "advanced" vehicle list
Definition: settings_type.h:94
byte units_height
unit system for height
uint32 road_slope_penalty
penalty for up-hill slope
uint32 max_loan
the maximum initial loan
Definition: settings_type.h:59
bool never_expire_vehicles
never expire vehicles
uint32 npf_crossing_penalty
the penalty for level crossings
byte news_message_timeout
how much longer than the news message "age" should we keep the message in the history ...
bool improved_load
improved loading algorithm
Settings related to vehicles.
bool infrastructure_maintenance
enable monthly maintenance fee for owner infrastructure
Definition: cargotype.h:41
bool newgrf_show_old_versions
whether to show old versions in the NewGRF list
byte custom_sea_level
manually entered percentage of water in the map
uint16 pf_maxlength
maximum length when searching for a train route for new pathfinder
byte se_flat_world_height
land height a flat world gets in SE
StationSettings station
settings related to station management
uint8 new_vehicles
NewsDisplay of new vehicles becoming available.
int32 rail_look_ahead_signal_p0
constant in polynomial penalty function
Special "multiplayer" highscore. Not saved, always specific to the current game.
Definition: settings_type.h:38
uint32 road_crossing_penalty
penalty for level crossing
uint32 npf_rail_pbs_cross_penalty
the penalty for crossing a reserved rail track
uint16 servint_ships
service interval for ships
Types related to zooming in and out.
bool selectgoods
only send the goods to station if a train has been there
uint32 rail_firstred_penalty
penalty for first red signal
bool allow_shares
allow the buying/selling of shares
bool no_servicing_if_no_breakdowns
don&#39;t send vehicles to depot when breakdowns are disabled
bool autoclean_companies
automatically remove companies that are not in use
uint8 map_y
Y size of map.
bool news_full
Play sound effects associated to certain news types.
bool freeform_edges
allow terraforming the tiles at the map edges
bool ai_disable_veh_train
disable types for AI
bool exclusive_rights
allow buying exclusive rights
byte tgen_smoothness
how rough is the terrain from 0-3
bool reverse_at_signals
whether to reverse at signals at all
uint8 industry_platform
the amount of flat land around an industry
Settings profiles and highscore tables.
Definition: settings_type.h:27
uint32 clear_per_64k_frames
how many tiles may, over a long period, be cleared per 65536 frames?
bool prefer_teamchat
choose the chat message target with <ENTER>, true=all clients, false=your team
Definition: settings_type.h:93
NetworkSettings network
settings related to the network
uint8 freight_trains
value to multiply the weight of cargo by
uint32 npf_road_dt_occupied_penalty
the penalty multiplied by the fill percentage of a drive-through road stop
uint8 network_chat_box_height
height of the chat box in lines
Armoured cargo (Valuables, Gold, Diamonds)
Definition: cargotype.h:43
bool disable_node_optimization
whether to use exit-dir instead of trackdir in node key
byte train_signal_side
show signals on left / driving / right side
uint16 max_lag_time
maximum amount of time, in game ticks, a client may be lagging behind the server
bool auto_euro
automatically switch to euro in 2002
bool shuffle
Whether to shuffle the music.
byte water_borders
bitset of the borders that are water
CompanySettings company
default values for per-company settings
SoundSettings sound
sound effect settings
YAPFSettings yapf
pathfinder settings for the yet another pathfinder
UnitID max_roadveh
max trucks in game per company
bool road_stop_on_competitor_road
allow building of drive-through road stops on roads owned by competitors
VehicleDefaultSettings vehicle
default settings for vehicles
uint32 npf_buoy_penalty
the penalty for going over (through) a buoy
byte road_side
the side of the road vehicles drive on
uint8 max_spectators
maximum amount of spectators
byte min_river_length
the minimum river length
uint32 script_max_opcode_till_suspend
max opcode calls till scripts will suspend
byte units_volume
unit system for volume
Settings related to news.
bool multiple_industry_per_town
allow many industries of the same type per town
uint8 economy
NewsDisplay on economical changes.
uint32 rail_lastred_penalty
penalty for last red signal
uint16 recalc_interval
time (in days) between subsequent checks for link graphs to be calculated.
uint32 rail_pbs_signal_back_penalty
penalty for passing a pbs signal from the backside
uint8 scrollwheel_scrolling
scrolling using the scroll wheel?
byte snow_line_height
the configured snow line height
uint8 date_format_in_default_names
should the default savegame/screenshot name use long dates (31th Dec 2008), short dates (31-12-2008) ...
uint32 rail_doubleslip_penalty
penalty for passing a double slip switch
uint8 default_signal_type
the signal type to build by default.
bool left_mouse_btn_scrolling
left mouse button scroll
Settings related to scripts.
uint16 server_admin_port
port the server listens on for the admin network
bool inflation
disable inflation
uint32 road_stop_bay_occupied_penalty
penalty multiplied by the fill percentage of a road bay
bool dynamic_engines
enable dynamic allocation of engine data
Year semaphore_build_before
build semaphore signals automatically before this year
uint8 open
NewsDisplay on new industry constructions.
bool right_mouse_wnd_close
close window with right click
Settings related to construction in-game.
Start with just the industries that must be present.
Definition: settings_type.h:45
Available industry map generation densities.
Definition: settings_type.h:43
uint32 engine_renew_money
minimum amount of money before autorenew is used
uint32 npf_road_curve_penalty
the penalty for curves
bool fund_roads
allow funding local road reconstruction
uint32 terraform_per_64k_frames
how many tile heights may, over a long period, be terraformed per 65536 frames?
uint32 road_stop_occupied_penalty
penalty multiplied by the fill percentage of a drive-through road stop
uint16 max_bridge_length
maximum length of bridges
bool road_stop_on_town_road
allow building of drive-through road stops on town owned roads
byte vehicle_costs
amount of money spent on vehicle running cost
Definition: settings_type.h:61
Settings related to the economy.
uint8 scrollwheel_multiplier
how much &#39;wheel&#39; per incoming event from the OS?
bool autosave_on_exit
save an autosave when you quit the game, but do not ask "Do you really want to quit?"
GameSettings _settings_game
The current settings for this game.
Definition: settings.cpp:77
char * digit_group_separator_currency
thousand separator for currencies
uint32 rail_shorter_platform_penalty
penalty for shorter station platform than train
GameSettings _settings_newgame
The settings values that are used for new games and/or modified in config file.
Definition: settings.cpp:78
Some generic types.
uint16 max_commands_in_queue
how many commands may there be in the incoming queue before dropping the connection?
byte station_numtracks
the number of platforms to default on for rail stations
DistributionTypeByte distribution_pax
distribution type for passengers
bool smooth_scroll
smooth scroll viewports
Definition: settings_type.h:90
bool renew_keep_length
sell some wagons if after autoreplace the train is longer than before
uint16 clear_frame_burst
how many tiles may, over a short period, be cleared?
char * digit_decimal_separator
decimal separator
bool show_finances
show finances at end of year
Definition: settings_type.h:80
Settings related to all pathfinders.
Declaration of link graph types used for cargo distribution.
bool vehicle
Play vehicle sound effects.
uint8 server_lang
language of the server
uint8 accuracy
accuracy when calculating things on the link graph. low accuracy => low running time ...
bool ai_disable_veh_ship
disable types for AI
static bool IsCargoInClass(CargoID c, CargoClass cc)
Does cargo c have cargo class cc?
Definition: cargotype.h:150
uint8 arrival_other
NewsDisplay of vehicles arriving at new stations of other players.
uint8 plane_speed
divisor for speed of aircraft
bool ai_developer_tools
activate AI developer tools
The maximum length of the host name, in bytes including &#39;\0&#39;.
Definition: config.h:44
The game does not build industries.
Definition: settings_type.h:44
byte number_towns
the amount of towns
Definition: settings_type.h:57
bool roadveh_queue
buggy road vehicle queueing
bool build_on_slopes
allow building on slopes
byte heightmap_rotation
rotation director for the heightmap
byte variety
variety level applied to TGP
uint8 plane_crashes
number of plane crashes, 0 = none, 1 = reduced, 2 = normal
Maximum number of companies.
Definition: company_type.h:25
uint32 rail_curve90_penalty
penalty for 90-deg curve
OPFSettings opf
pathfinder settings for the old pathfinder
Settings related to orders.
class GameConfig * game_config
settings for gamescript
uint8 town_growth_rate
town growth rate
byte station_platlength
the platform length, in tiles, for rail stations
int16 engine_renew_months
months before/after the maximum vehicle age a vehicle should be renewed
uint32 rail_depot_reverse_penalty
penalty for reversing in the depot
uint32 rail_slope_penalty
penalty for up-hill slope
uint8 max_companies
maximum amount of companies
bool engine_renew
is autorenew enabled
uint16 sync_freq
how often do we check whether we are still in-sync
bool drag_signals_fixed_distance
keep fixed distance between signals when dragging
ScriptSettings script
settings for scripts
uint32 npf_rail_firstred_exit_penalty
the penalty for when the first signal is red (and it is an exit or combo signal)
Settings related to the old pathfinder.
bool newgrf_developer_tools
activate NewGRF developer tools and allow modifying NewGRFs in an existing game
uint8 autoclean_unprotected
remove passwordless companies after this many months
uint8 settings_restriction_mode
selected restriction mode in adv. settings GUI.
End of setting profiles.
Definition: settings_type.h:33
byte units_power
unit system for power
uint32 npf_rail_pbs_signal_back_penalty
the penalty for passing a pbs signal from the backside
Settings related to music.
Settings related to currency/unit systems.
bool mod_road_rebuild
roadworks remove unnecessary RoadBits
uint8 train_slope_steepness
Steepness of hills for trains when using realistic acceleration.
uint16 server_port
port the server listens on
ZoomLevelByte zoom_min
minimum zoom out level
byte quantity_sea_lakes
the amount of seas/lakes
Definition: settings_type.h:67
uint16 network_chat_timeout
timeout of chat messages in seconds
UnitID max_ships
max ships in game per company
bool pause_on_join
pause the game when people join
uint8 arrival_player
NewsDisplay of vehicles arriving at new stations of current player.
uint16 console_backlog_length
the minimum amount of items in the console backlog before items will be removed.
bool vehicle_income_warn
if a vehicle isn&#39;t generating income, show a warning
Definition: settings_type.h:79
byte music_vol
The requested music volume.
uint16 max_password_time
maximum amount of time, in game ticks, a client may take to enter the password
byte path_backoff_interval
ticks between checks for a free path.
bool scenario_developer
activate scenario developer: allow modifying NewGRFs in an existing game
uint32 npf_road_bay_occupied_penalty
the penalty multiplied by the fill percentage of a road bay
bool timetable_in_ticks
whether to show the timetable in ticks rather than days
uint8 smallmap_land_colour
colour used for land and heightmap at the smallmap
Definition: settings_type.h:88
uint32 generation_seed
noise seed for world generation
uint32 max_search_nodes
stop path-finding when this number of nodes visited
byte oil_refinery_limit
distance oil refineries allowed from map edge
GUISettings gui
settings related to the GUI
byte missing_strings_threshold
the number of missing strings before showing the warning
bool station_noise_level
build new airports when the town noise level is still within accepted limits
uint32 npf_rail_slope_penalty
the penalty for sloping upwards
bool sg_new_nonstop
ttdpatch compatible nonstop handling read from pre v93 savegames
Definition: settings_type.h:81
Hard difficulty.
Definition: settings_type.h:31
bool line_reverse_mode
reversing at stations or not
Definition: settings_type.h:69
uint8 subsidies
NewsDisplay of changes on subsidies.
bool gradual_loading
load vehicles gradually
uint8 advice
NewsDisplay on advice affecting the player&#39;s vehicles.
uint16 servint_trains
service interval for trains
uint8 close
NewsDisplay about closing industries.
bool ship_use_yapf
use YAPF for ships
uint8 right_mouse_btn_emulation
should we emulate right mouse clicking?
uint8 command_pause_level
level/amount of commands that can&#39;t be executed while paused
bool modified_catchment
different-size catchment areas
uint32 npf_rail_depot_reverse_penalty
the penalty for reversing in depots
End of saved highscore tables.
Definition: settings_type.h:36
static GameSettings & GetGameSettings()
Get the settings-object applicable for the current situation: the newgame settings when we&#39;re in the ...
OrderSettings order
settings related to orders
Settings that can be set per company.
uint32 npf_rail_curve_penalty
the penalty for curves
uint8 max_clients
maximum amount of clients
bool wagon_speed_limits
enable wagon speed limits
bool servint_ispercent
service intervals are in percents
byte town_council_tolerance
minimum required town ratings to be allowed to demolish stuff
Definition: settings_type.h:71
uint8 frame_freq
how often do we send commands to the clients
uint8 pathfinder_for_trains
the pathfinder to use for trains
uint16 terraform_frame_burst
how many tile heights may, over a short period, be terraformed?
uint32 rail_pbs_station_penalty
penalty for crossing a reserved station tile
byte wait_twoway_signal
waitingtime in days before a twoway signal
byte extend_vehicle_life
extend vehicle life by this many years
static const uint NETWORK_SERVER_ID_LENGTH
The maximum length of the network id of the servers, in bytes including &#39;\0&#39;.
Definition: config.h:45
uint8 initial_city_size
multiplier for the initial size of the cities compared to towns
uint8 station_gui_sort_by
sort cargo entries in the station gui by station name or amount
uint8 company_info
NewsDisplay of general company information.
bool station_dragdrop
whether drag and drop is enabled for stations
uint8 window_soft_limit
soft limit of maximum number of non-stickied non-vital windows (0 = no limit)
bool ai_disable_veh_aircraft
disable types for AI
uint8 cycle_signal_types
what signal types to cycle with the build signal tool.
uint16 console_backlog_timeout
the minimum amount of time items should be in the console backlog before they will be removed in ~3 s...
uint8 larger_towns
the number of cities to build. These start off larger and grow twice as fast
bool no_http_content_downloads
do not do content downloads over HTTP
bool show_track_reservation
highlight reserved tracks.
Easy difficulty.
Definition: settings_type.h:29
uint8 loading_indicators
show loading indicators
Definition: settings_type.h:95
uint16 servint_aircraft
service interval for aircraft
char * digit_group_separator
thousand separator for non-currencies
bool disaster
Play disaster and accident sounds.
byte max_bridge_height
maximum height of bridges
bool confirm
Play sound effect on succesful constructions or other actions.
LocaleSettings locale
settings related to used currency/unit system in the current game
uint32 npf_road_drive_through_penalty
the penalty for going through a drive-through road stop
uint8 demand_size
influence of supply ("station size") on the demand function
byte town_name
the town name generator used for town names
NewsSettings news_display
news display settings.
Types/functions related to cargoes.
byte terrain_type
the mountainousness of the landscape
Definition: settings_type.h:66
uint8 production_player
NewsDisplay of production changes of industries affecting current player.
uint8 auto_scrolling
scroll when moving mouse to the edge (see ViewportAutoscrolling)
Definition: settings_type.h:84
uint16 UnitID
Type for the company global vehicle unit number.
byte max_no_competitors
the number of competitors (AIs)
Definition: settings_type.h:56
uint8 train_acceleration_model
realistic acceleration for trains
byte max_num_autosaves
controls how many autosavegames are made before the game starts to overwrite (names them 0 to max_num...
uint32 maximum_go_to_depot_penalty
What is the maximum penalty that may be endured for going to a depot.
int32 rail_look_ahead_signal_p2
constant in polynomial penalty function
Settings related to the creation of games.
Types related to companies.
Settings related to the AI.
bool ai_in_multiplayer
so we allow AIs in multiplayer
bool adjacent_stations
allow stations to be built directly adjacent to other stations
Types related to the dates in OpenTTD.
UnitID max_trains
max trains in game per company
ConstructionSettings construction
construction of things in-game
bool UserIsAllowedToChangeNewGRFs() const
Returns true when the user has sufficient privileges to edit newgrfs on a running game...
bool sg_full_load_any
new full load calculation, any cargo must be full read from pre v93 savegames
Definition: settings_type.h:76
Settings related to the difficulty of the game.
Definition: settings_type.h:55
byte competitor_speed
the speed at which the AI builds
Definition: settings_type.h:62
uint32 rail_station_penalty
penalty for non-target station tile
bool economy
how volatile is the economy
Definition: settings_type.h:68
Many industries at game start.
Definition: settings_type.h:49
uint8 roadveh_acceleration_model
realistic acceleration for road vehicles
byte liveries
options for displaying company liveries, 0=none, 1=self, 2=all
Definition: settings_type.h:92
Settings related to stations.
static const uint NETWORK_NAME_LENGTH
The maximum length of the server name and map name, in bytes including &#39;\0&#39;.
Definition: config.h:42
uint8 settings_profile
difficulty profile to set initial settings of scripts, esp. random AIs
Definition: cargotype.h:40
bool disable_unsuitable_building
disable infrastructure building when no suitable vehicles are available
bool threaded_saves
should we do threaded saves?
uint16 max_download_time
maximum amount of time, in game ticks, a client may take to download the map
byte initial_interest
amount of interest (to pay over the loan)
Definition: settings_type.h:60
The maximum length of the password, in bytes including &#39;\0&#39; (must be >= NETWORK_SERVER_ID_LENGTH) ...
Definition: config.h:47
bool reserve_paths
always reserve paths regardless of signal type.
uint16 bytes_per_frame
how many bytes may, over a long period, be received per frame?
GameCreationSettings game_creation
settings used during the creation of a game (map)
uint8 acceptance
NewsDisplay on changes affecting the acceptance of cargo at stations.
uint16 servint_roadveh
service interval for road vehicles
byte CargoID
Cargo slots to indicate a cargo type within a game.
Definition: cargo_type.h:22
bool new_nonstop
ttdpatch compatible nonstop handling
Definition: settings_type.h:82
ClientSettings _settings_client
The current settings for this game.
Definition: settings.cpp:76
uint8 roadveh_slope_steepness
Steepness of hills for road vehicles when using realistic acceleration.
uint32 rail_shorter_platform_per_tile_penalty
penalty for shorter station platform than train (per tile)
uint8 order_review_system
perform order reviews on vehicles
Definition: settings_type.h:78
bool fund_buildings
allow funding new buildings
uint8 autoclean_protected
remove the password from passworded companies after this many months
Very few industries at game start.
Definition: settings_type.h:46
byte wait_for_pbs_path
how long to wait for a path reservation.
uint8 accident
NewsDisplay of accidents that occur.
bool reverse_scroll
right-Click-Scrolling scrolls in the opposite direction
Definition: settings_type.h:89
uint16 recalc_time
time (in days) for recalculating each link graph component.
VehicleDefaultSettings _old_vds
Old vehicle settings, which were game settings before, and are company settings now.
Definition: settings.cpp:79
uint16 max_join_time
maximum amount of time, in game ticks, a client may take to sync up during joining ...
bool smooth_economy
smooth economy
byte industry_density
The industry density.
Definition: settings_type.h:58
uint8 pathfinder_for_ships
the pathfinder to use for ships
uint8 statusbar_pos
position of statusbar, 0=left, 1=center, 2=right
Definition: settings_type.h:98
bool rail_use_yapf
use YAPF for rail
uint8 production_other
NewsDisplay of production changes of industries affecting competitors.
bool new_pathfinding_all
use the newest pathfinding algorithm for all
uint32 rail_longer_platform_per_tile_penalty
penalty for longer station platform than train (per tile)
bool show_date_in_logs
whether to show dates in console logs
End of highscore tables.
Definition: settings_type.h:39
bool ai_disable_veh_roadveh
disable types for AI
uint32 rail_pbs_cross_penalty
penalty for crossing a reserved tile
uint32 road_stop_penalty
penalty for going through a drive-through road stop
byte wait_oneway_signal
waitingtime in days before a oneway signal
uint8 station_gui_sort_order
the sort order of entries in the station gui - ascending or descending
DistributionTypeByte distribution_default
distribution type for all other goods
bool news_ticker
Play a ticker sound when a news item is published.
bool allow_town_level_crossings
towns are allowed to build level crossings
byte construction_cost
how expensive is building
Definition: settings_type.h:65
uint32 npf_rail_lastred_penalty
the penalty for when the last signal is red
uint8 feeder_payment_share
percentage of leg payment to virtually pay in feeder systems
byte autosave
how often should we do autosaves?
uint8 general
NewsDisplay of other topics.
DistributionTypeByte distribution_armoured
distribution type for armoured cargo class
bool click_beep
Beep on a random selection of buttons.
Year starting_year
starting date
byte effect_vol
The requested effects volume.
LinkGraphSettings linkgraph
settings for link graph calculations
All settings that are only important for the local client.
uint32 npf_water_curve_penalty
the penalty for curves
uint8 demand_distance
influence of distance between stations on the demand function
Year restart_game_year
year the server restarts
uint32 road_curve_penalty
penalty for curves
uint8 extra_tree_placement
(dis)allow building extra trees in-game
uint32 npf_rail_station_penalty
the penalty for station tiles
uint16 max_tunnel_length
maximum length of tunnels
uint8 pathfinder_for_roadvehs
the pathfinder to use for roadvehicles
byte currency
currency we currently use
uint8 max_train_length
maximum length for trains
uint8 min_active_clients
minimum amount of active clients to unpause the game