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pbs.cpp File Reference

PBS support routines. More...

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "viewport_func.h"
#include "vehicle_func.h"
#include "newgrf_station.h"
#include "pathfinder/follow_track.hpp"
#include "safeguards.h"

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Data Structures

struct  FindTrainOnTrackInfo
 Helper struct for finding the best matching vehicle on a specific track. More...


TrackBits GetReservedTrackbits (TileIndex t)
 Get the reserved trackbits for any tile, regardless of type.
void SetRailStationPlatformReservation (TileIndex start, DiagDirection dir, bool b)
 Set the reservation for a complete station platform.
bool TryReserveRailTrack (TileIndex tile, Track t, bool trigger_stations)
 Try to reserve a specific track on a tile.
void UnreserveRailTrack (TileIndex tile, Track t)
 Lift the reservation of a specific track on a tile.
static PBSTileInfo FollowReservation (Owner o, RailTypes rts, TileIndex tile, Trackdir trackdir, bool ignore_oneway=false)
 Follow a reservation starting from a specific tile to the end.
static VehicleFindTrainOnTrackEnum (Vehicle *v, void *data)
 Callback for Has/FindVehicleOnPos to find a train on a specific track.
PBSTileInfo FollowTrainReservation (const Train *v, Vehicle **train_on_res)
 Follow a train reservation to the last tile.
TrainGetTrainForReservation (TileIndex tile, Track track)
 Find the train which has reserved a specific path.
bool IsSafeWaitingPosition (const Train *v, TileIndex tile, Trackdir trackdir, bool include_line_end, bool forbid_90deg)
 Determine whether a certain track on a tile is a safe position to end a path.
bool IsWaitingPositionFree (const Train *v, TileIndex tile, Trackdir trackdir, bool forbid_90deg)
 Check if a safe position is free.

Detailed Description

PBS support routines.

Definition in file pbs.cpp.

Function Documentation

static Vehicle* FindTrainOnTrackEnum ( Vehicle v,
void *  data 
static PBSTileInfo FollowReservation ( Owner  o,
RailTypes  rts,
TileIndex  tile,
Trackdir  trackdir,
bool  ignore_oneway = false 
PBSTileInfo FollowTrainReservation ( const Train v,
Vehicle **  train_on_res 
TrackBits GetReservedTrackbits ( TileIndex  t)
Train* GetTrainForReservation ( TileIndex  tile,
Track  track 
bool IsSafeWaitingPosition ( const Train v,
TileIndex  tile,
Trackdir  trackdir,
bool  include_line_end,
bool  forbid_90deg 
bool IsWaitingPositionFree ( const Train v,
TileIndex  tile,
Trackdir  trackdir,
bool  forbid_90deg 
void SetRailStationPlatformReservation ( TileIndex  start,
DiagDirection  dir,
bool  b 

Set the reservation for a complete station platform.

startstarting tile of the platform
dirthe direction in which to follow the platform
bthe state the reservation should be set to

Definition at line 59 of file pbs.cpp.

References DiagDirToAxis(), GetRailStationAxis(), IsCompatibleTrainStationTile(), IsRailStationTile(), MarkTileDirtyByTile(), SetRailStationReservation(), TILE_ADD, and TileOffsByDiagDir().

Referenced by ClearPathReservation(), CmdBuildRailStation(), FreeTrainReservation(), NPFSaveTargetData(), RestoreTrainReservation(), and ReverseTrainDirection().

bool TryReserveRailTrack ( TileIndex  tile,
Track  t,
bool  trigger_stations 
void UnreserveRailTrack ( TileIndex  tile,
Track  t