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order_base.h File Reference

Base class for orders. More...

#include "order_type.h"
#include "core/pool_type.hpp"
#include "core/bitmath_func.hpp"
#include "cargo_type.h"
#include "depot_type.h"
#include "station_type.h"
#include "vehicle_type.h"
#include "date_type.h"

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Data Structures

struct  Order
struct  OrderList
 Shared order list linking together the linked list of orders and the list of vehicles sharing this order list. More...


#define FOR_ALL_ORDERS_FROM(var, start)   FOR_ALL_ITEMS_FROM(Order, order_index, var, start)
#define FOR_ALL_ORDERS(var)   FOR_ALL_ORDERS_FROM(var, 0)
#define FOR_VEHICLE_ORDERS(v, order)   for (order = (v->orders.list == NULL) ? NULL : v->orders.list->GetFirstOrder(); order != NULL; order = order->next)
#define FOR_ALL_ORDER_LISTS_FROM(var, start)   FOR_ALL_ITEMS_FROM(OrderList, orderlist_index, var, start)


typedef Pool< Order, OrderID, 256, 64000 > OrderPool
typedef Pool< OrderList, OrderListID, 128, 64000 > OrderListPool


void InsertOrder (Vehicle *v, Order *new_o, VehicleOrderID sel_ord)
 Insert a new order but skip the validation. More...
void DeleteOrder (Vehicle *v, VehicleOrderID sel_ord)
 Delete an order but skip the parameter validation. More...


OrderPool _order_pool
OrderListPool _orderlist_pool

Detailed Description

Base class for orders.

Definition in file order_base.h.

Function Documentation

◆ DeleteOrder()

void DeleteOrder ( Vehicle v,
VehicleOrderID  sel_ord 

Delete an order but skip the parameter validation.

vThe vehicle to delete the order from.
sel_ordThe id of the order to be deleted.

Definition at line 1081 of file order_cmd.cpp.

References OrderList::DeleteOrderAt(), DeleteOrderWarnings(), Vehicle::FirstShared(), Vehicle::list, Vehicle::NextShared(), and Vehicle::orders.

Referenced by CmdDeleteOrder().

◆ InsertOrder()

void InsertOrder ( Vehicle v,
Order new_o,
VehicleOrderID  sel_ord 

Insert a new order but skip the validation.

vThe vehicle to insert the order to.
new_oThe new order.
sel_ordThe position the order should be inserted at.

Definition at line 953 of file order_cmd.cpp.

References DeleteOrderWarnings(), Vehicle::FirstShared(), OrderList::InsertOrderAt(), Vehicle::list, Vehicle::NextShared(), and Vehicle::orders.