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object_type.h File Reference

Types related to object tiles. More...

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typedef uint16 ObjectType
 Types of objects. More...
typedef uint32 ObjectID
 Unique identifier for an object. More...


static const ObjectType OBJECT_TRANSMITTER = 0
 The large antenna.
static const ObjectType OBJECT_LIGHTHOUSE = 1
 The nice lighthouse.
static const ObjectType OBJECT_STATUE = 2
 Statue in towns.
static const ObjectType OBJECT_OWNED_LAND = 3
 Owned land 'flag'.
static const ObjectType OBJECT_HQ = 4
 HeadQuarter of a player.
static const ObjectType NUM_OBJECTS_PER_GRF = 255
 Number of supported objects per NewGRF; limited to 255 to allow extending Action3 with an extended byte later on.
static const ObjectType NEW_OBJECT_OFFSET = 5
 Offset for new objects.
static const ObjectType NUM_OBJECTS = 64000
 Number of supported objects overall.
static const ObjectType INVALID_OBJECT_TYPE = 0xFFFF
 An invalid object.
static const ObjectID INVALID_OBJECT = 0xFFFFFFFF
 An invalid object.

Detailed Description

Types related to object tiles.

Definition in file object_type.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ ObjectID

typedef uint32 ObjectID

Unique identifier for an object.

Definition at line 31 of file object_type.h.

◆ ObjectType

typedef uint16 ObjectType

Types of objects.

Definition at line 16 of file object_type.h.