object.h File Reference

Functions related to objects. More...

#include "tile_type.h"
#include "company_type.h"
#include "object_type.h"

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void UpdateCompanyHQ (TileIndex tile, uint score)
 Update the CompanyHQ to the state associated with the given score. More...
void BuildObject (ObjectType type, TileIndex tile, CompanyID owner=OWNER_NONE, struct Town *town=NULL, uint8 view=0)
 Actually build the object. More...
void ShowBuildObjectPicker ()
 Show our object picker. More...

Detailed Description

Functions related to objects.

Definition in file object.h.

Function Documentation

◆ BuildObject()

void BuildObject ( ObjectType  type,
TileIndex  tile,
CompanyID  owner,
Town town,
uint8  view 

Actually build the object.

typeThe type of object to build.
tileThe tile to build the northern tile of the object on.
ownerThe owner of the object.
townTown the tile is related with.
viewThe view for the object.
All preconditions for building the object at that location are met, e.g. slope and clearness of tiles are checked.

Definition at line 85 of file object_cmd.cpp.

References _date, Object::build_date, CalcClosestTownFromTile(), Object::colour, GB(), ObjectSpec::Get(), HasBit(), Object::location, Object::Object(), OWNER_NONE, ObjectSpec::size, Object::town, Object::type, and Object::view.

Referenced by TryBuildTransmitter().

◆ ShowBuildObjectPicker()

void ShowBuildObjectPicker ( )

Show our object picker.

wThe toolbar window we're associated with.

Definition at line 527 of file object_gui.cpp.

◆ UpdateCompanyHQ()

void UpdateCompanyHQ ( TileIndex  tile,
uint  score 

Update the CompanyHQ to the state associated with the given score.

tileThe (northern) tile of the company HQ, or INVALID_TILE.
scoreThe current (performance) score of the company.

Definition at line 157 of file object_cmd.cpp.

References GetCompanyHQSize, IncreaseCompanyHQSize, and INVALID_TILE.