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1 /* $Id: newgrf_industrytiles.cpp 27984 2018-03-11 13:19:41Z frosch $ */
3 /*
4  * This file is part of OpenTTD.
5  * OpenTTD is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2.
6  * OpenTTD is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
7  * See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with OpenTTD. If not, see <>.
8  */
12 #include "stdafx.h"
13 #include "debug.h"
14 #include "landscape.h"
15 #include "newgrf_industrytiles.h"
16 #include "newgrf_sound.h"
17 #include "industry.h"
18 #include "town.h"
19 #include "command_func.h"
20 #include "water.h"
21 #include "newgrf_animation_base.h"
23 #include "table/strings.h"
25 #include "safeguards.h"
36 uint32 GetNearbyIndustryTileInformation(byte parameter, TileIndex tile, IndustryID index, bool signed_offsets, bool grf_version8)
37 {
38  if (parameter != 0) tile = GetNearbyTile(parameter, tile, signed_offsets); // only perform if it is required
39  bool is_same_industry = (IsTileType(tile, MP_INDUSTRY) && GetIndustryIndex(tile) == index);
41  return GetNearbyTileInformation(tile, grf_version8) | (is_same_industry ? 1 : 0) << 8;
42 }
55 uint32 GetRelativePosition(TileIndex tile, TileIndex ind_tile)
56 {
57  byte x = TileX(tile) - TileX(ind_tile);
58  byte y = TileY(tile) - TileY(ind_tile);
60  return ((y & 0xF) << 20) | ((x & 0xF) << 16) | (y << 8) | x;
61 }
63 /* virtual */ uint32 IndustryTileScopeResolver::GetVariable(byte variable, uint32 parameter, bool *available) const
64 {
65  switch (variable) {
66  /* Construction state of the tile: a value between 0 and 3 */
67  case 0x40: return (IsTileType(this->tile, MP_INDUSTRY)) ? GetIndustryConstructionStage(this->tile) : 0;
69  /* Terrain type */
70  case 0x41: return GetTerrainType(this->tile);
72  /* Current town zone of the tile in the nearest town */
73  case 0x42: return GetTownRadiusGroup(ClosestTownFromTile(this->tile, UINT_MAX), this->tile);
75  /* Relative position */
76  case 0x43: return GetRelativePosition(this->tile, this->industry->location.tile);
78  /* Animation frame. Like house variable 46 but can contain anything 0..FF. */
79  case 0x44: return IsTileType(this->tile, MP_INDUSTRY) ? GetAnimationFrame(this->tile) : 0;
81  /* Land info of nearby tiles */
82  case 0x60: return GetNearbyIndustryTileInformation(parameter, this->tile,
83  this->industry == NULL ? (IndustryID)INVALID_INDUSTRY : this->industry->index, true, this->ro.grffile->grf_version >= 8);
85  /* Animation stage of nearby tiles */
86  case 0x61: {
87  TileIndex tile = GetNearbyTile(parameter, this->tile);
88  if (IsTileType(tile, MP_INDUSTRY) && Industry::GetByTile(tile) == this->industry) {
89  return GetAnimationFrame(tile);
90  }
91  return UINT_MAX;
92  }
94  /* Get industry tile ID at offset */
95  case 0x62: return GetIndustryIDAtOffset(GetNearbyTile(parameter, this->tile), this->industry, this->ro.grffile->grfid);
96  }
98  DEBUG(grf, 1, "Unhandled industry tile variable 0x%X", variable);
100  *available = false;
101  return UINT_MAX;
102 }
104 /* virtual */ uint32 IndustryTileScopeResolver::GetRandomBits() const
105 {
106  assert(this->industry != NULL && IsValidTile(this->tile));
107  assert(this->industry->index == INVALID_INDUSTRY || IsTileType(this->tile, MP_INDUSTRY));
109  return (this->industry->index != INVALID_INDUSTRY) ? GetIndustryRandomBits(this->tile) : 0;
110 }
112 /* virtual */ uint32 IndustryTileScopeResolver::GetTriggers() const
113 {
114  assert(this->industry != NULL && IsValidTile(this->tile));
115  assert(this->industry->index == INVALID_INDUSTRY || IsTileType(this->tile, MP_INDUSTRY));
116  if (this->industry->index == INVALID_INDUSTRY) return 0;
117  return GetIndustryTriggers(this->tile);
118 }
125 static const GRFFile *GetIndTileGrffile(IndustryGfx gfx)
126 {
127  const IndustryTileSpec *its = GetIndustryTileSpec(gfx);
128  return (its != NULL) ? its->grf_prop.grffile : NULL;
129 }
141  CallbackID callback, uint32 callback_param1, uint32 callback_param2)
142  : ResolverObject(GetIndTileGrffile(gfx), callback, callback_param1, callback_param2),
143  indtile_scope(*this, indus, tile),
144  ind_scope(*this, tile, indus, indus->type)
145 {
147 }
149 static void IndustryDrawTileLayout(const TileInfo *ti, const TileLayoutSpriteGroup *group, byte rnd_colour, byte stage, IndustryGfx gfx)
150 {
151  const DrawTileSprites *dts = group->ProcessRegisters(&stage);
153  SpriteID image = dts->ground.sprite;
154  PaletteID pal = dts->ground.pal;
156  if (HasBit(image, SPRITE_MODIFIER_CUSTOM_SPRITE)) image += stage;
157  if (HasBit(pal, SPRITE_MODIFIER_CUSTOM_SPRITE)) pal += stage;
159  if (GB(image, 0, SPRITE_WIDTH) != 0) {
160  /* If the ground sprite is the default flat water sprite, draw also canal/river borders
161  * Do not do this if the tile's WaterClass is 'land'. */
162  if (image == SPR_FLAT_WATER_TILE && IsTileOnWater(ti->tile)) {
163  DrawWaterClassGround(ti);
164  } else {
165  DrawGroundSprite(image, GroundSpritePaletteTransform(image, pal, GENERAL_SPRITE_COLOUR(rnd_colour)));
166  }
167  }
169  DrawNewGRFTileSeq(ti, dts, TO_INDUSTRIES, stage, GENERAL_SPRITE_COLOUR(rnd_colour));
170 }
172 uint16 GetIndustryTileCallback(CallbackID callback, uint32 param1, uint32 param2, IndustryGfx gfx_id, Industry *industry, TileIndex tile)
173 {
174  assert(industry != NULL && IsValidTile(tile));
175  assert(industry->index == INVALID_INDUSTRY || IsTileType(tile, MP_INDUSTRY));
177  IndustryTileResolverObject object(gfx_id, tile, industry, callback, param1, param2);
178  return object.ResolveCallback();
179 }
181 bool DrawNewIndustryTile(TileInfo *ti, Industry *i, IndustryGfx gfx, const IndustryTileSpec *inds)
182 {
183  if (ti->tileh != SLOPE_FLAT) {
184  bool draw_old_one = true;
186  /* Called to determine the type (if any) of foundation to draw for industry tile */
187  uint32 callback_res = GetIndustryTileCallback(CBID_INDTILE_DRAW_FOUNDATIONS, 0, 0, gfx, i, ti->tile);
188  if (callback_res != CALLBACK_FAILED) draw_old_one = ConvertBooleanCallback(inds->grf_prop.grffile, CBID_INDTILE_DRAW_FOUNDATIONS, callback_res);
189  }
191  if (draw_old_one) DrawFoundation(ti, FOUNDATION_LEVELED);
192  }
194  IndustryTileResolverObject object(gfx, ti->tile, i);
196  const SpriteGroup *group = object.Resolve();
197  if (group == NULL || group->type != SGT_TILELAYOUT) return false;
199  /* Limit the building stage to the number of stages supplied. */
200  const TileLayoutSpriteGroup *tlgroup = (const TileLayoutSpriteGroup *)group;
201  byte stage = GetIndustryConstructionStage(ti->tile);
202  IndustryDrawTileLayout(ti, tlgroup, i->random_colour, stage, gfx);
203  return true;
204 }
206 extern bool IsSlopeRefused(Slope current, Slope refused);
221 CommandCost PerformIndustryTileSlopeCheck(TileIndex ind_base_tile, TileIndex ind_tile, const IndustryTileSpec *its, IndustryType type, IndustryGfx gfx, uint itspec_index, uint16 initial_random_bits, Owner founder, IndustryAvailabilityCallType creation_type)
222 {
223  Industry ind;
224  ind.index = INVALID_INDUSTRY;
225  ind.location.tile = ind_base_tile;
226  ind.location.w = 0;
227  ind.type = type;
228  ind.random = initial_random_bits;
229  ind.founder = founder;
231  uint16 callback_res = GetIndustryTileCallback(CBID_INDTILE_SHAPE_CHECK, 0, creation_type << 8 | itspec_index, gfx, &ind, ind_tile);
232  if (callback_res == CALLBACK_FAILED) {
233  if (!IsSlopeRefused(GetTileSlope(ind_tile), its->slopes_refused)) return CommandCost();
234  return_cmd_error(STR_ERROR_SITE_UNSUITABLE);
235  }
236  if (its->grf_prop.grffile->grf_version < 7) {
237  if (callback_res != 0) return CommandCost();
238  return_cmd_error(STR_ERROR_SITE_UNSUITABLE);
239  }
241  return GetErrorMessageFromLocationCallbackResult(callback_res, its->grf_prop.grffile, STR_ERROR_SITE_UNSUITABLE);
242 }
244 /* Simple wrapper for GetHouseCallback to keep the animation unified. */
245 uint16 GetSimpleIndustryCallback(CallbackID callback, uint32 param1, uint32 param2, const IndustryTileSpec *spec, Industry *ind, TileIndex tile, int extra_data)
246 {
247  return GetIndustryTileCallback(callback, param1, param2, spec - GetIndustryTileSpec(0), ind, tile);
248 }
251 struct IndustryAnimationBase : public AnimationBase<IndustryAnimationBase, IndustryTileSpec, Industry, int, GetSimpleIndustryCallback> {
252  static const CallbackID cb_animation_speed = CBID_INDTILE_ANIMATION_SPEED;
253  static const CallbackID cb_animation_next_frame = CBID_INDTILE_ANIM_NEXT_FRAME;
255  static const IndustryTileCallbackMask cbm_animation_speed = CBM_INDT_ANIM_SPEED;
256  static const IndustryTileCallbackMask cbm_animation_next_frame = CBM_INDT_ANIM_NEXT_FRAME;
257 };
259 void AnimateNewIndustryTile(TileIndex tile)
260 {
261  const IndustryTileSpec *itspec = GetIndustryTileSpec(GetIndustryGfx(tile));
262  if (itspec == NULL) return;
265 }
267 bool StartStopIndustryTileAnimation(TileIndex tile, IndustryAnimationTrigger iat, uint32 random)
268 {
269  const IndustryTileSpec *itspec = GetIndustryTileSpec(GetIndustryGfx(tile));
271  if (!HasBit(itspec->animation.triggers, iat)) return false;
274  return true;
275 }
277 bool StartStopIndustryTileAnimation(const Industry *ind, IndustryAnimationTrigger iat)
278 {
279  bool ret = true;
280  uint32 random = Random();
281  TILE_AREA_LOOP(tile, ind->location) {
282  if (ind->TileBelongsToIndustry(tile)) {
283  if (StartStopIndustryTileAnimation(tile, iat, random)) {
284  SB(random, 0, 16, Random());
285  } else {
286  ret = false;
287  }
288  }
289  }
291  return ret;
292 }
301 static void DoTriggerIndustryTile(TileIndex tile, IndustryTileTrigger trigger, Industry *ind, uint32 &reseed_industry)
302 {
303  assert(IsValidTile(tile) && IsTileType(tile, MP_INDUSTRY));
305  IndustryGfx gfx = GetIndustryGfx(tile);
306  const IndustryTileSpec *itspec = GetIndustryTileSpec(gfx);
308  if (itspec->grf_prop.spritegroup[0] == NULL) return;
310  IndustryTileResolverObject object(gfx, tile, ind, CBID_RANDOM_TRIGGER);
311  object.waiting_triggers = GetIndustryTriggers(tile) | trigger;
312  SetIndustryTriggers(tile, object.waiting_triggers); // store now for var 5F
314  const SpriteGroup *group = object.Resolve();
315  if (group == NULL) return;
317  /* Store remaining triggers. */
320  /* Rerandomise tile bits */
321  byte new_random_bits = Random();
322  byte random_bits = GetIndustryRandomBits(tile);
323  random_bits &= ~object.reseed[VSG_SCOPE_SELF];
324  random_bits |= new_random_bits & object.reseed[VSG_SCOPE_SELF];
325  SetIndustryRandomBits(tile, random_bits);
326  MarkTileDirtyByTile(tile);
328  reseed_industry |= object.reseed[VSG_SCOPE_PARENT];
329 }
336 static void DoReseedIndustry(Industry *ind, uint32 reseed)
337 {
338  if (reseed == 0 || ind == NULL) return;
340  uint16 random_bits = Random();
341  ind->random &= reseed;
342  ind->random |= random_bits & reseed;
343 }
351 {
352  uint32 reseed_industry = 0;
353  Industry *ind = Industry::GetByTile(tile);
354  DoTriggerIndustryTile(tile, trigger, ind, reseed_industry);
355  DoReseedIndustry(ind, reseed_industry);
356 }
364 {
365  uint32 reseed_industry = 0;
366  TILE_AREA_LOOP(tile, ind->location) {
367  if (ind->TileBelongsToIndustry(tile)) {
368  DoTriggerIndustryTile(tile, trigger, ind, reseed_industry);
369  }
370  }
371  DoReseedIndustry(ind, reseed_industry);
372 }
IndustryTileResolverObject(IndustryGfx gfx, TileIndex tile, Industry *indus, CallbackID callback=CBID_NO_CALLBACK, uint32 callback_param1=0, uint32 callback_param2=0)
Constructor of the industry tiles scope resolver.
uint32 PaletteID
The number of the palette.
Definition: gfx_type.h:20
static const uint CALLBACK_FAILED
Different values for Callback result evaluations.
Tile information, used while rendering the tile.
Definition: tile_cmd.h:44
Animation triggers of the industries.
uint32 GetRelativePosition(TileIndex tile, TileIndex ind_tile)
This is the position of the tile relative to the northernmost tile of the industry.
uint16 triggers
The triggers that trigger animation.
ResolverObject & ro
Surrounding resolver object.
Part of an industry.
Definition: tile_type.h:51
OwnerByte founder
Founder of the industry.
Definition: industry.h:63
static byte GetAnimationFrame(TileIndex t)
Get the current animation frame.
Definition: tile_map.h:243
Functions related to debugging.
Called to determine if the given industry tile can be built on specific tile.
static void DrawNewGRFTileSeq(const struct TileInfo *ti, const DrawTileSprites *dts, TransparencyOption to, uint32 stage, PaletteID default_palette)
Draw NewGRF industrytile or house sprite layout.
Definition: sprite.h:126
Interface for SpriteGroup-s to access the gamestate.
uint32 GetTerrainType(TileIndex tile, TileContext context)
Function used by houses (and soon industries) to get information on type of "terrain" the tile it is ...
Slope tileh
Slope of the tile.
Definition: tile_cmd.h:47
static IndustryGfx GetIndustryGfx(TileIndex t)
Get the industry graphics ID for the given industry tile.
Definition: industry_map.h:139
static void DoTriggerIndustryTile(TileIndex tile, IndustryTileTrigger trigger, Industry *ind, uint32 &reseed_industry)
Trigger random triggers for an industry tile and reseed its random bits.
Called for periodically starting or stopping the animation.
static uint TileX(TileIndex tile)
Get the X component of a tile.
Definition: map_func.h:207
CommandCost PerformIndustryTileSlopeCheck(TileIndex ind_base_tile, TileIndex ind_tile, const IndustryTileSpec *its, IndustryType type, IndustryGfx gfx, uint itspec_index, uint16 initial_random_bits, Owner founder, IndustryAvailabilityCallType creation_type)
Check the slope of a tile of a new industry.
Defines the internal data of a functional industry.
Definition: industry.h:39
Tindex index
Index of this pool item.
Definition: pool_type.hpp:147
uint16 random
Random value used for randomisation of all kinds of things.
Definition: industry.h:69
Common return value for all commands.
Definition: command_type.h:25
Called to indicate how long the current animation frame should last.
uint32 reseed[VSG_END]
Collects bits to rerandomise while triggering triggers.
static void ChangeAnimationFrame(CallbackID cb, const IndustryTileSpec *spec, Industry *obj, TileIndex tile, uint32 random_bits, uint32 trigger, int extra_data=0)
Check a callback to determine what the next animation step is and execute that step.
uint16 w
The width of the area.
Definition: tilearea_type.h:20
a flat tile
Definition: slope_type.h:51
CommandCost GetErrorMessageFromLocationCallbackResult(uint16 cb_res, const GRFFile *grffile, StringID default_error)
Get the error message from a shape/location/slope check callback result.
byte random_colour
randomized colour of the industry, for display purpose
Definition: industry.h:57
static void AnimateTile(const IndustryTileSpec *spec, Industry *obj, TileIndex tile, bool random_animation, int extra_data=0)
Animate a single tile.
void DrawFoundation(TileInfo *ti, Foundation f)
Draw foundation f at tile ti.
Definition: landscape.cpp:390
static void SetIndustryRandomBits(TileIndex tile, byte bits)
Set the random bits for this tile.
Definition: industry_map.h:239
static T SB(T &x, const uint8 s, const uint8 n, const U d)
Set n bits in x starting at bit s to d.
IndustryTileSpecialFlags special_flags
Bitmask of extra flags used by the tile.
Definition: industrytype.h:162
const SpriteGroup * root_spritegroup
Root SpriteGroup to use for resolving.
Slope GetTileSlope(TileIndex tile, int *h)
Return the slope of a given tile inside the map.
Definition: tile_map.cpp:115
static bool IsValidTile(TileIndex tile)
Checks if a tile is valid.
Definition: tile_map.h:154
Slope slopes_refused
slope pattern on which this tile cannot be built
Definition: industrytype.h:151
Town * ClosestTownFromTile(TileIndex tile, uint threshold)
Return the town closest (in distance or ownership) to a given tile, within a given threshold...
Definition: town_cmd.cpp:3239
Resolver for industry tiles.
virtual const SpriteGroup * Resolve(ResolverObject &object) const
Base sprite group resolver.
TileIndex GetNearbyTile(byte parameter, TileIndex tile, bool signed_offsets, Axis axis)
Get the tile at the given offset.
static bool IsTileType(TileIndex tile, TileType type)
Checks if a tile is a give tiletype.
Definition: tile_map.h:143
const DrawTileSprites * ProcessRegisters(uint8 *stage) const
Process registers and the construction stage into the sprite layout.
TileIndex tile
Tile index.
Definition: tile_cmd.h:48
The tile is leveled up to a flat slope.
Definition: slope_type.h:97
Ground palette sprite of a tile, together with its sprite layout.
Definition: sprite.h:60
Available industry tile triggers.
static byte GetIndustryConstructionStage(TileIndex tile)
Returns the industry construction stage of the specified tile.
Definition: industry_map.h:102
decides if default foundations need to be drawn
bool ConvertBooleanCallback(const GRFFile *grffile, uint16 cbid, uint16 cb_res)
Converts a callback result into a boolean.
Called to determine the type (if any) of foundation to draw for industry tile.
Callback masks for industry tiles.
uint32 GetNearbyIndustryTileInformation(byte parameter, TileIndex tile, IndustryID index, bool signed_offsets, bool grf_version8)
Based on newhouses equivalent, but adapted for newindustries.
#define TILE_AREA_LOOP(var, ta)
A loop which iterates over the tiles of a TileArea.
Definition of base types and functions in a cross-platform compatible way.
Function implementations related to NewGRF animation.
void TriggerIndustryTile(TileIndex tile, IndustryTileTrigger trigger)
Trigger a random trigger for a single industry tile.
A number of safeguards to prevent using unsafe methods.
IndustryType type
type of industry.
Definition: industry.h:55
uint32 waiting_triggers
Waiting triggers to be used by any rerandomisation. (scope independent)
static PaletteID GroundSpritePaletteTransform(SpriteID image, PaletteID pal, PaletteID default_pal)
Applies PALETTE_MODIFIER_COLOUR to a palette entry of a ground sprite.
Definition: sprite.h:170
uint32 GetRandomBits() const
Get a few random bits.
TileArea location
Location of the industry.
Definition: industry.h:40
static void DoReseedIndustry(Industry *ind, uint32 reseed)
Reseeds the random bits of an industry.
Set when a sprite originates from an Action 1.
Definition: sprites.h:1506
uint32 GetIndustryIDAtOffset(TileIndex tile, const Industry *i, uint32 cur_grfid)
Make an analysis of a tile and check for its belonging to the same industry, and/or the same grf file...
uint32 GetVariable(byte variable, uint32 parameter, bool *available) const
Get a variable value.
GRFFileProps grf_prop
properties related to the grf file
Definition: industrytype.h:164
const IndustryTileSpec * GetIndustryTileSpec(IndustryGfx gfx)
Accessor for array _industry_tile_specs.
decides animation speed
From where has callback CBID_INDUSTRY_PROBABILITY been called.
Industry * industry
Industry owning the tiles.
number of bits for the sprite number
Definition: sprites.h:1494
HouseZonesBits GetTownRadiusGroup(const Town *t, TileIndex tile)
Returns the bit corresponding to the town zone of the specified tile.
Definition: town_cmd.cpp:1998
Resolved object itself.
NewGRF handling of industry tiles.
const struct SpriteGroup * spritegroup[Tcnt]
pointer to the different sprites of the entity
#define return_cmd_error(errcode)
Returns from a function with a specific StringID as error.
Definition: command_func.h:35
#define DEBUG(name, level,...)
Output a line of debugging information.
Definition: debug.h:39
uint8 callback_mask
Bitmask of industry tile callbacks that have to be called.
Definition: industrytype.h:160
TileIndex tile
The base tile of the area.
Definition: tilearea_type.h:19
void MarkTileDirtyByTile(TileIndex tile, int bridge_level_offset)
Mark a tile given by its index dirty for repaint.
Definition: viewport.cpp:1904
const GRFFile * grffile
GRFFile the resolved SpriteGroup belongs to.
void TriggerIndustry(Industry *ind, IndustryTileTrigger trigger)
Trigger a random trigger for all industry tiles.
Helper class for animation control.
PalSpriteID ground
Palette and sprite for the ground.
Definition: sprite.h:61
TileIndex tile
Tile being resolved.
uint32 SpriteID
The number of a sprite, without mapping bits and colourtables.
Definition: gfx_type.h:19
uint32 GetNearbyTileInformation(TileIndex tile, bool grf_version8)
Common part of station var 0x67, house var 0x62, indtile var 0x60, industry var 0x62.
uint32 TileIndex
The index/ID of a Tile.
Definition: tile_type.h:80
Helper class for a unified approach to NewGRF animation.
AnimationInfo animation
Information about the animation (is it looping, how many loops etc)
Definition: industrytype.h:161
Called to determine industry tile next animation frame.
uint32 GetRemainingTriggers() const
Returns the waiting triggers that did not trigger any rerandomisation.
static IndustryID GetIndustryIndex(TileIndex t)
Get the industry ID of the given tile.
Definition: industry_map.h:65
Related object of the resolved one.
static uint TileY(TileIndex tile)
Get the Y component of a tile.
Definition: map_func.h:217
decides next animation frame
CallbackID callback
Callback being resolved.
static uint GB(const T x, const uint8 s, const uint8 n)
Fetch n bits from x, started at bit s.
Enumeration for the slope-type.
Definition: slope_type.h:50
static byte GetIndustryRandomBits(TileIndex tile)
Get the random bits for this tile.
Definition: industry_map.h:226
Functions related to OTTD&#39;s landscape.
Functions related to commands.
Callback 0x26 needs random bits.
Definition: industrytype.h:89
static void SetIndustryTriggers(TileIndex tile, byte triggers)
Set the activated triggers bits for this industry tile Used for grf callbacks.
Definition: industry_map.h:266
void DrawGroundSprite(SpriteID image, PaletteID pal, const SubSprite *sub, int extra_offs_x, int extra_offs_y)
Draws a ground sprite for the current tile.
Definition: viewport.cpp:604
static const GRFFile * GetIndTileGrffile(IndustryGfx gfx)
Get the associated NewGRF file from the industry graphics.
Base of all industries.
const struct GRFFile * grffile
grf file that introduced this entity
List of implemented NewGRF callbacks.
static bool HasBit(const T x, const uint8 y)
Checks if a bit in a value is set.
Functions related to NewGRF provided sounds.
Set when calling a randomizing trigger (almost undocumented).
Base of the town class.
bool TileBelongsToIndustry(TileIndex tile) const
Check if a given tile belongs to this industry.
Definition: industry.h:83
Defines the data structure of each individual tile of an industry.
Definition: industrytype.h:148
static Industry * GetByTile(TileIndex tile)
Get the industry of the given tile.
Definition: industry.h:94
Enum for all companies/owners.
Definition: company_type.h:20
static byte GetIndustryTriggers(TileIndex tile)
Get the activated triggers bits for this industry tile Used for grf callbacks.
Definition: industry_map.h:252
Functions related to water (management)
static bool IsTileOnWater(TileIndex t)
Tests if the tile was built on water.
Definition: water_map.h:130
SpriteID sprite
The &#39;real&#39; sprite.
Definition: gfx_type.h:25
Definition: transparency.h:28
Action 2 sprite layout for houses, industry tiles, objects and airport tiles.
uint32 GetTriggers() const
Get the triggers.
Dynamic data of a loaded NewGRF.
Definition: newgrf.h:104
PaletteID pal
The palette (use PAL_NONE) if not needed)
Definition: gfx_type.h:26