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1 /* $Id: newgrf_config.h 27732 2017-01-14 18:30:26Z frosch $ */
3 /*
4  * This file is part of OpenTTD.
5  * OpenTTD is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2.
6  * OpenTTD is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
7  * See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with OpenTTD. If not, see <>.
8  */
12 #ifndef NEWGRF_CONFIG_H
13 #define NEWGRF_CONFIG_H
15 #include "strings_type.h"
16 #include "core/alloc_type.hpp"
17 #include "core/smallmap_type.hpp"
18 #include "misc/countedptr.hpp"
19 #include "fileio_type.h"
20 #include "textfile_type.h"
23 enum GCF_Flags {
32 };
35 enum GRFStatus {
41 };
44 enum GRFBugs {
50 };
57 };
60 enum GRFPalette {
67  GRFP_USE_DOS = 0x0,
69  GRFP_USE_MASK = 0x1,
80 };
84 struct GRFIdentifier {
85  uint32 grfid;
86  uint8 md5sum[16];
94  inline bool HasGrfIdentifier(uint32 grfid, const uint8 *md5sum) const
95  {
96  if (this->grfid != grfid) return false;
97  if (md5sum == NULL) return true;
98  return memcmp(md5sum, this->md5sum, sizeof(this->md5sum)) == 0;
99  }
100 };
104  GRFError(StringID severity, StringID message = 0);
105  GRFError(const GRFError &error);
106  ~GRFError();
109  char *data;
112  uint32 param_value[2];
113 };
120 };
124  GRFParameterInfo(uint nr);
126  ~GRFParameterInfo();
127  struct GRFText *name;
128  struct GRFText *desc;
130  uint32 min_value;
131  uint32 max_value;
132  uint32 def_value;
133  byte param_nr;
134  byte first_bit;
135  byte num_bit;
139  uint32 GetValue(struct GRFConfig *config) const;
140  void SetValue(struct GRFConfig *config, uint32 value);
141  void Finalize();
142 };
146  struct GRFText *text;
148  GRFTextWrapper();
149  ~GRFTextWrapper();
150 };
154  GRFConfig(const char *filename = NULL);
155  GRFConfig(const GRFConfig &config);
156  ~GRFConfig();
159  uint8 original_md5sum[16];
160  char *filename;
166  uint32 version;
168  uint8 flags;
170  uint32 grf_bugs;
171  uint32 param[0x80];
172  uint8 num_params;
174  uint8 palette;
178  struct GRFConfig *next;
180  void CopyParams(const GRFConfig &src);
182  const char *GetTextfile(TextfileType type) const;
183  const char *GetName() const;
184  const char *GetDescription() const;
185  const char *GetURL() const;
187  void SetParameterDefaults();
188  void SetSuitablePalette();
189  void FinalizeParameterInfo();
190 };
199 };
201 extern GRFConfig *_all_grfs;
202 extern GRFConfig *_grfconfig;
205 extern uint _missing_extra_graphics;
210  virtual ~NewGRFScanCallback() {}
212  virtual void OnNewGRFsScanned() = 0;
213 };
215 size_t GRFGetSizeOfDataSection(FILE *f);
217 void ScanNewGRFFiles(NewGRFScanCallback *callback);
218 const GRFConfig *FindGRFConfig(uint32 grfid, FindGRFConfigMode mode, const uint8 *md5sum = NULL, uint32 desired_version = 0);
219 GRFConfig *GetGRFConfig(uint32 grfid, uint32 mask = 0xFFFFFFFF);
220 GRFConfig **CopyGRFConfigList(GRFConfig **dst, const GRFConfig *src, bool init_only);
222 void AppendToGRFConfigList(GRFConfig **dst, GRFConfig *el);
223 void ClearGRFConfigList(GRFConfig **config);
224 void ResetGRFConfig(bool defaults);
226 bool FillGRFDetails(GRFConfig *config, bool is_static, Subdirectory subdir = NEWGRF_DIR);
227 char *GRFBuildParamList(char *dst, const GRFConfig *c, const char *last);
229 /* In newgrf_gui.cpp */
230 void ShowNewGRFSettings(bool editable, bool show_params, bool exec_changes, GRFConfig **config);
234 #define UNKNOWN_GRF_NAME_PLACEHOLDER "<Unknown>"
235 GRFTextWrapper *FindUnknownGRFName(uint32 grfid, uint8 *md5sum, bool create);
236 #endif /* ENABLE_NETWORK */
238 void UpdateNewGRFScanStatus(uint num, const char *name);
239 bool UpdateNewGRFConfigPalette(int32 p1 = 0);
241 #endif /* NEWGRF_CONFIG_H */
char * GRFBuildParamList(char *dst, const GRFConfig *c, const char *last)
Build a string containing space separated parameter values, and terminate.
GRFConfig ** CopyGRFConfigList(GRFConfig **dst, const GRFConfig *src, bool init_only)
Copy a GRF Config list.
The parameter allows a range of numbers, each of which can have a special name.
The different kinds of subdirectories OpenTTD uses.
Definition: fileio_type.h:110
CCountedPtr - smart pointer implementation.
GRF file is processed up to GLS_INIT.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:29
All GRF needed by game are present.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:54
void SetParameterDefaults()
Set the default value for all parameters as specified by action14.
Compatible (eg. the same ID, but different checksum) GRF found in at least one case.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:55
Capacity of vehicle changes when not refitting or arranging.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:49
GRFParameterType type
The type of this parameter.
Information that can/has to be stored about a GRF&#39;s palette.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:60
GRFConfig * _grfconfig
First item in list of current GRF set up.
The NewGRF prefers a 32 bpp blitter.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:78
GRF file has been initialised.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:39
uint32 def_value
Default value of this parameter.
GRFStatus status
NOSAVE: GRFStatus, enum.
struct GRFText * text
The actual text.
const GRFConfig * FindGRFConfig(uint32 grfid, FindGRFConfigMode mode, const uint8 *md5sum=NULL, uint32 desired_version=0)
Find a NewGRF in the scanned list.
GRF file is used statically (can be used in any MP game)
Definition: newgrf_config.h:26
uint8 num_valid_params
NOSAVE: Number of valid parameters (action 0x14)
char * custom_message
Custom message (if present)
GRFError * error
NOSAVE: Error/Warning during GRF loading (Action 0x0B)
The NewGRF provided no information.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:71
byte param_nr
GRF parameter to store content in.
void AppendStaticGRFConfigs(GRFConfig **dst)
Appends the static GRFs to a list of GRFs.
GRFConfig * _grfconfig_static
First item in list of static GRF set up.
StringID severity
Info / Warning / Error / Fatal.
GRF file was not found in the local cache.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:38
Helper types related to the allocation of memory.
GRFIdentifier ident
grfid and md5sum to uniquely identify newgrfs
void ScanNewGRFFiles(NewGRFScanCallback *callback)
Scan for all NewGRFs.
size_t GRFGetSizeOfDataSection(FILE *f)
Get the data section size of a GRF.
Basic data to distinguish a GRF.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:84
GRF file is disabled.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:37
SmallVector< GRFParameterInfo *, 4 > param_info
NOSAVE: extra information about the parameters.
The possible types of a newgrf parameter.
struct GRFConfig * next
NOSAVE: Next item in the linked list.
GRFConfig * _all_grfs
First item in list of all scanned NewGRFs.
Simple mapping class targeted for small sets of data.
Types for Standard In/Out file operations.
The offset of the GRFP_GRF data.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:62
struct GRFText * desc
The description of this parameter.
GRFConfig * GetGRFConfig(uint32 grfid, uint32 mask=0xFFFFFFFF)
Retrieve a NewGRF from the current config by its grfid.
uint32 grf_bugs
NOSAVE: bugs in this GRF in this run,.
uint8 num_params
Number of used parameters.
The NewGRF says any palette can be used.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:74
GRF file is an openttd-internal system grf.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:24
The size of the GRFP_BLT data.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:65
Information about GRF, used in the game and (part of it) in savegames.
Bitmask to get only the use palette use states.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:69
bool has_param_defaults
NOSAVE: did this newgrf specify any defaults for it&#39;s parameters.
const char * GetDescription() const
Get the grf info.
void CopyParams(const GRFConfig &src)
Copy the parameter information from the src config.
byte num_bit
Number of bits to use for this parameter.
SmallMap< uint32, struct GRFText *, 8 > value_names
Names for each value.
The palette state is set to use the Windows palette.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:68
The data is copied from a grf in _all_grfs.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:28
Information about why GRF had problems during initialisation.
uint32 max_value
The maximal value of this parameter.
GRF config bit flags.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:23
uint8 flags
NOSAVE: GCF_Flags, bitset.
GRF is unusable with this version of OpenTTD.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:31
Encountered GRF bugs.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:44
The NewGRF provided no information or doesn&#39;t care about a 32 bpp blitter.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:77
void ClearGRFConfigList(GRFConfig **config)
Clear a GRF Config list, freeing all nodes.
Find newest Grf, ignoring Grfs with GCF_INVALID set.
GRFConfig * _grfconfig_newgame
First item in list of default GRF set up.
void AppendToGRFConfigList(GRFConfig **dst, GRFConfig *el)
Appends an element to a list of GRFs.
A callback returned an unknown/invalid result.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:48
Additional text files accompanying Tar archives.
Definition: textfile_type.h:16
StringID message
Default message.
Reference counted wrapper around a GRFText pointer.
Simple counted object.
Definition: countedptr.hpp:206
void FinalizeParameterInfo()
Finalize Action 14 info after file scan is finished.
Element of the linked list.
Definition: newgrf_text.cpp:66
Base class that provides memory initialization on dynamically created objects.
Definition: alloc_type.hpp:150
uint32 StringID
Numeric value that represents a string, independent of the selected language.
Definition: strings_type.h:18
bool HasGrfIdentifier(uint32 grfid, const uint8 *md5sum) const
Does the identification match the provided values?
Definition: newgrf_config.h:94
The offset of the GRFP_BLT data.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:64
Subdirectory for all NewGRFs.
Definition: fileio_type.h:119
The status of this grf file is unknown.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:36
Articulated vehicles carry different cargoes resp. are differently refittable than specified in purch...
Definition: newgrf_config.h:46
void ResetGRFConfig(bool defaults)
Reset the current GRF Config to either blank or newgame settings.
uint32 version
NOSAVE: Version a NewGRF can set so only the newest NewGRF is shown.
The palette state is set to use the DOS palette.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:67
GRFTextWrapper * url
NOSAVE: URL belonging to this GRF.
GRF file passed GLS_RESERVE stage.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:30
The NewGRF says the Windows palette can be used.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:73
Callback for NewGRF scanning.
const char * GetURL() const
Get the grf url.
byte first_bit
First bit to use in the GRF parameter.
void UpdateNewGRFScanStatus(uint num, const char *name)
Update the NewGRF scan status.
void ShowNewGRFSettings(bool editable, bool show_params, bool exec_changes, GRFConfig **config)
Setup the NewGRF gui.
Information about one grf parameter.
Status of post-gameload GRF compatibility check.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:53
uint8 palette
GRFPalette, bitset.
bool complete_labels
True if all values have a label.
At least one GRF couldn&#39;t be found (higher priority than GLC_COMPATIBLE)
Definition: newgrf_config.h:56
GRF file is unsafe for static usage.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:25
Powered wagon changed poweredness state when not inside a depot.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:47
void CDECL error(const char *s,...)
Error handling for fatal non-user errors.
Definition: openttd.cpp:110
GRFTextWrapper * FindUnknownGRFName(uint32 grfid, uint8 *md5sum, bool create)
Finds the name of a NewGRF in the list of names for unknown GRFs.
Find newest Grf.
char * filename
Filename - either with or without full path.
Bitmask to only get the blitter information.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:79
Method to find GRFs using FindGRFConfig.
void SetSuitablePalette()
Set the palette of this GRFConfig to something suitable.
GRFTextWrapper * name
NOSAVE: GRF name (Action 0x08)
The NewGRF says the DOS palette can be used.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:72
Status of GRF.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:35
uint32 min_loadable_version
NOSAVE: Minimum compatible version a NewGRF can define.
uint _missing_extra_graphics
Number of sprites provided by the fallback extra GRF, i.e. missing in the baseset.
Types related to strings.
The parameter is either 0 or 1.
uint32 min_value
The minimal value this parameter can have.
const char * GetName() const
Get the name of this grf.
uint32 grfid
GRF ID (defined by Action 0x08)
Definition: newgrf_config.h:85
char * data
Additional data for message and custom_message.
struct GRFText * name
The name of this parameter.
The size of the GRFP_GRF data.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:63
GRF file has been activated.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:40
GRFListCompatibility IsGoodGRFConfigList(GRFConfig *grfconfig)
Check if all GRFs in the GRF config from a savegame can be loaded.
GRF file does not exactly match the requested GRF (different MD5SUM), but grfid matches) ...
Definition: newgrf_config.h:27
Bitmask to get only the NewGRF supplied information.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:75
The bit used for storing the palette to use.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:61
Length of rail vehicle changes when not inside a depot.
Definition: newgrf_config.h:45
uint8 md5sum[16]
MD5 checksum of file to distinguish files with the same GRF ID (eg. newer version of GRF) ...
Definition: newgrf_config.h:86
const char * GetTextfile(TextfileType type, Subdirectory dir, const char *filename)
Search a textfile file next to the given content.
Only find Grfs matching md5sum.
bool FillGRFDetails(GRFConfig *config, bool is_static, Subdirectory subdir=NEWGRF_DIR)
Find the GRFID of a given grf, and calculate its md5sum.
virtual ~NewGRFScanCallback()
Make sure the right destructor gets called.
Types related to textfiles.
Find best compatible Grf wrt. desired_version.
Use first found.
bool UpdateNewGRFConfigPalette(int32 p1=0)
Update the palettes of the graphics from the config file.
Invalid parameter type.
GRFTextWrapper * info
NOSAVE: GRF info (author, copyright, ...) (Action 0x08)