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gfx_layout.h File Reference

Functions related to laying out the texts. More...

#include "fontcache.h"
#include "gfx_func.h"
#include "core/smallmap_type.hpp"
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include "layout/ParagraphLayout.h"

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Data Structures

struct  FontState
 Text drawing parameters, which can change while drawing a line, but are kept between multiple parts of the same text, e.g. More...
 Container with information about a font. More...
class  ParagraphLayouter
 Interface to glue fallback and normal layouter into one. More...
class  ParagraphLayouter::VisualRun
 Visual run contains data about the bit of text with the same font. More...
class  ParagraphLayouter::Line
 A single line worth of VisualRuns. More...
class  Layouter
 The layouter performs all the layout work. More...
struct  Layouter::LineCacheKey
 Key into the linecache. More...
struct  Layouter::LineCacheItem
 Item in the linecache. More...


#define ICU_FONTINSTANCE   : public LEFontInstance


typedef SmallMap< int, Font * > FontMap
 Mapping from index to font. More...

Detailed Description

Functions related to laying out the texts.

Definition in file gfx_layout.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ FontMap

typedef SmallMap<int, Font *> FontMap

Mapping from index to font.

Definition at line 98 of file gfx_layout.h.