script Directory Reference


file  script_config.cpp [code]
 Implementation of ScriptConfig.
file  script_config.hpp [code]
 ScriptConfig stores the configuration settings of every Script.
file  script_fatalerror.hpp [code]
 The definition of Script_FatalError.
file  script_info.cpp [code]
 Implementation of ScriptInfo.
file  script_info.hpp [code]
 ScriptInfo keeps track of all information of a script, like Author, Description, ...
file  script_info_dummy.cpp [code]
 Implementation of a dummy Script.
file  script_instance.cpp [code]
 Implementation of ScriptInstance.
file  script_instance.hpp [code]
 The ScriptInstance tracks a script.
file  script_scanner.cpp [code]
 Allows scanning for scripts.
file  script_scanner.hpp [code]
 Declarations of the class for the script scanner.
file  script_storage.hpp [code]
 Defines ScriptStorage and includes all files required for it.
file  script_suspend.hpp [code]
 The Script_Suspend tracks the suspension of a script.
file  squirrel.cpp [code]
 the implementation of the Squirrel class.
file  squirrel.hpp [code]
 defines the Squirrel class
file  squirrel_class.hpp [code]
 Defines templates for converting C++ classes to Squirrel classes.
file  squirrel_helper.hpp [code]
 declarations and parts of the implementation of the class for convert code
file  squirrel_helper_type.hpp [code]
 Helper structs for converting Squirrel data structures to C++.
file  squirrel_std.cpp [code]
 Implements the Squirrel Standard Function class.
file  squirrel_std.hpp [code]
 defines the Squirrel Standard Function class