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debug.h File Reference

Functions related to debugging. More...

#include "cpu.h"

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#define DEBUG(name, level, ...)   if ((level) == 0 || _debug_ ## name ## _level >= (level)) debug(#name, __VA_ARGS__)
 Output a line of debugging information. More...
#define FILE_LINE   __FILE__, __LINE__
#define TIC()
#define TOC(str, count)


void CDECL debug (const char *dbg, const char *format,...) WARN_FORMAT(2
void CDECL char * DumpDebugFacilityNames (char *buf, char *last)
 Dump the available debug facility names in the help text. More...
void SetDebugString (const char *s)
 Set debugging levels by parsing the text in s. More...
const char * GetDebugString ()
 Print out the current debug-level. More...
void ShowInfo (const char *str)
void CDECL ShowInfoF (const char *str,...) WARN_FORMAT(1
void CDECL const char * GetLogPrefix ()
 Get the prefix for logs; if show_date_in_logs is enabled it returns the date, otherwise it returns nothing. More...


int _debug_driver_level
int _debug_grf_level
int _debug_map_level
int _debug_misc_level
int _debug_net_level
int _debug_sprite_level
int _debug_oldloader_level
int _debug_npf_level
int _debug_yapf_level
int _debug_freetype_level
int _debug_script_level
int _debug_sl_level
int _debug_gamelog_level
int _debug_desync_level
int _debug_console_level
uint32 _realtime_tick
 The real time in the game. More...

Detailed Description

Functions related to debugging.

Definition in file debug.h.

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#define DEBUG (   name,
)    if ((level) == 0 || _debug_ ## name ## _level >= (level)) debug(#name, __VA_ARGS__)

Output a line of debugging information.

levelDebugging level, higher levels means more detailed information.

Definition at line 39 of file debug.h.

Referenced by TCPListenHandler< ServerNetworkGameSocketHandler, PACKET_SERVER_FULL, PACKET_SERVER_BANNED >::AcceptClient(), SmallSet< Tdir, items >::Add(), Squirrel::AddClassBegin(), BaseMedia< GraphicsSet >::AddFile(), AllocateMap(), CompanyStationsWindow::BuildStationsList(), Vehicle::CancelReservation(), CheckExternalFiles(), FreeTypeFontCache::ClearFontCache(), TCPListenHandler< ServerNetworkGameSocketHandler, PACKET_SERVER_FULL, PACKET_SERVER_BANNED >::CloseListeners(), CompactSpriteCache(), NetworkAddress::Connect(), ConnectLoopProc(), AIInfo::Constructor(), GameInfo::Constructor(), Squirrel::CreateClassInstanceVM(), OrderList::DebugCheckSanity(), ScriptInstance::Died(), DoLoad(), TarScanner::DoScan(), DoScanNewGRFFiles(), FioSeekTo(), GetDriveableTrackdirBits(), StringParameters::GetInt64(), GetUnitNumberDigits(), CanalScopeResolver::GetVariable(), IndustriesScopeResolver::GetVariable(), GenericScopeResolver::GetVariable(), ObjectScopeResolver::GetVariable(), ScopeResolver::GetVariable(), GfxLoadSprites(), GRFGetSizeOfDataSection(), grfmsg(), HandleCharMsg(), NetworkContentSocketHandler::HandlePacket(), NetworkAdminSocketHandler::HandlePacket(), NetworkGameSocketHandler::HandlePacket(), NetworkUDPSocketHandler::HandleUDPPacket(), IConsoleAliasExec(), IConsoleCmdExec(), InitQuickTimeIfNeeded(), IsGoodGRFConfigList(), Layouter::Layouter(), ListenLoopProc(), LoadGrfFile(), LoadGrfFileIndexed(), NetworkAdminCompanyInfo(), NetworkCheckRestartMap(), NetworkCoreInitialize(), NetworkFindBroadcastIPs(), NetworkGameListAddItem(), NetworkGameListRemoveItem(), NetworkShutDown(), NetworkStartUp(), NetworkUDPAdvertiseThread(), NetworkUDPBroadCast(), NetworkUDPClose(), NetworkUDPInitialize(), NetworkUDPQueryMasterServer(), NetworkUDPRemoveAdvertiseThread(), NetworkUDPSearchGame(), NetworkUpdateClientInfo(), CompanyStationsWindow::OnTick(), MusicDriver_QtMidi::PlaySong(), MusicDriver_LibTimidity::PlaySong(), png_my_error(), png_my_warning(), PositionMainToolbar(), PositionNetworkChatWindow(), PositionNewsMessage(), PositionStatusbar(), NetworkHTTPSocketHandler::Receive(), ServerNetworkUDPSocketHandler::Receive_CLIENT_GET_NEWGRFS(), MasterNetworkUDPSocketHandler::Receive_MASTER_ACK_REGISTER(), MasterNetworkUDPSocketHandler::Receive_MASTER_SESSION_KEY(), ClientNetworkGameSocketHandler::Receive_SERVER_CHECK_NEWGRFS(), ClientNetworkGameSocketHandler::Receive_SERVER_FRAME(), ClientNetworkUDPSocketHandler::Receive_SERVER_NEWGRFS(), ClientNetworkUDPSocketHandler::Receive_SERVER_RESPONSE(), NetworkUDPSocketHandler::ReceiveInvalidPacket(), NetworkContentSocketHandler::ReceiveInvalidPacket(), NetworkAdminSocketHandler::ReceiveInvalidPacket(), NetworkGameSocketHandler::ReceiveInvalidPacket(), NetworkTCPSocketHandler::ReceivePacket(), NetworkUDPSocketHandler::ReceivePackets(), ScriptScanner::RegisterScript(), RemapNewGRFStringControlCode(), SquirrelStd::require(), FileReader::Reset(), AI::ResetConfig(), NetworkAddress::Resolve(), BlitterFactory::SelectBlitter(), DriverFactoryBase::SelectDriverImpl(), AIScannerInfo::SelectRandomAI(), ServerNetworkAdminSocketHandler::Send(), NetworkGameSocketHandler::SendCommand(), NetworkUDPSocketHandler::SendPacket(), NetworkTCPSocketHandler::SendPackets(), SetFallbackFont(), MusicDriver_QtMidi::SetVolume(), MusicDriver_ExtMidi::SetVolume(), SignList::SignList(), SlFixPointers(), SlNullPointers(), MusicDriver_QtMidi::Stop(), MusicDriver_QtMidi::StopSong(), LandInfoWindow::UpdateWidgetSize(), WarnCorruptSprite(), Backup< T >::~Backup(), and ServerNetworkAdminSocketHandler::~ServerNetworkAdminSocketHandler().


#define TIC ( )
uint64 _xxx_ = ottd_rdtsc();\
static uint64 __sum__ = 0;\
static uint32 __i__ = 0;
uint64 ottd_rdtsc()
Get the tick counter from the CPU (high precision timing).
Definition: cpu.cpp:78

Definition at line 91 of file debug.h.


#define TOC (   str,
__sum__ += ottd_rdtsc() - _xxx_;\
if (++__i__ == count) {\
DEBUG(misc, 0, "[%s] " OTTD_PRINTF64 " [avg: %.1f]", str, __sum__, __sum__/(double)__i__);\
__i__ = 0;\
__sum__ = 0;\
uint64 ottd_rdtsc()
Get the tick counter from the CPU (high precision timing).
Definition: cpu.cpp:78

Definition at line 96 of file debug.h.

Function Documentation

◆ DumpDebugFacilityNames()

void CDECL char* DumpDebugFacilityNames ( char *  buf,
char *  last 

Dump the available debug facility names in the help text.

bufStart address for storing the output.
lastLast valid address for storing the output.
Next free position in the output.

Definition at line 84 of file debug.cpp.

References endof, and strecpy().

◆ GetDebugString()

const char* GetDebugString ( )

Print out the current debug-level.

Just return a string with the values of all the debug categories.

string with debug-levels

Definition at line 233 of file debug.cpp.

◆ GetLogPrefix()

void CDECL const char* GetLogPrefix ( )

Get the prefix for logs; if show_date_in_logs is enabled it returns the date, otherwise it returns nothing.

the prefix for logs (do not free), never NULL

Definition at line 256 of file debug.cpp.

References _settings_client, ClientSettings::gui, and GUISettings::show_date_in_logs.

◆ SetDebugString()

void SetDebugString ( const char *  s)

Set debugging levels by parsing the text in s.

For setting individual levels a string like "net=3,grf=6" should be used. If the string starts with a number, the number is used as global debugging level.

sText describing the wanted debugging levels.

Definition at line 179 of file debug.cpp.

References endof, and ShowInfoF().

Variable Documentation

◆ _realtime_tick

uint32 _realtime_tick