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date_func.h File Reference

Functions related to dates. More...

#include "date_type.h"

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void SetDate (Date date, DateFract fract)
 Set the date. More...
void ConvertDateToYMD (Date date, YearMonthDay *ymd)
 Converts a Date to a Year, Month & Day. More...
Date ConvertYMDToDate (Year year, Month month, Day day)
 Converts a tuple of Year, Month and Day to a Date. More...
static bool IsLeapYear (Year yr)
 Checks whether the given year is a leap year or not. More...


Year _cur_year
 Current year, starting at 0.
Month _cur_month
 Current month (0..11)
Date _date
 Current date in days (day counter)
DateFract _date_fract
 Fractional part of the day.
uint16 _tick_counter
 Ever incrementing (and sometimes wrapping) tick counter for setting off various events.

Detailed Description

Functions related to dates.

Definition in file date_func.h.

Function Documentation

◆ ConvertDateToYMD()

void ConvertDateToYMD ( Date  date,
YearMonthDay ymd 

Converts a Date to a Year, Month & Day.

datethe date to convert from
ymdthe year, month and day to write to

Definition at line 94 of file date.cpp.

References DAYS_IN_YEAR.

Referenced by ClickChangeDateCheat(), SubsidyListWindow::DrawWidget(), CrashLog::FillCrashLog(), GetGlobalVariable(), and GetSnowLine().

◆ ConvertYMDToDate()

Date ConvertYMDToDate ( Year  year,
Month  month,
Day  day 

◆ IsLeapYear()

static bool IsLeapYear ( Year  yr)

Checks whether the given year is a leap year or not.

yrThe year to check.
True if yr is a leap year, otherwise false.

Definition at line 32 of file date_func.h.

Referenced by ConvertYMDToDate(), and GetGlobalVariable().

◆ SetDate()

void SetDate ( Date  date,
DateFract  fract 

Set the date.

dateNew date
fractThe number of ticks that have passed on this date.

Definition at line 37 of file date.cpp.

Referenced by ClickChangeDateCheat(), and SetStartingYear().