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1 /* $Id: command_type.h 26802 2014-09-07 16:12:58Z alberth $ */
3 /*
4  * This file is part of OpenTTD.
5  * OpenTTD is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2.
6  * OpenTTD is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
7  * See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with OpenTTD. If not, see <>.
8  */
12 #ifndef COMMAND_TYPE_H
13 #define COMMAND_TYPE_H
15 #include "economy_type.h"
16 #include "strings_type.h"
17 #include "tile_type.h"
19 struct GRFFile;
25 class CommandCost {
29  bool success;
33  static uint32 textref_stack[16];
35 public:
39  CommandCost() : expense_type(INVALID_EXPENSES), cost(0), message(INVALID_STRING_ID), success(true), textref_stack_grffile(NULL), textref_stack_size(0) {}
44  explicit CommandCost(StringID msg) : expense_type(INVALID_EXPENSES), cost(0), message(msg), success(false), textref_stack_grffile(NULL), textref_stack_size(0) {}
50  explicit CommandCost(ExpensesType ex_t) : expense_type(ex_t), cost(0), message(INVALID_STRING_ID), success(true), textref_stack_grffile(NULL), textref_stack_size(0) {}
57  CommandCost(ExpensesType ex_t, const Money &cst) : expense_type(ex_t), cost(cst), message(INVALID_STRING_ID), success(true), textref_stack_grffile(NULL), textref_stack_size(0) {}
64  inline void AddCost(const Money &cost)
65  {
66  this->cost += cost;
67  }
69  void AddCost(const CommandCost &cmd_cost);
75  inline void MultiplyCost(int factor)
76  {
77  this->cost *= factor;
78  }
84  inline Money GetCost() const
85  {
86  return this->cost;
87  }
94  {
95  return this->expense_type;
96  }
102  void MakeError(StringID message)
103  {
104  assert(message != INVALID_STRING_ID);
105  this->success = false;
106  this->message = message;
107  }
109  void UseTextRefStack(const GRFFile *grffile, uint num_registers);
116  {
117  return this->textref_stack_grffile;
118  }
124  uint GetTextRefStackSize() const
125  {
126  return this->textref_stack_size;
127  }
133  const uint32 *GetTextRefStack() const
134  {
135  return textref_stack;
136  }
143  {
144  if (this->success) return INVALID_STRING_ID;
145  return this->message;
146  }
152  inline bool Succeeded() const
153  {
154  return this->success;
155  }
161  inline bool Failed() const
162  {
163  return !this->success;
164  }
165 };
177 enum Commands {
333 };
341  DC_NONE = 0x000,
342  DC_EXEC = 0x001,
343  DC_AUTO = 0x002,
344  DC_QUERY_COST = 0x004,
345  DC_NO_WATER = 0x008,
348  DC_BANKRUPT = 0x040,
349  DC_AUTOREPLACE = 0x080,
351  DC_ALL_TILES = 0x200,
354 };
366 #define CMD_MSG(x) ((x) << 16)
375  CMD_FLAGS_MASK = 0xFF00,
376  CMD_ID_MASK = 0x00FF,
377 };
385  CMD_SERVER = 0x001,
386  CMD_SPECTATOR = 0x002,
387  CMD_OFFLINE = 0x004,
388  CMD_AUTO = 0x008,
389  CMD_ALL_TILES = 0x010,
390  CMD_NO_TEST = 0x020,
391  CMD_NO_WATER = 0x040,
392  CMD_CLIENT_ID = 0x080,
393  CMD_DEITY = 0x100,
394  CMD_STR_CTRL = 0x200,
395 };
411 };
419 };
439 typedef CommandCost CommandProc(TileIndex tile, DoCommandFlag flags, uint32 p1, uint32 p2, const char *text);
447 struct Command {
449  const char *name;
452 };
467 typedef void CommandCallback(const CommandCost &result, TileIndex tile, uint32 p1, uint32 p2);
474  uint32 p1;
475  uint32 p2;
476  uint32 cmd;
478  char text[32 * MAX_CHAR_LENGTH];
479 };
481 #endif /* COMMAND_TYPE_H */
Types of commands we have.
Definition: command_type.h:399
clear the order backup of a given user/tile
Definition: command_type.h:225
don&#39;t allow building on structures
Definition: command_type.h:343
do not change town rating
Definition: command_type.h:352
change the timetable for a vehicle
Definition: command_type.h:325
DECLARE_ENUM_AS_BIT_SET(GenderEthnicity) enum CompanyManagerFaceVariable
Bitgroups of the CompanyManagerFace variable.
rename a depot
Definition: command_type.h:248
used in multiplayer to create a new companies etc.
Definition: command_type.h:279
set the DC_NO_WATER flag on this command
Definition: command_type.h:391
build a waypoint
Definition: command_type.h:195
do not only remove the object on the tile, but also clear any water left on it
Definition: command_type.h:353
No landscaping actions may be executed.
Definition: command_type.h:417
rename a sign
Definition: command_type.h:251
build a dock
Definition: command_type.h:208
rename a town
Definition: command_type.h:262
open/close an airport to incoming aircraft
Definition: command_type.h:330
set the vehicle on time feature (timetable)
Definition: command_type.h:326
rename a whole vehicle
Definition: command_type.h:243
build a complete road (not a "half" one)
Definition: command_type.h:201
create a new goal
Definition: command_type.h:281
set p2 with the ClientID of the sending client.
Definition: command_type.h:392
remove a complete road (not a "half" one)
Definition: command_type.h:202
plant a tree
Definition: command_type.h:213
static uint32 textref_stack[16]
Values to put on the TextRefStack for the error message.
Definition: command_type.h:33
remove signals along a track (by dragging)
Definition: command_type.h:301
change bank balance to charge costs or give money from a GS
Definition: command_type.h:275
change the server interval of a vehicle
Definition: command_type.h:231
terraform a tile
Definition: command_type.h:188
ExpensesType GetExpensesType() const
The expense type of the cost.
Definition: command_type.h:93
query cost only, don&#39;t build.
Definition: command_type.h:344
CommandType type
The type of command.
Definition: command_type.h:451
set the DC_AUTO flag on this command
Definition: command_type.h:388
no flag is set
Definition: command_type.h:341
uint32 p2
parameter p2.
Definition: command_type.h:475
autofill the timetable
Definition: command_type.h:327
change a company setting
Definition: command_type.h:305
Command flags for the command table _command_proc_table.
Definition: command_type.h:384
buy a company which is bankrupt
Definition: command_type.h:259
add signals along a track (by dragging)
Definition: command_type.h:300
All actions may be executed.
Definition: command_type.h:418
demolish a tile
Definition: command_type.h:182
CommandCost(StringID msg)
Creates a command return value the is failed with the given message.
Definition: command_type.h:44
void UseTextRefStack(const GRFFile *grffile, uint num_registers)
Activate usage of the NewGRF TextRefStack for the error message.
Definition: command.cpp:795
update title of a story page
Definition: command_type.h:291
build a "half" road
Definition: command_type.h:203
build a rail station
Definition: command_type.h:184
do a action from the town detail window (like advertises or bribe)
Definition: command_type.h:263
Define a command with the flags which belongs to it.
Definition: command_type.h:447
const char * name
A human readable name for the procedure.
Definition: command_type.h:449
clone (and share) an order
Definition: command_type.h:271
Money GetCost() const
The costs as made up to this moment.
Definition: command_type.h:84
update date of a story page
Definition: command_type.h:292
Common return value for all commands.
Definition: command_type.h:25
set the custom text of a town
Definition: command_type.h:266
void MultiplyCost(int factor)
Multiplies the cost of the command by the given factor.
Definition: command_type.h:75
void AddCost(const Money &cost)
Adds the given cost to the cost of the command.
Definition: command_type.h:64
void MakeError(StringID message)
Makes this CommandCost behave like an error command.
Definition: command_type.h:102
skip an order to the next of specific one
Definition: command_type.h:227
const GRFFile * GetTextRefStackGRF() const
Returns the NewGRF providing the TextRefStack of the error message.
Definition: command_type.h:115
delete a group
Definition: command_type.h:317
when autoreplace/autorenew is in progress, this shall prevent truncating the amount of cargo in the v...
Definition: command_type.h:350
build an airport
Definition: command_type.h:206
replace/renew a vehicle while it is in a depot
Definition: command_type.h:312
company bankrupts, skip money check, skip vehicle on tile check in some cases
Definition: command_type.h:348
start or stop a vehicle
Definition: command_type.h:310
alter a group
Definition: command_type.h:318
Pausing/removing companies/server settings.
Definition: command_type.h:407
build a single rail track
Definition: command_type.h:180
hide or unhide a vehicle in the build vehicle and autoreplace GUIs
Definition: command_type.h:219
proceed a train to pass a red signal
Definition: command_type.h:222
add all other shared vehicles to a group which are missing
Definition: command_type.h:320
static const int MAX_CHAR_LENGTH
Max. length of UTF-8 encoded unicode character.
Definition: strings_type.h:20
decrease the loan from the bank
Definition: command_type.h:239
Different command pause levels.
Definition: command_type.h:414
remove all vehicles from a group
Definition: command_type.h:321
mask for all command flags
Definition: command_type.h:375
set the town growth rate
Definition: command_type.h:265
create a custom news message
Definition: command_type.h:280
Types related to the economy.
A cheat of some sorts.
Definition: command_type.h:408
remove a story page element
Definition: command_type.h:295
execute the command without sending it on the network
Definition: command_type.h:374
found a town
Definition: command_type.h:261
mask for the command ID
Definition: command_type.h:376
increase the loan from the bank
Definition: command_type.h:238
uint32 p1
parameter p1.
Definition: command_type.h:474
refit the cargo space of a vehicle
Definition: command_type.h:217
remove a goal
Definition: command_type.h:282
StringID GetErrorMessage() const
Returns the error message of a command.
Definition: command_type.h:142
Construction, modification (incl. refit) and destruction of vehicles.
Definition: command_type.h:401
Structure for buffering the build command when selecting a station to join.
Definition: command_type.h:472
List of flags for a command.
Definition: command_type.h:340
build a tunnel
Definition: command_type.h:190
bool Succeeded() const
Did this command succeed?
Definition: command_type.h:152
the command may be executed by COMPANY_DEITY
Definition: command_type.h:393
build a vehicle
Definition: command_type.h:215
const GRFFile * textref_stack_grffile
NewGRF providing the TextRefStack content.
Definition: command_type.h:30
remove a story page
Definition: command_type.h:294
CommandCost(ExpensesType ex_t, const Money &cst)
Creates a command return value with the given start cost and expense type.
Definition: command_type.h:57
ExpensesType expense_type
the type of expence as shown on the finances view
Definition: command_type.h:26
set the manager&#39;s face of the company
Definition: command_type.h:235
insert a new order
Definition: command_type.h:229
the command&#39;s output may differ between test and execute due to town rating changes etc...
Definition: command_type.h:390
delete a town
Definition: command_type.h:268
set the date that a timetable should start
Definition: command_type.h:328
show a story page
Definition: command_type.h:293
StringID message
Warning message for when success is unset.
Definition: command_type.h:28
expand a town
Definition: command_type.h:267
const uint32 * GetTextRefStack() const
Returns a pointer to the values for the TextRefStack of the error message.
Definition: command_type.h:133
change the company name
Definition: command_type.h:245
don&#39;t allow building on water
Definition: command_type.h:345
set the colour of the company
Definition: command_type.h:236
CommandCost(ExpensesType ex_t)
Creates a command cost with given expense type and start cost of 0.
Definition: command_type.h:50
uint textref_stack_size
Number of uint32 values to put on the TextRefStack for the error message.
Definition: command_type.h:31
Types of expenses.
Definition: economy_type.h:150
Renaming stuff, changing company colours, placing signs, etc.
Definition: command_type.h:405
set the goal of a cargo for a town
Definition: command_type.h:264
place a sign
Definition: command_type.h:250
give money to another company
Definition: command_type.h:303
Construction and destruction of objects on the map.
Definition: command_type.h:400
do the money cheat
Definition: command_type.h:274
the command can only be initiated by the server
Definition: command_type.h:385
build a road depot
Definition: command_type.h:204
uint32 StringID
Numeric value that represents a string, independent of the selected language.
Definition: strings_type.h:18
the command&#39;s string may contain control strings
Definition: command_type.h:394
bool Failed() const
Did this command fail?
Definition: command_type.h:161
rename a waypoint
Definition: command_type.h:196
Magic end marker.
Definition: command_type.h:410
update a story page element
Definition: command_type.h:290
build a signal
Definition: command_type.h:186
force the autoreplace to take action in a given depot
Definition: command_type.h:314
No construction actions may be executed.
Definition: command_type.h:416
the command may be initiated by a spectator
Definition: command_type.h:386
allow this command also on MP_VOID tiles
Definition: command_type.h:351
autoreplace/autorenew is in progress, this shall disable vehicle limits when building, and ignore certain restrictions when undoing things (like vehicle attach callback)
Definition: command_type.h:349
CommandCallback * callback
any callback function executed upon successful completion of the command.
Definition: command_type.h:477
create a new story page
Definition: command_type.h:288
convert a rail type
Definition: command_type.h:193
Management of money, i.e. loans and shares.
Definition: command_type.h:402
update goal progress text of a goal
Definition: command_type.h:284
confirm the preview of an engine
Definition: command_type.h:241
change a setting
Definition: command_type.h:304
execute the given command
Definition: command_type.h:342
uint GetTextRefStackSize() const
Returns the number of uint32 values for the TextRefStack of the error message.
Definition: command_type.h:124
build a road stop
Definition: command_type.h:199
add a vehicle to a group
Definition: command_type.h:319
sell a vehicle
Definition: command_type.h:216
CommandProc * proc
The procedure to actually executing.
Definition: command_type.h:448
Must ALWAYS be on the end of this list!! (period)
Definition: command_type.h:332
uint32 TileIndex
The index/ID of a Tile.
Definition: tile_type.h:80
CommandFlags flags
The (command) flags to that apply to this command.
Definition: command_type.h:450
Modifications to route management (orders, groups, etc).
Definition: command_type.h:404
sell a share from a company
Definition: command_type.h:258
create a new story page element
Definition: command_type.h:289
turn a train around
Definition: command_type.h:223
change the president name
Definition: command_type.h:246
Defines some flags.
Definition: command_type.h:373
change the refit information of an order (for "goto depot" )
Definition: command_type.h:270
build a canal
Definition: command_type.h:276
ask a goal related question
Definition: command_type.h:286
CommandCost CommandProc(TileIndex tile, DoCommandFlag flags, uint32 p1, uint32 p2, const char *text)
Defines the callback type for all command handler functions.
Definition: command_type.h:439
clear an area
Definition: command_type.h:272
create a new group
Definition: command_type.h:316
sell all vehicles which are in a given depot
Definition: command_type.h:313
Stopping, starting, sending to depot, turning around, replace orders etc.
Definition: command_type.h:403
remove a single rail track
Definition: command_type.h:181
set the autoreplace-protection for a group
Definition: command_type.h:322
clone a vehicle
Definition: command_type.h:309
build a buoy
Definition: command_type.h:211
rename a engine (in the engine list)
Definition: command_type.h:244
TileIndex tile
tile command being executed on.
Definition: command_type.h:473
build a train depot
Definition: command_type.h:185
rename a station
Definition: command_type.h:247
start/stop all vehicles (in a depot)
Definition: command_type.h:311
create a new subsidy
Definition: command_type.h:278
Types related to strings.
build a bridge
Definition: command_type.h:183
bool success
Whether the comment went fine up to this moment.
Definition: command_type.h:29
static const StringID INVALID_STRING_ID
Constant representing an invalid string (16bit in case it is used in savegames)
Definition: strings_type.h:19
void CommandCallback(const CommandCost &result, TileIndex tile, uint32 p1, uint32 p2)
Define a callback function for the client, after the command is finished.
Definition: command_type.h:467
the command cannot be executed in a multiplayer game; single-player only
Definition: command_type.h:387
List of commands.
Definition: command_type.h:177
remove a signal
Definition: command_type.h:187
don&#39;t allow overlap of rails (used in buildrail)
Definition: command_type.h:346
remove a (rectangle of) tiles from a rail station
Definition: command_type.h:192
Changing settings related to a company.
Definition: command_type.h:406
update goal text of a goal
Definition: command_type.h:283
remove a rail track
Definition: command_type.h:179
answer(s) to CMD_GOAL_QUESTION
Definition: command_type.h:287
send a vehicle to a depot
Definition: command_type.h:218
Invalid expense type.
Definition: economy_type.h:165
buy a share from a company
Definition: command_type.h:257
No user actions may be executed.
Definition: command_type.h:415
build a ship depot
Definition: command_type.h:210
Creates a command cost return with no cost and no error.
Definition: command_type.h:39
Types related to tiles.
town rating does not disallow you from building
Definition: command_type.h:347
move a rail vehicle (in the depot)
Definition: command_type.h:221
set an autoreplace entry
Definition: command_type.h:307
move an order
Definition: command_type.h:324
Money cost
The cost of this action.
Definition: command_type.h:27
remove a (rectangle of) tiles from a rail waypoint
Definition: command_type.h:197
uint32 cmd
command being executed.
Definition: command_type.h:476
remove a road stop
Definition: command_type.h:200
level land
Definition: command_type.h:296
modify an order (like set full-load)
Definition: command_type.h:226
allow this command also on MP_VOID tiles
Definition: command_type.h:389
build a new industry
Definition: command_type.h:233
turn a road vehicle around
Definition: command_type.h:253
update goal completed status of a goal
Definition: command_type.h:285
delete an order
Definition: command_type.h:228
build a lock
Definition: command_type.h:298
build an object
Definition: command_type.h:189
build a rail track
Definition: command_type.h:178
Dynamic data of a loaded NewGRF.
Definition: newgrf.h:104
pause the game
Definition: command_type.h:255