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TileIterator Class Referenceabstract

Base class for tile iterators. More...

#include <tilearea_type.h>

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AirportTileTableIterator DiagonalTileIterator OrthogonalTileIterator AirportTileIterator

Public Member Functions

virtual ~TileIterator ()
 Some compilers really like this. More...
 operator TileIndex () const
 Get the tile we are currently at. More...
virtual TileIteratoroperator++ ()=0
 Move ourselves to the next tile in the rectangle on the map.
virtual TileIteratorClone () const =0
 Allocate a new iterator that is a copy of this one.

Protected Member Functions

 TileIterator (TileIndex tile=INVALID_TILE)
 Initialise the iterator starting at this tile. More...

Protected Attributes

TileIndex tile
 The current tile we are at.

Detailed Description

Base class for tile iterators.

Definition at line 99 of file tilearea_type.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TileIterator()

TileIterator::TileIterator ( TileIndex  tile = INVALID_TILE)

Initialise the iterator starting at this tile.

tileThe tile we start iterating from.

Definition at line 107 of file tilearea_type.h.

◆ ~TileIterator()

virtual TileIterator::~TileIterator ( )

Some compilers really like this.

Definition at line 113 of file tilearea_type.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator TileIndex()

TileIterator::operator TileIndex ( ) const

Get the tile we are currently at.

The tile we are at, or INVALID_TILE when we're done.

Definition at line 121 of file tilearea_type.h.

References OrthogonalTileArea::tile.

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