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ScriptStorage Class Reference

The storage for each script. More...

#include <script_storage.hpp>

Private Attributes

 The current build mode we are int.
class ScriptObject * mode_instance
 The instance belonging to the current build mode.
CompanyID root_company
 The root company, the company that the script really belongs to.
CompanyID company
 The current company.
uint delay
 The ticks of delay each DoCommand has.
bool allow_do_command
 Is the usage of DoCommands restricted?
CommandCost costs
 The costs the script is tracking.
Money last_cost
 The last cost of the command.
uint last_error
 The last error of the command.
bool last_command_res
 The last result of the command.
VehicleID new_vehicle_id
 The ID of the new Vehicle.
SignID new_sign_id
 The ID of the new Sign.
GroupID new_group_id
 The ID of the new Group.
GoalID new_goal_id
 The ID of the new Goal.
StoryPageID new_story_page_id
 The ID of the new StoryPage.
StoryPageID new_story_page_element_id
 The ID of the new StoryPageElement.
std::vector< int > callback_value
 The values which need to survive a callback.
RoadType road_type
 The current roadtype we build.
RailType rail_type
 The current railtype we build.
void * event_data
 Pointer to the event data storage.
void * log_data
 Pointer to the log data storage.


class ScriptObject

Detailed Description

The storage for each script.

It keeps track of important information.

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