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NWidgetScrollbar Class Reference

Nested widget to display and control a scrollbar in a window. More...

#include <widget_type.h>

Inheritance diagram for NWidgetScrollbar:
NWidgetCore Scrollbar NWidgetResizeBase NWidgetBase ZeroedMemoryAllocator

Public Member Functions

 NWidgetScrollbar (WidgetType tp, Colours colour, int index)
 Scrollbar widget.
void SetupSmallestSize (Window *w, bool init_array)
 Compute smallest size needed by the widget.
void Draw (const Window *w)
 Draw the widgets of the tree.
- Public Member Functions inherited from NWidgetCore
 NWidgetCore (WidgetType tp, Colours colour, uint fill_x, uint fill_y, uint32 widget_data, StringID tool_tip)
 Initialization of a 'real' widget.
void SetIndex (int index)
 Set index of the nested widget in the widget array.
void SetDataTip (uint32 widget_data, StringID tool_tip)
 Set data and tool tip of the nested widget.
void SetLowered (bool lowered)
 Lower or raise the widget.
bool IsLowered () const
 Return whether the widget is lowered.
void SetDisabled (bool disabled)
 Disable (grey-out) or enable the widget.
bool IsDisabled () const
 Return whether the widget is disabled.
void FillNestedArray (NWidgetBase **array, uint length)
NWidgetCoreGetWidgetFromPos (int x, int y)
 Retrieve a widget by its position.
bool IsHighlighted () const
 Return whether the widget is highlighted.
TextColour GetHighlightColour () const
 Return the colour of the highlight.
void SetHighlighted (TextColour highlight_colour)
 Highlight the widget or not.
- Public Member Functions inherited from NWidgetResizeBase
 NWidgetResizeBase (WidgetType tp, uint fill_x, uint fill_y)
 Constructor for resizable nested widgets.
void SetMinimalSize (uint min_x, uint min_y)
 Set minimal size of the widget.
void SetMinimalTextLines (uint8 min_lines, uint8 spacing, FontSize size)
 Set minimal text lines for the widget.
void SetFill (uint fill_x, uint fill_y)
 Set the filling of the widget from initial size.
void SetResize (uint resize_x, uint resize_y)
 Set resize step of the widget.
void AssignSizePosition (SizingType sizing, uint x, uint y, uint given_width, uint given_height, bool rtl)
 Assign size and position to the widget.
- Public Member Functions inherited from NWidgetBase
 NWidgetBase (WidgetType tp)
 Base class constructor.
virtual NWidgetBaseGetWidgetOfType (WidgetType tp)
 Retrieve a widget by its type.
void SetPadding (uint8 top, uint8 right, uint8 bottom, uint8 left)
 Set additional space (padding) around the widget.
uint GetHorizontalStepSize (SizingType sizing) const
 Get the horizontal sizing step.
uint GetVerticalStepSize (SizingType sizing) const
 Get the vertical sizing step.
virtual void SetDirty (const Window *w) const
 Mark the widget as 'dirty' (in need of repaint).
- Public Member Functions inherited from ZeroedMemoryAllocator
void * operator new (size_t size)
 Memory allocator for a single class instance.
void * operator new[] (size_t size)
 Memory allocator for an array of class instances.
void operator delete (void *ptr)
 Memory release for a single class instance.
void operator delete[] (void *ptr)
 Memory release for an array of class instances.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Scrollbar
 Scrollbar (bool is_vertical)
uint16 GetCount () const
 Gets the number of elements in the list.
uint16 GetCapacity () const
 Gets the number of visible elements of the scrollbar.
uint16 GetPosition () const
 Gets the position of the first visible element in the list.
bool IsVisible (uint16 item) const
 Checks whether given current item is visible in the list.
bool IsVertical () const
 Is the scrollbar vertical or not?
void SetStepSize (uint16 stepsize)
 Set the distance to scroll when using the buttons or the wheel.
void SetCount (int num)
 Sets the number of elements in the list.
void SetCapacity (int capacity)
 Set the capacity of visible elements.
void SetCapacityFromWidget (Window *w, int widget, int padding=0)
 Set capacity of visible elements from the size and resize properties of a widget.
void SetPosition (int position)
 Sets the position of the first visible element.
void UpdatePosition (int difference, ScrollbarStepping unit=SS_SMALL)
 Updates the position of the first visible element by the given amount.
void ScrollTowards (int position)
 Scroll towards the given position; if the item is visible nothing happens, otherwise it will be shown either at the bottom or top of the window depending on where in the list it was.
int GetScrolledRowFromWidget (int clickpos, const Window *const w, int widget, int padding=0, int line_height=-1) const
 Compute the row of a scrolled widget that a user clicked in.

Static Public Member Functions

static void InvalidateDimensionCache ()
static Dimension GetVerticalDimension ()
static Dimension GetHorizontalDimension ()

Static Private Attributes

static Dimension vertical_dimension = {0, 0}
 Cached size of vertical scrollbar button.
static Dimension horizontal_dimension = {0, 0}
 Cached size of horizontal scrollbar button.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Scrollbar
enum  ScrollbarStepping { SS_RAW, SS_SMALL, SS_BIG }
 Stepping sizes when scrolling. More...
- Data Fields inherited from NWidgetCore
NWidgetDisplay disp_flags
 Flags that affect display and interaction with the widget.
Colours colour
 Colour of this widget.
int index
 Index of the nested widget in the widget array of the window (-1 means 'not used').
uint32 widget_data
 Data of the widget.
StringID tool_tip
 Tooltip of the widget.
int scrollbar_index
 Index of an attached scrollbar.
TextColour highlight_colour
 Colour of highlight.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from NWidgetBase
void StoreSizePosition (SizingType sizing, uint x, uint y, uint given_width, uint given_height)
 Store size and position.

Detailed Description

Nested widget to display and control a scrollbar in a window.

Also assign the scrollbar to other widgets using SetScrollbar() to make the mousewheel work.

Definition at line 750 of file widget_type.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NWidgetScrollbar::NWidgetScrollbar ( WidgetType  tp,
Colours  colour,
int  index 

Scrollbar widget.

tpScrollbar type. (horizontal/vertical)
colourColour of the scrollbar.
indexIndex in the widget array used by the window system.

Definition at line 1989 of file widget.cpp.

References NWID_HSCROLLBAR, NWID_VSCROLLBAR, and NWidgetCore::SetIndex().

Member Function Documentation

void NWidgetScrollbar::Draw ( const Window w)
void NWidgetScrollbar::SetupSmallestSize ( Window w,
bool  init_array 

Compute smallest size needed by the widget.

The smallest size of a widget is the smallest size that a widget needs to display itself properly. In addition, filling and resizing of the widget are computed. The function calls Window::UpdateWidgetSize for each leaf widget and background widget without child with a non-negative index.

wWindow owning the widget.
init_arrayInitialize the w->nested_array.
After the computation, the results can be queried by accessing the smallest_x and smallest_y data members of the widget.

Implements NWidgetBase.

Definition at line 1995 of file widget.cpp.

References NWidgetCore::index, NWidgetResizeBase::min_x, NWidgetResizeBase::min_y, Window::nested_array, Window::nested_array_size, NWID_HSCROLLBAR, NWID_VSCROLLBAR, NWidgetCore::SetDataTip(), NWidgetResizeBase::SetFill(), NWidgetResizeBase::SetMinimalSize(), NWidgetResizeBase::SetResize(), NWidgetBase::smallest_x, NWidgetBase::smallest_y, and NWidgetBase::type.

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