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1 /* $Id: bridge_gui.cpp 26960 2014-10-05 11:20:02Z peter1138 $ */
3 /*
4  * This file is part of OpenTTD.
5  * OpenTTD is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2.
6  * OpenTTD is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
7  * See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with OpenTTD. If not, see <>.
8  */
12 #include "stdafx.h"
13 #include "error.h"
14 #include "command_func.h"
15 #include "rail.h"
16 #include "strings_func.h"
17 #include "window_func.h"
18 #include "sound_func.h"
19 #include "gfx_func.h"
20 #include "tunnelbridge.h"
21 #include "sortlist_type.h"
22 #include "widgets/dropdown_func.h"
23 #include "core/geometry_func.hpp"
24 #include "cmd_helper.h"
25 #include "tunnelbridge_map.h"
26 #include "road_gui.h"
28 #include "widgets/bridge_widget.h"
30 #include "table/strings.h"
32 #include "safeguards.h"
43  BridgeType index;
44  const BridgeSpec *spec;
45  Money cost;
46 };
61 void CcBuildBridge(const CommandCost &result, TileIndex end_tile, uint32 p1, uint32 p2)
62 {
63  if (result.Failed()) return;
64  if (_settings_client.sound.confirm) SndPlayTileFx(SND_27_BLACKSMITH_ANVIL, end_tile);
66  TransportType transport_type = Extract<TransportType, 15, 2>(p2);
68  if (transport_type == TRANSPORT_ROAD) {
69  DiagDirection end_direction = ReverseDiagDir(GetTunnelBridgeDirection(end_tile));
70  ConnectRoadToStructure(end_tile, end_direction);
73  ConnectRoadToStructure(p1, start_direction);
74  }
75 }
78 class BuildBridgeWindow : public Window {
79 private:
80  /* Runtime saved values */
83  /* Constants for sorting the bridges */
84  static const StringID sorter_names[];
85  static GUIBridgeList::SortFunction * const sorter_funcs[];
87  /* Internal variables */
88  TileIndex start_tile;
89  TileIndex end_tile;
90  uint32 type;
91  GUIBridgeList *bridges;
93  Scrollbar *vscroll;
96  static int CDECL BridgeIndexSorter(const BuildBridgeData *a, const BuildBridgeData *b)
97  {
98  return a->index - b->index;
99  }
102  static int CDECL BridgePriceSorter(const BuildBridgeData *a, const BuildBridgeData *b)
103  {
104  return a->cost - b->cost;
105  }
108  static int CDECL BridgeSpeedSorter(const BuildBridgeData *a, const BuildBridgeData *b)
109  {
110  return a->spec->speed - b->spec->speed;
111  }
113  void BuildBridge(uint8 i)
114  {
115  switch ((TransportType)(this->type >> 15)) {
116  case TRANSPORT_RAIL: _last_railbridge_type = this->bridges->Get(i)->index; break;
117  case TRANSPORT_ROAD: _last_roadbridge_type = this->bridges->Get(i)->index; break;
118  default: break;
119  }
120  DoCommandP(this->end_tile, this->start_tile, this->type | this->bridges->Get(i)->index,
122  }
126  {
127  this->bridges->Sort();
129  /* Display the current sort variant */
130  this->GetWidget<NWidgetCore>(WID_BBS_DROPDOWN_CRITERIA)->widget_data = this->sorter_names[this->bridges->SortType()];
132  /* Set the modified widgets dirty */
133  this->SetWidgetDirty(WID_BBS_DROPDOWN_CRITERIA);
134  this->SetWidgetDirty(WID_BBS_BRIDGE_LIST);
135  }
137 public:
138  BuildBridgeWindow(WindowDesc *desc, TileIndex start, TileIndex end, uint32 br_type, GUIBridgeList *bl) : Window(desc),
139  start_tile(start),
140  end_tile(end),
141  type(br_type),
142  bridges(bl)
143  {
144  this->CreateNestedTree();
145  this->vscroll = this->GetScrollbar(WID_BBS_SCROLLBAR);
146  /* Change the data, or the caption of the gui. Set it to road or rail, accordingly. */
147  this->GetWidget<NWidgetCore>(WID_BBS_CAPTION)->widget_data = (GB(this->type, 15, 2) == TRANSPORT_ROAD) ? STR_SELECT_ROAD_BRIDGE_CAPTION : STR_SELECT_RAIL_BRIDGE_CAPTION;
148  this->FinishInitNested(GB(br_type, 15, 2)); // Initializes 'this->bridgetext_offset'.
150  this->parent = FindWindowById(WC_BUILD_TOOLBAR, GB(this->type, 15, 2));
151  this->bridges->SetListing(this->last_sorting);
152  this->bridges->SetSortFuncs(this->sorter_funcs);
153  this->bridges->NeedResort();
154  this->SortBridgeList();
156  this->vscroll->SetCount(bl->Length());
157  }
160  {
161  this->last_sorting = this->bridges->GetListing();
163  delete bridges;
164  }
166  virtual void UpdateWidgetSize(int widget, Dimension *size, const Dimension &padding, Dimension *fill, Dimension *resize)
167  {
168  switch (widget) {
170  Dimension d = GetStringBoundingBox(this->GetWidget<NWidgetCore>(widget)->widget_data);
171  d.width += padding.width + Window::SortButtonWidth() * 2; // Doubled since the string is centred and it also looks better.
172  d.height += padding.height;
173  *size = maxdim(*size, d);
174  break;
175  }
177  Dimension d = {0, 0};
178  for (const StringID *str = this->sorter_names; *str != INVALID_STRING_ID; str++) {
179  d = maxdim(d, GetStringBoundingBox(*str));
180  }
181  d.width += padding.width;
182  d.height += padding.height;
183  *size = maxdim(*size, d);
184  break;
185  }
186  case WID_BBS_BRIDGE_LIST: {
187  Dimension sprite_dim = {0, 0}; // Biggest bridge sprite dimension
188  Dimension text_dim = {0, 0}; // Biggest text dimension
189  for (int i = 0; i < (int)this->bridges->Length(); i++) {
190  const BridgeSpec *b = this->bridges->Get(i)->spec;
191  sprite_dim = maxdim(sprite_dim, GetSpriteSize(b->sprite));
193  SetDParam(2, this->bridges->Get(i)->cost);
194  SetDParam(1, b->speed);
195  SetDParam(0, b->material);
196  text_dim = maxdim(text_dim, GetStringBoundingBox(_game_mode == GM_EDITOR ? STR_SELECT_BRIDGE_SCENEDIT_INFO : STR_SELECT_BRIDGE_INFO));
197  }
198  sprite_dim.height++; // Sprite is rendered one pixel down in the matrix field.
199  text_dim.height++; // Allowing the bottom row pixels to be rendered on the edge of the matrix field.
200  resize->height = max(sprite_dim.height, text_dim.height) + 2; // Max of both sizes + account for matrix edges.
202  this->bridgetext_offset = WD_MATRIX_LEFT + sprite_dim.width + 1; // Left edge of text, 1 pixel distance from the sprite.
203  size->width = this->bridgetext_offset + text_dim.width + WD_MATRIX_RIGHT;
204  size->height = 4 * resize->height; // Smallest bridge gui is 4 entries high in the matrix.
205  break;
206  }
207  }
208  }
210  virtual Point OnInitialPosition(int16 sm_width, int16 sm_height, int window_number)
211  {
212  /* Position the window so hopefully the first bridge from the list is under the mouse pointer. */
213  NWidgetBase *list = this->GetWidget<NWidgetBase>(WID_BBS_BRIDGE_LIST);
214  Point corner; // point of the top left corner of the window.
215  corner.y = Clamp(_cursor.pos.y - list->pos_y - 5, GetMainViewTop(), GetMainViewBottom() - sm_height);
216  corner.x = Clamp(_cursor.pos.x - list->pos_x - 5, 0, _screen.width - sm_width);
217  return corner;
218  }
220  virtual void DrawWidget(const Rect &r, int widget) const
221  {
222  switch (widget) {
224  this->DrawSortButtonState(widget, this->bridges->IsDescSortOrder() ? SBS_DOWN : SBS_UP);
225  break;
227  case WID_BBS_BRIDGE_LIST: {
228  uint y =;
229  for (int i = this->vscroll->GetPosition(); this->vscroll->IsVisible(i) && i < (int)this->bridges->Length(); i++) {
230  const BridgeSpec *b = this->bridges->Get(i)->spec;
232  SetDParam(2, this->bridges->Get(i)->cost);
233  SetDParam(1, b->speed);
234  SetDParam(0, b->material);
236  DrawSprite(b->sprite, b->pal, r.left + WD_MATRIX_LEFT, y + this->resize.step_height - 1 - GetSpriteSize(b->sprite).height);
237  DrawStringMultiLine(r.left + this->bridgetext_offset, r.right, y + 2, y + this->resize.step_height,
239  y += this->resize.step_height;
240  }
241  break;
242  }
243  }
244  }
246  virtual EventState OnKeyPress(WChar key, uint16 keycode)
247  {
248  const uint8 i = keycode - '1';
249  if (i < 9 && i < this->bridges->Length()) {
250  /* Build the requested bridge */
251  this->BuildBridge(i);
252  delete this;
253  return ES_HANDLED;
254  }
255  return ES_NOT_HANDLED;
256  }
258  virtual void OnClick(Point pt, int widget, int click_count)
259  {
260  switch (widget) {
261  default: break;
262  case WID_BBS_BRIDGE_LIST: {
263  uint i = this->vscroll->GetScrolledRowFromWidget(pt.y, this, WID_BBS_BRIDGE_LIST);
264  if (i < this->bridges->Length()) {
265  this->BuildBridge(i);
266  delete this;
267  }
268  break;
269  }
272  this->bridges->ToggleSortOrder();
273  this->SetDirty();
274  break;
277  ShowDropDownMenu(this, this->sorter_names, this->bridges->SortType(), WID_BBS_DROPDOWN_CRITERIA, 0, 0);
278  break;
279  }
280  }
282  virtual void OnDropdownSelect(int widget, int index)
283  {
284  if (widget == WID_BBS_DROPDOWN_CRITERIA && this->bridges->SortType() != index) {
285  this->bridges->SetSortType(index);
287  this->SortBridgeList();
288  }
289  }
291  virtual void OnResize()
292  {
293  this->vscroll->SetCapacityFromWidget(this, WID_BBS_BRIDGE_LIST);
294  }
295 };
302  &BridgeIndexSorter,
303  &BridgePriceSorter,
304  &BridgeSpeedSorter
305 };
313 };
317  /* Header */
322  EndContainer(),
326  /* Sort order + criteria buttons */
330  EndContainer(),
331  /* Matrix. */
333  EndContainer(),
335  /* scrollbar + resize button */
339  EndContainer(),
340  EndContainer(),
341 };
345  WDP_AUTO, "build_bridge", 200, 114,
348  _nested_build_bridge_widgets, lengthof(_nested_build_bridge_widgets)
349 );
361 void ShowBuildBridgeWindow(TileIndex start, TileIndex end, TransportType transport_type, byte road_rail_type)
362 {
365  /* Data type for the bridge.
366  * Bit 16,15 = transport type,
367  * 14..8 = road/rail types,
368  * 7..0 = type of bridge */
369  uint32 type = (transport_type << 15) | (road_rail_type << 8);
371  /* The bridge length without ramps. */
372  const uint bridge_len = GetTunnelBridgeLength(start, end);
374  /* If Ctrl is being pressed, check whether the last bridge built is available
375  * If so, return this bridge type. Otherwise continue normally.
376  * We store bridge types for each transport type, so we have to check for
377  * the transport type beforehand.
378  */
379  BridgeType last_bridge_type = 0;
380  switch (transport_type) {
381  case TRANSPORT_ROAD: last_bridge_type = _last_roadbridge_type; break;
382  case TRANSPORT_RAIL: last_bridge_type = _last_railbridge_type; break;
383  default: break; // water ways and air routes don't have bridge types
384  }
385  if (_ctrl_pressed && CheckBridgeAvailability(last_bridge_type, bridge_len).Succeeded()) {
386  DoCommandP(end, start, type | last_bridge_type, CMD_BUILD_BRIDGE | CMD_MSG(STR_ERROR_CAN_T_BUILD_BRIDGE_HERE), CcBuildBridge);
387  return;
388  }
390  /* only query bridge building possibility once, result is the same for all bridges!
391  * returns CMD_ERROR on failure, and price on success */
392  StringID errmsg = INVALID_STRING_ID;
395  GUIBridgeList *bl = NULL;
396  if (ret.Failed()) {
397  errmsg = ret.GetErrorMessage();
398  } else {
399  /* check which bridges can be built */
400  const uint tot_bridgedata_len = CalcBridgeLenCostFactor(bridge_len + 2);
402  bl = new GUIBridgeList();
404  Money infra_cost = 0;
405  switch (transport_type) {
407  infra_cost = (bridge_len + 2) * _price[PR_BUILD_ROAD] * 2;
408  /* In case we add a new road type as well, we must be aware of those costs. */
409  if (IsBridgeTile(start)) infra_cost *= CountBits(GetRoadTypes(start) | (RoadTypes)road_rail_type);
410  break;
411  case TRANSPORT_RAIL: infra_cost = (bridge_len + 2) * RailBuildCost((RailType)road_rail_type); break;
412  default: break;
413  }
415  /* loop for all bridgetypes */
416  for (BridgeType brd_type = 0; brd_type != MAX_BRIDGES; brd_type++) {
417  if (CheckBridgeAvailability(brd_type, bridge_len).Succeeded()) {
418  /* bridge is accepted, add to list */
419  BuildBridgeData *item = bl->Append();
420  item->index = brd_type;
421  item->spec = GetBridgeSpec(brd_type);
422  /* Add to terraforming & bulldozing costs the cost of the
423  * bridge itself (not computed with DC_QUERY_COST) */
424  item->cost = ret.GetCost() + (((int64)tot_bridgedata_len * _price[PR_BUILD_BRIDGE] * item->spec->price) >> 8) + infra_cost;
425  }
426  }
427  }
429  if (bl != NULL && bl->Length() != 0) {
430  new BuildBridgeWindow(&_build_bridge_desc, start, end, type, bl);
431  } else {
432  delete bl;
433  ShowErrorMessage(STR_ERROR_CAN_T_BUILD_BRIDGE_HERE, errmsg, WL_INFO, TileX(end) * TILE_SIZE, TileY(end) * TILE_SIZE);
434  }
435 }
State of handling an event.
Definition: window_type.h:701
static GUIBridgeList::SortFunction *const sorter_funcs[]
Available bridge sorting functions.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:85
Functions related to OTTD&#39;s strings.
Base types for having sorted lists in GUIs.
List template of &#39;things&#39; T to sort in a GUI.
Definition: sortlist_type.h:50
Direction of sort dropdown.
Definition: bridge_widget.h:18
GUIList< BuildBridgeData > GUIBridgeList
List of bridges, used in BuildBridgeWindow.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:48
static BridgeType _last_roadbridge_type
The type of the last built road bridge.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:37
int CalcBridgeLenCostFactor(int x)
Calculate the price factor for building a long bridge.
static NWidgetPart SetResize(int16 dx, int16 dy)
Widget part function for setting the resize step.
Definition: widget_type.h:930
Offset at right of a matrix cell.
Definition: window_gui.h:79
Point pos
logical mouse position
Definition: gfx_type.h:119
Enumeration for all possible railtypes.
Definition: rail_type.h:29
High level window description.
Definition: window_gui.h:168
void ConnectRoadToStructure(TileIndex tile, DiagDirection direction)
If required, connects a new structure to an existing road or tram by building the missing roadbit...
Definition: road_gui.cpp:164
static bool IsBridgeTile(TileIndex t)
checks if there is a bridge on this tile
Definition: bridge_map.h:35
Scrollbar data structure.
Definition: widget_type.h:589
Horizontal container.
Definition: widget_type.h:75
Functions/types related to the road GUIs.
Window * FindWindowById(WindowClass cls, WindowNumber number)
Find a window by its class and window number.
Definition: window.cpp:1105
The passed event is not handled.
Definition: window_type.h:703
query cost only, don&#39;t build.
Definition: command_type.h:344
void SetSortFuncs(SortFunction *const *n_funcs)
Hand the array of sort function pointers to the sort list.
Rail specific functions.
static const StringID sorter_names[]
Names of the sorting functions.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:84
Resize box (normally at bottom-right of a window)
Definition: widget_type.h:68
static uint TileX(TileIndex tile)
Get the X component of a tile.
Definition: map_func.h:207
Close box (at top-left of a window)
Definition: widget_type.h:69
uint16 speed
maximum travel speed (1 unit = 1/1.6 mph = 1 km-ish/h)
Definition: bridge.h:48
Helper functions to extract data from command parameters.
bool NeedResort()
Check if a resort is needed next loop If used the resort timer will decrease every call till 0...
Money GetCost() const
The costs as made up to this moment.
Definition: command_type.h:84
Common return value for all commands.
Definition: command_type.h:25
CommandFlags GetCommandFlags(uint32 cmd)
Definition: command.cpp:379
static T max(const T a, const T b)
Returns the maximum of two values.
Definition: math_func.hpp:26
Window class for handling the bridge-build GUI.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:78
virtual void UpdateWidgetSize(int widget, Dimension *size, const Dimension &padding, Dimension *fill, Dimension *resize)
Update size and resize step of a widget in the window.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:166
Struct containing information about a single bridge type.
Definition: bridge.h:43
Caption of the window.
Definition: bridge_widget.h:17
void SetListing(Listing l)
Import sort conditions.
static const uint TILE_SIZE
Tile size in world coordinates.
Definition: tile_type.h:15
T * Append(uint to_add=1)
Append an item and return it.
void SetCount(int num)
Sets the number of elements in the list.
Definition: widget_type.h:670
int GetMainViewBottom()
Return the bottom of the main view available for general use.
Definition: window.cpp:2163
Partial widget specification to allow NWidgets to be written nested.
Definition: widget_type.h:910
Data structure for an opened window.
Definition: window_gui.h:271
bool _ctrl_pressed
Is Ctrl pressed?
Definition: gfx.cpp:36
static NWidgetPart SetMatrixDataTip(uint8 cols, uint8 rows, StringID tip)
Widget part function for setting the data and tooltip of WWT_MATRIX widgets.
Definition: widget_type.h:1032
void ShowErrorMessage(StringID summary_msg, StringID detailed_msg, WarningLevel wl, int x=0, int y=0, const GRFFile *textref_stack_grffile=NULL, uint textref_stack_size=0, const uint32 *textref_stack=NULL)
Display an error message in a window.
Definition: error_gui.cpp:378
static Listing last_sorting
Last setting of the sort.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:81
virtual void OnClick(Point pt, int widget, int click_count)
A click with the left mouse button has been made on the window.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:258
Functions related to errors.
CommandCost DoCommand(const CommandContainer *container, DoCommandFlag flags)
Shorthand for calling the long DoCommand with a container.
Definition: command.cpp:436
static BridgeType _last_railbridge_type
The type of the last built rail bridge.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:35
Default window size box (at top-right of a window, between WWT_SHADEBOX and WWT_STICKYBOX) ...
Definition: widget_type.h:65
uint Length() const
Get the number of items in the list.
int GetScrolledRowFromWidget(int clickpos, const Window *const w, int widget, int padding=0, int line_height=-1) const
Compute the row of a scrolled widget that a user clicked in.
Definition: widget.cpp:1959
virtual void DrawWidget(const Rect &r, int widget) const
Draw the contents of a nested widget.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:220
uint pos_y
Vertical position of top-left corner of the widget in the window.
Definition: widget_type.h:178
This window is used for construction; close it whenever changing company.
Definition: window_gui.h:210
SoundSettings sound
sound effect settings
Header file for things common for tunnels and bridges.
static const NWidgetPart _nested_build_bridge_widgets[]
Widgets of the bridge gui.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:316
Listing GetListing() const
Export current sort conditions.
virtual void OnDropdownSelect(int widget, int index)
A dropdown option associated to this window has been selected.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:282
Sort descending.
Definition: window_gui.h:227
StringID GetErrorMessage() const
Returns the error message of a command.
Definition: command_type.h:142
static DiagDirection ReverseDiagDir(DiagDirection d)
Returns the reverse direction of the given DiagDirection.
static uint GetTunnelBridgeLength(TileIndex begin, TileIndex end)
Calculates the length of a tunnel or a bridge (without end tiles)
Definition: tunnelbridge.h:26
static NWidgetPart SetDataTip(uint32 data, StringID tip)
Widget part function for setting the data and tooltip.
Definition: widget_type.h:1014
Functions related to the gfx engine.
ClientSettings _settings_client
The current settings for this game.
Definition: settings.cpp:76
bool Succeeded() const
Did this command succeed?
Definition: command_type.h:152
Definition of base types and functions in a cross-platform compatible way.
virtual void OnResize()
Called after the window got resized.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:291
int GetMainViewTop()
Return the top of the main view available for general use.
Definition: window.cpp:2152
static const BridgeSpec * GetBridgeSpec(BridgeType i)
Get the specification of a bridge type.
Definition: bridge.h:67
A number of safeguards to prevent using unsafe methods.
Geometry functions.
void SortBridgeList()
Sort the builable bridges.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:125
Offset at left of a matrix cell.
Definition: window_gui.h:78
SpriteID sprite
the sprite which is used in the GUI
Definition: bridge.h:49
Carriage for the data we need if we want to build a bridge.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:42
PaletteID pal
the palette which is used in the GUI
Definition: bridge.h:50
static NWidgetPart NWidget(WidgetType tp, Colours col, int16 idx=-1)
Widget part function for starting a new &#39;real&#39; widget.
Definition: widget_type.h:1114
static DoCommandFlag CommandFlagsToDCFlags(CommandFlags cmd_flags)
Extracts the DC flags needed for DoCommand from the flags returned by GetCommandFlags.
Definition: command_func.h:62
Baseclass for nested widgets.
Definition: widget_type.h:126
bool DoCommandP(const CommandContainer *container, bool my_cmd)
Shortcut for the long DoCommandP when having a container with the data.
Definition: command.cpp:527
Enumeration for diagonal directions.
#define lengthof(x)
Return the length of an fixed size array.
Definition: depend.cpp:42
void ShowBuildBridgeWindow(TileIndex start, TileIndex end, TransportType transport_type, byte road_rail_type)
Prepare the data for the build a bridge window.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:361
Build bridge; Window numbers:
Definition: window_type.h:384
Grid of rows and columns.
Definition: widget_type.h:59
uint pos_x
Horizontal position of top-left corner of the widget in the window.
Definition: widget_type.h:177
CommandCost CheckBridgeAvailability(BridgeType bridge_type, uint bridge_len, DoCommandFlag flags=DC_NONE)
Is a bridge of the specified type and length available?
Functions related to sound.
void SetSortType(uint8 n_type)
Set the sorttype of the list.
bool Sort(SortFunction *compare)
Sort the list.
static int SortButtonWidth()
Get width of up/down arrow of sort button state.
Definition: widget.cpp:658
static DiagDirection GetTunnelBridgeDirection(TileIndex t)
Get the direction pointing to the other end.
uint32 StringID
Numeric value that represents a string, independent of the selected language.
Definition: strings_type.h:18
static int CDECL BridgeSpeedSorter(const BuildBridgeData *a, const BuildBridgeData *b)
Sort the bridges by their maximum speed.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:108
void DeleteWindowByClass(WindowClass cls)
Delete all windows of a given class.
Definition: window.cpp:1150
bool Failed() const
Did this command fail?
Definition: command_type.h:161
List of bridges.
Definition: bridge_widget.h:20
The different roadtypes we support, but then a bitmask of them.
Definition: road_type.h:36
uint16 price
the price multiplier
Definition: bridge.h:47
static T Clamp(const T a, const T min, const T max)
Clamp a value between an interval.
Definition: math_func.hpp:139
bool IsVisible(uint16 item) const
Checks whether given current item is visible in the list.
Definition: widget_type.h:641
Build toolbar; Window numbers:
Definition: window_type.h:68
static WindowDesc _build_bridge_desc(WDP_AUTO, "build_bridge", 200, 114, WC_BUILD_BRIDGE, WC_BUILD_TOOLBAR, WDF_CONSTRUCTION, _nested_build_bridge_widgets, lengthof(_nested_build_bridge_widgets))
Window definition for the rail bridge selection window.
Dimension GetStringBoundingBox(const char *str, FontSize start_fontsize)
Return the string dimension in pixels.
Definition: gfx.cpp:699
virtual EventState OnKeyPress(WChar key, uint16 keycode)
A key has been pressed.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:246
Dimension maxdim(const Dimension &d1, const Dimension &d2)
Compute bounding box of both dimensions.
Transport by train.
StringID material
the string that contains the bridge description
Definition: bridge.h:51
static int CDECL BridgeIndexSorter(const BuildBridgeData *a, const BuildBridgeData *b)
Sort the bridges by their index.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:96
void CcBuildBridge(const CommandCost &result, TileIndex end_tile, uint32 p1, uint32 p2)
Callback executed after a build Bridge CMD has been called.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:61
Window caption (window title between closebox and stickybox)
Definition: widget_type.h:61
uint32 TileIndex
The index/ID of a Tile.
Definition: tile_type.h:80
void ToggleSortOrder()
Toggle the sort order Since that is the worst condition for the sort function reverse the list here...
static Money RailBuildCost(RailType railtype)
Returns the cost of building the specified railtype.
Definition: rail.h:344
Sort ascending.
Definition: window_gui.h:226
static uint TileY(TileIndex tile)
Get the Y component of a tile.
Definition: map_func.h:217
Scrollbar of the list.
Definition: bridge_widget.h:21
virtual Point OnInitialPosition(int16 sm_width, int16 sm_height, int window_number)
Compute the initial position of the window.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:210
Vertical container.
Definition: widget_type.h:77
int CDECL SortFunction(const T *, const T *)
Signature of sort function.
Definition: sortlist_type.h:52
static NWidgetPart EndContainer()
Widget part function for denoting the end of a container (horizontal, vertical, WWT_FRAME, WWT_INSET, or WWT_PANEL).
Definition: widget_type.h:999
static const uint MAX_BRIDGES
Maximal number of available bridge specs.
Definition: bridge.h:36
Available types of transport.
static uint GB(const T x, const uint8 s, const uint8 n)
Fetch n bits from x, started at bit s.
Transport by road vehicle.
bool confirm
Play sound effect on succesful constructions or other actions.
static uint CountBits(T value)
Counts the number of set bits in a variable.
Functions related to commands.
Coordinates of a point in 2D.
Types related to the bridge widgets.
Dimension GetSpriteSize(SpriteID sprid, Point *offset, ZoomLevel zoom)
Get the size of a sprite.
Definition: gfx.cpp:768
uint BridgeType
Bridge spec number.
Definition: bridge.h:38
Data structure describing how to show the list (what sort direction and criteria).
Definition: sortlist_type.h:34
Drop down list.
Definition: widget_type.h:70
build a bridge
Definition: command_type.h:183
static const StringID INVALID_STRING_ID
Constant representing an invalid string (16bit in case it is used in savegames)
Definition: strings_type.h:19
Functions that have tunnels and bridges in common.
static RoadTypes GetRoadTypes(TileIndex t)
Get the present road types of a tile.
Definition: road_map.h:166
Used for DoCommand-like (and some non-fatal AI GUI) errors/information.
Definition: error.h:23
static NWidgetPart SetFill(uint fill_x, uint fill_y)
Widget part function for setting filling.
Definition: widget_type.h:983
bool IsDescSortOrder() const
Check if the sort order is descending.
const T * Get(uint index) const
Get the pointer to item "number" (const)
#define CMD_MSG(x)
Used to combine a StringID with the command.
Definition: command_type.h:366
void SetCapacityFromWidget(Window *w, int widget, int padding=0)
Set capacity of visible elements from the size and resize properties of a widget. ...
Definition: widget.cpp:1973
Specification of a rectangle with absolute coordinates of all edges.
Vertical scrollbar.
Definition: widget_type.h:84
The passed event is handled.
Definition: window_type.h:702
Window functions not directly related to making/drawing windows.
Find a place automatically.
Definition: window_gui.h:156
uint32 WChar
Type for wide characters, i.e.
Definition: string_type.h:35
int bridgetext_offset
Horizontal offset of the text describing the bridge properties in WID_BBS_BRIDGE_LIST relative to the...
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:92
static NWidgetPart SetScrollbar(int index)
Attach a scrollbar to a widget.
Definition: widget_type.h:1095
Dimensions (a width and height) of a rectangle in 2D.
void DrawSprite(SpriteID img, PaletteID pal, int x, int y, const SubSprite *sub, ZoomLevel zoom)
Draw a sprite, not in a viewport.
Definition: gfx.cpp:833
static int CDECL BridgePriceSorter(const BuildBridgeData *a, const BuildBridgeData *b)
Sort the bridges by their price.
Definition: bridge_gui.cpp:102
Criteria of sort dropdown.
Definition: bridge_widget.h:19
int DrawStringMultiLine(int left, int right, int top, int bottom, const char *str, TextColour colour, StringAlignment align, bool underline, FontSize fontsize)
Draw string, possibly over multiple lines.
Definition: gfx.cpp:620
(Toggle) Button with text
Definition: widget_type.h:55
uint16 GetPosition() const
Gets the position of the first visible element in the list.
Definition: widget_type.h:631
uint8 SortType() const
Get the sorttype of the list.
Definition: sortlist_type.h:97
static void SetDParam(uint n, uint64 v)
Set a string parameter v at index n in the global string parameter array.
Definition: strings_func.h:201