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base_station_base.h File Reference

Base classes/functions for base stations. More...

#include "core/pool_type.hpp"
#include "command_type.h"
#include "viewport_type.h"
#include "station_map.h"

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Data Structures

struct  StationSpecList
struct  StationRect
 StationRect - used to track station spread out rectangle - cheaper than scanning whole map. More...
struct  BaseStation
 Base class for all station-ish types. More...
struct  SpecializedStation< T, Tis_waypoint >
 Class defining several overloaded accessors so we don't have to cast base stations that often. More...


#define FOR_ALL_BASE_STATIONS(var)   FOR_ALL_ITEMS_FROM(BaseStation, station_index, var, 0)
#define FOR_ALL_BASE_STATIONS_OF_TYPE(name, var)   FOR_ALL_ITEMS_FROM(name, station_index, var, 0) if (name::IsExpected(var))


typedef Pool< BaseStation, StationID, 32, 64000 > StationPool


StationPool _station_pool
 The pool of stations. More...

Detailed Description

Base classes/functions for base stations.

Definition in file base_station_base.h.

Variable Documentation

◆ _station_pool

StationPool _station_pool

The pool of stations.