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autoreplace_gui.cpp File Reference

GUI for autoreplace handling. More...

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "command_func.h"
#include "vehicle_gui.h"
#include "newgrf_engine.h"
#include "rail.h"
#include "strings_func.h"
#include "window_func.h"
#include "autoreplace_func.h"
#include "company_func.h"
#include "engine_base.h"
#include "window_gui.h"
#include "engine_gui.h"
#include "settings_func.h"
#include "core/geometry_func.hpp"
#include "rail_gui.h"
#include "widgets/dropdown_func.h"
#include "widgets/autoreplace_widget.h"
#include "safeguards.h"

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Data Structures

class  ReplaceVehicleWindow
 Window for the autoreplacing of vehicles. More...


void DrawEngineList (VehicleType type, int x, int r, int y, const GUIEngineList *eng_list, uint16 min, uint16 max, EngineID selected_id, bool show_count, GroupID selected_group)
 Engine drawing loop. More...
static int CDECL EngineNumberSorter (const EngineID *a, const EngineID *b)
void InvalidateAutoreplaceWindow (EngineID e, GroupID id_g)
 Rebuild the left autoreplace list if an engine is removed or added. More...
void AddRemoveEngineFromAutoreplaceAndBuildWindows (VehicleType type)
 When an engine is made buildable or is removed from being buildable, add/remove it from the build/autoreplace lists. More...
void ShowReplaceGroupVehicleWindow (GroupID id_g, VehicleType vehicletype)
 Show the autoreplace configuration window for a particular group. More...


static const StringID _start_replace_dropdown []
static const NWidgetPart _nested_replace_rail_vehicle_widgets []
static WindowDesc _replace_rail_vehicle_desc (WDP_AUTO, "replace_vehicle_train", 500, 140, WC_REPLACE_VEHICLE, WC_NONE, WDF_CONSTRUCTION, _nested_replace_rail_vehicle_widgets, lengthof(_nested_replace_rail_vehicle_widgets))
static const NWidgetPart _nested_replace_vehicle_widgets []
static WindowDesc _replace_vehicle_desc (WDP_AUTO, "replace_vehicle", 456, 118, WC_REPLACE_VEHICLE, WC_NONE, WDF_CONSTRUCTION, _nested_replace_vehicle_widgets, lengthof(_nested_replace_vehicle_widgets))

Detailed Description

GUI for autoreplace handling.

Definition in file autoreplace_gui.cpp.

Function Documentation

◆ AddRemoveEngineFromAutoreplaceAndBuildWindows()

void AddRemoveEngineFromAutoreplaceAndBuildWindows ( VehicleType  type)

When an engine is made buildable or is removed from being buildable, add/remove it from the build/autoreplace lists.

typeThe type of engine

Definition at line 65 of file autoreplace_gui.cpp.

References InvalidateWindowClassesData(), InvalidateWindowData(), WC_BUILD_VEHICLE, and WC_REPLACE_VEHICLE.

Referenced by CalcEngineReliability(), and CmdSetVehicleVisibility().

◆ DrawEngineList()

void DrawEngineList ( VehicleType  type,
int  l,
int  r,
int  y,
const GUIEngineList eng_list,
uint16  min,
uint16  max,
EngineID  selected_id,
bool  show_count,
GroupID  selected_group 

Engine drawing loop.

typeType of vehicle (VEH_*)
lThe left most location of the list
rThe right most location of the list
yThe top most location of the list
eng_listWhat engines to draw
minwhere to start in the list
maxwhere in the list to end
selected_idwhat engine to highlight as selected, if any
show_countWhether to show the amount of engines or not
selected_groupthe group to list the engines of

Definition at line 894 of file build_vehicle_gui.cpp.

Referenced by BuildVehicleWindow::DrawWidget().

◆ InvalidateAutoreplaceWindow()

void InvalidateAutoreplaceWindow ( EngineID  e,
GroupID  id_g 

Rebuild the left autoreplace list if an engine is removed or added.

eEngine to check if it is removed or added
id_gThe group the engine belongs to Note: this function only works if it is called either
  • when a new vehicle is build, but before it's counted in num_engines
  • when a vehicle is deleted and after it's subtracted from num_engines
  • when not changing the count (used when changing replace orders)

Definition at line 51 of file autoreplace_gui.cpp.

References _local_company, ALL_GROUP, Pool< Titem, Tindex, Tgrowth_step, Tmax_size, Tpool_type, Tcache, Tzero >::PoolItem<&_engine_pool >::Get(), GetGroupNumEngines(), InvalidateWindowData(), and WC_REPLACE_VEHICLE.

◆ ShowReplaceGroupVehicleWindow()

void ShowReplaceGroupVehicleWindow ( GroupID  id_g,
VehicleType  vehicletype 

Show the autoreplace configuration window for a particular group.

id_gThe group to replace the vehicles for.
vehicletypeThe type of vehicles in the group.

Definition at line 705 of file autoreplace_gui.cpp.

References DeleteWindowById(), VEH_TRAIN, and WC_REPLACE_VEHICLE.

Variable Documentation

◆ _start_replace_dropdown

const StringID _start_replace_dropdown[]
Initial value:
= {
static const StringID INVALID_STRING_ID
Constant representing an invalid string (16bit in case it is used in savegames)
Definition: strings_type.h:19

Definition at line 71 of file autoreplace_gui.cpp.